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Black Banged

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Can we post one like this?

Getting filled
love to be a part

I'd love to be one of those guys stretching your wife like that....
Hollar at me when you're ready. I'm on messenger "Talldarktx".
Mmmmm - would love to have you guys spread my legs like that :twisted:
:!: :!: :!: 2 out of 3 filled is pretty good....should have contacted me to full her mouth....
that is a beautiful sight, i would love to see my wife in that position.

hi there name is jeff saw pic of your wife she's hot luv traveling to fuck hot white married sluts like her let me know if that ok weekends would be best u can contact me at 917-559-8215 or my e-mail is monopolies@aol.com
Make this dream come true,just visit the CARIBBEAN

Anyone wishing to have their wife in this similar position just write to me and we can start planning,need to plan since it's getting busier and busier with this chat/internet/forums age, so just write to me with yr wishes and desires and if possible ad a picture of wife and of u both and so we can start planning it all, u get 2 in one,great vacation and what u really came for,see picture for reminding u, write for details,
Warm Regards,
iwould luv to eat the cum out of your wifes cunt iluv extrem gang bangs
i am ablack cok luvn fist fuckn gang bang lady and want to eat as much cum as she could hold in her pussy and ass cunt while you and my wht husbund watch as 30 black jussy cocks double fuck us all night
Just goes to show how much fun a white wife can have, when she says "open my legs wide apart and breed me, please".

We need more of these kinds of photos.

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