blondemom on vacation

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great tits!
can't wait to hear about your next trip!

kisses and hugs!

Pull up the shirt next time!
try new pic once more

here goes.........


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last time

try less pixels


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one more for the guys

pulled it down
Please leave me a post!!!!!!!!!
Very impresive!!!! Please post more!

Hi Blondemom

All I can say is you're a very sex lady with some extremely impressive breast. Anymore like that one forth coming, and if so please let me a note so I can see them fast. Coming thru the Georgia area anytime soon?
Fucking and sucking

you are a seriously sexy woman. My black ass would fuck you and come on you like there is no tomorrow. I would love to put my 9 inches between those tits next time you are in the NYC area.
What a hot, hot, woman. Show more! Show more. Hey mom, does dad share you?
hey loved chattin to u yesterday. wish i could cum with u in that southern cruise i would fuck u all day and nite. loved those tits u are one horny lady.

wish i could see more of u



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When are you Cummmminnnggg back BM? To show us more of you. Hope you have some lover fucking you pictures. :D

Ooooooooooooo honey. I'm a white male lover of Interracial, and I gotta say that the thought of a glorious white gal like you who wants some dark company is off the charts. I worship you for that.

:arrow: Your tight body, heavenly titties and pretty, blonde, soccermom looks are the sex dream of thousands (millions?) in the IR community.

On vacation, why don't you cum to California or go over to Las Vegas for some Interracial fun? Black guys'd be so hot at your looks they'd explode for you--in more ways than one. Thought of humpin' to the beat of some hot Hip Hop, blondemom? If you wanted, you could post some pics of your hottie self being stuffed! :twisted:

wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
BlondeMom. Still waiting. Show us action. Motion. Your HOT.
Hey ,I would love to get with you blonde mom.I want a 40 something hot
female like yourself. I would explode all over your chest and face with my
big black dick.
You are sexy as hell!
Vacation Cruise

Hey Blondemom,

I like your pics and see that you enjoy cruising. I am planning on taking a vacation cruise myself but can't seem to find the information I need. Being a first time cruiser, I was wondering if you could email me with some idea of which cruises are the best etc.. for hot Black single men that may find very sexual and willing WF's like yourself;-)

Feel free to email me at;

Your Pics at DC

Hell you and your man crusing for a week we want to see the other pics. With a fine body like that you didn't come out of the cabin. I would suck them tits the whole week hell we would be getting room services from where we would be going at all day.

Send them to me
Send me some