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Cuck v. Cuck, ****** on imig.

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Horny and achy in panties
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Feb 24, 2010
Play 5 or 10 rounds. Roll d7 v d7. Post in imig room

Roleplaying Dice Roller · Rolz.

Rules of 7 – Cuck vs Cuck

1st roll - LOWEST WILL POST - (If tied only those tied re-roll)

2nd roll – PICTURE CATEGORY ---- Default is FACE PIC

1 – Clothed
2 - Bra & Panties / Bikini
3 - Tits *******
4 - Full Body – only tits *******
5 - Ass *******
6 - Pussy ******* – top on ok
7 - Full Frontal nude or sex act

3 - Every 2 losses by same cuck - reveal info (Name, Measurements, sex detail, etc.)

Caged and plugged, ready to play . If it makes you feel more comfortable to play, I have to offer rolling a d4 on each roll against your d7.
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ready to play
Ready to play.....
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im ready too
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im ready to play
Cuck husband at Home Bored,
Ready x play any game.
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I'll play pm me.
Any cuck want to play against me? All welcome... imig.es
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hi, does someone like to ****** my wife?
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Ready to play
Ready to play, in Dice room
PM me if you want to play. Cuck ready here.
Any `doms want my girl?
I’m game hit me up
Let’s roll...
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anyone know any good cuck v cuck games?
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cuck here ready to play


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