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Any non-cuckold, non-sissy white husbands left out there?

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Mar 14, 2005
If your a cuckold sissy, more power to you! Whatever gets you off.

I'm not against the above, but just wondering what happened to all the "normal" white couples out there that enjoy the scene without having a pussy for a husband? Any white husbands out there that fuck like a jackhammer and know how to get your bitch off and use IR as an enhancement to your sexualities? Married couples that do this obviously have to be in a secure relationship. You and your wife should be a team doing it together while saying "FUCK SOCIETY" etc. My wife doesnt fuck black guys to be against ME, we do it together knowing there's 300 Million other americans to piss off. Trust me white dudes, it's not YOU that's getting her off, it's the guys that dont know. Her dad, brother, boss, the world. If your wife and her partner need you to be a sissy cuckold to make the guy seem better than he is, then your fucking the wrong bro's. The black studs my wife has fucked dont need me to ridicule myself. They get the job done and arent afraid of another MAN in the room. Instead of you sitting there telling them about how small your dick is over and over, get off your ass, high five the bro when he's done and then finish her off. that's what men do. I dont care if your dick is tiny or not. Who gives a fuck. A small cock is more reason to start acting like a man and fucking her like a man. You cuckold sissy's could have a 12 inch cock and still couldnt turn your wife on. Your wife likes MEN. She would also like to be married to a MAN, trust me. Your wife is already a freaky slut, start enjoying what you've got for a wife or another white guy that fucks like a man will come along and kick your ass out and get your wife some real hard hitting bro's who like to fuck white women without some white guy talking about how tiny his dick is the whole time. He's there to talk dirty to your wife and to hear her moan, they dont want to be remdinded over and over how pathetic you are. If your that bad, find a woman that you can handle. there's nothing wrong with some role-playing and experimenting to find what you both REALLY like, but no matter what you were born a MAN, be one. If you really cant figure out how to get your wife off by yourself, your not fucking trying. Shit, you dont even have to get you wife black men, ANY man of ANY color can get her off. If you cant get a woman off, then you dont even have THE RIGHT to watch!
Do you like sleeping next to a sissy?
Do you feel "safe" and secure with a sissy as the man of the house?
Do you like being married to a man that doesnt bother finding ways that he can get you off by himself?
Resorting to fucking black guys to get you off only because your husband isnt capable is an insult to black men. Every white slut I know LOVES the feeling of cumming on different color cocks, one after the other. Once again my fellow freaks out there, no offense, I'm just throwing out some thoughts!

Not a sissy here. Just enjoy my woman having a great time. :D
Blue Moon said:
Not a sissy here. Just enjoy my woman having a great time. :D

Cool. So it looks like there's just two of us left? lol
Goddam there r still some cool white guys after all. Thank God. For a while there I thought White America had lost its balls. bcs is absolutely right. I am so fucking sick of white sissies going on and on about how fucking lame they are or how much they want to suck my dick. I try to provoke them in the chatroom and they dont respond. Mind u there r still some that will talk back to me and not take my shit but i am fucking amazed how some of them just roll over for me. 'why do u black men get so many white women?' they ask me. I say 'because u r weak and i am a real man.' And they just take it. They dont argue with me at all. Who the fuck would marry such a pussy? Are the women just stupid or what? Anybody out there want to tell me?
A really good post. No just not a post but a full scale RANT!! And I agree entirely.
If i want to get my husbang going I remind him of a previous
black encounter before I met him.

His response is simple - hold me down by my hair, whips my backside with
aleather belt and then uses his 6 inches to awesome effect . I end up screaming - with pleasure -
and he ends up very tired!

As the saying goes, its not what you've got its what you do with
it that counts.
Woman are not dumb. Marry a whimp and then fuck around? No, I am afraid that is not how it works. With women.
hell yes you are so right!!!!!

I was wondering if there were any real men out there,just because you are confident and secure in youre own sexuality,and willing to share and explore does not mean you have to give up antything,especially youre manhood.dont get me wrong if being a cuck is youre thing cool ,just dosnt work for all of us.

With the cuck's quickly outnumbering the "regular" white guys into the scene I cant believe not one cuckold has nothing to say to a huge post devoted to their lifestyle.
First i am using my bfs name to get in here . My name is Jessie and I have a hubby and a blk bf. Now my hubbies atitude is I am his wife and hes gonna fuck me when ever he wants. He always finishes me of after the bf.
If I tried to cut him off I know damned well what his response would be. Bugger that hed say and throw me on the bed and fuck my brains out.
So not all white guys are wimps, i'm glad to say. Some times between the 2 of them I end up bowlegged but very happy.
Hmmmm not sure where to start with this one.

To begin with you're condemning and judging a fetish just as I'm sure you hate to be judged on your fetish of sharing your wife. You saying you just can't understand it is like somone who's not into some particular kink not understanding it. Why would they? It doesnt work for them. To judge it just becaue you dont' like it is juvenile and narrowminded.

I'm a submissive to my wife so I guess I dont quaify in your "real man" category. We're active in several local bdsm groups and i know a few sissys. You ask why would any sane woman want to sleep next a sissy, be with a sissy etc.. Well, because they like it. The guy playing sissy is sometimes doing it at wifes encouragement and they both love it. I know one domme who cuckolds her husband and rarely sleeps with him in the tradational sense but say's the absoulute best sex is when she gets home from a date and is squatting over his face while ridiculing his "little" penis. Most wive I know who cuck say same thing. So, in reality he his fufulling his wifes sexual needs and she is fufulling his.

Just as certain people like furries, anal, bdsm, bondage, whatever, and as shocking and mind blowing as it seems to be for you, there are couples who love the sissy cuckold "scene." The have fun with it, love each othe deeply, and know what gets each other off.

And this bullshit about feeling "safe and secure" just comes off as total redneck rhetoric. The main couple I know where he is the sissy cuck would really laugh at this. He's a big strapping guy who would have no trouble protecting his wife. He is just submissive and has a kink.

And to the guy talking about challenging guys in chat rooms and them backing off. Give me a break. Those are not real people. Just creations of fantansy made to get themselves off. The guys you are talking to are usually so far away from any real scene theyre interested in its ridiculous. They are there to anonymously play up their secret fantasies. And they alwasy over do it. Total caricatures not remotely connected to reality.

Sorry for being a bit heated but I encounter this bias and angst against submissive males all over the place in internet land.

Sissy white wimp here.
Sorry i love to be humiliated and degraded by real men,and the woman that love real men and not a wimp with no penis like me.

case in point about online fantasy land
Well then I guess we're all satisfied!

There are those men DMsM/DMsMF. women and couples who enjoy the degradation, which you get "in theory" online (and hopefully a hook up every now and again)...and those couples like my husband and me who are looking to hook up DM/sdF/DM (I consider myself a switch but never more dominate than my partners) which in my case I LOVE THIS SITE...my husband on the other hand gets pissed when nobody talks in chat...unless their bitchin' about the sM's. Very boring! He is a strong silent type so if you see us on give a shout! It would be nice if the webmaster could section chat into a couple of catagories...we belong to Connectiononline and it works out great!

Just thought I'd put my two cents in which if my husband were here he'd be telling me to sshhh just about now!
AMI (& Mick) 2andu69
I don't come across as a sissy in real life but about five years ago I accepted black superiority (physically and sexually) and once you do that I think submission is a logical step. So sexually I sub to black men and would like to meet a woman who shared this.

I know that makes me unattractive to many women who want a REAL guy but I'm cool with it. I don't feel inadequate in any sense, it's just a case of finding roles your comfortable with and partners who share them.
Here's my question: why does everyone need to be understood, or somehow accepted for what gets them off? It's sex for heaven's sake! You can't quantify what you like, just be glad you found your niche and somone to share it with you.

You're an adult. Do what you like, and anyone who doesn't like it can fuck off. This is the best part about being an adult and paying your own bills. For instance, I can eat pizza for breakfast and no one can tell me shit. That makes me happy. If you, for instance, like sucking a big black dick and being humiliated because your dick is small, great. Not for me, but why do you care if I don't "get it?" Do what gets you off, but don't expect me to be into it or "get it" just because it works for you. However, what I don't get, and I will never get, is how any person can admit that another person is "superior" to them? I don't understand how that is sexually exciting. But hey, vive la difference!

But to the point at hand:I'm a 6'3", 185 lbs white guy that grew up playing basketball and football in Detroit and I'm still quite athletic. I've never had a problem meeting or dating women; either white or black. My wife and I often joke that while some people are "passive-aggressive," I'm "aggressive-aggressive." So it's safe to say I'm not submissive or a cuckold in any way.

So what intrigues me most about the thought of sharing my wife with another person has nothing to do with either her or my humiliation. It's about me taking my wife to highest levels of excitement both physically and emotionally. Adding another person (man or woman) is kind of like adding a living sex toy. I'm still the one playing the instrument of her body and mind, still in control, I just have more weapons in my arsenal with which to ravish her!

Anyway, 'dems my thoughts...
Nice Topic

I am a white guy that enjoys seeing white women with black guys as long as they enjoy themselves. By all means I am not a F***in sissy. I take care of my wife.
no pussy here. we've been swinging for about 6 yrs and love to see each other with other people, no matter the color.
Glad to see there are other Dominant MWMs into IR

Don't fool yourself though, THERE AREN'T MANY OF US out there. Been in the lifestyle for over 30 years and can tell you that WE (DOM/EXP/STR/NON-JEALOUS WMS) are even more sought after by white sluts than BMs are.
I love Dominating/using my sub/slutwife for sex by myself as well as making her submit sexually to other cocks (any/all kinds). HAving her strip for one or more dominant black males is a turn on for both of us but I am not submissive in any way. Just confident in myself. (Convinced is what more than one woman has said. LOL)
Sometimes I direct. Sometimes just watch, photo, film. Just enjoy making use of sluts to their full potential. Have had some really wild scenes and still are.
Wish I could find a similar white Dom/sub couple like us. Would really offer some possibilities. But there are so few apparently it is very unlikely. Any couples like us that want to meet, we are in the Memphis, TN area. Get in touch.

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