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Cuckolding my daughter

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Sep 22, 2004
I'm married and my friend has been touching up my daughter. He's in his 40's he's black I caught them in the garage and she just smiled at me. I turned around and let him continue. I think they are having sex too but not sure. I like the idea that my friend is doing my daughter. Its wrong but i get weak about the idea, i want to watch as well. her mother knows nothing...

how can i tell him its ok?

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Get your wife to tell him. She can make sex with her a condition of letting him have sex with her daughter. That way they can go through pregnancy together.
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Just invite him over often and keep closing the door ! :)
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must go forward

I thank you for the advice.

I will continue to invite him over and at times when my wife isn't at home; ie saturday afternoons.

My daughter always weras skimpy cloths when he is around and i'm sure its to give him easy access when opportunities arise.

I want to give them a big opportunity and then accidentially walk in on them...

are there any site dedicated to fathers watching their daughters with older men? or am i just the only crazy out here?
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I dont about any sites about just that but i know that lots of fathers get off on watching there daughters getting pounded good and hard. So dont think u r weird or anything. Like the other man said just keep inviting him over and leaving them alone. They will get the hint if they havent already. So u thot about your friend getting her pregnant? I bet u would like that too.
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going forward

i think my daughter is a very sexy young woman. she looks very fertile, thin long straight red hair, pale complexion, an the most firm lovely breasts one could imagine, i get the feelin that she wants to be enjoyed....

older guys, friends are always lookin at her and it makes me so hot knowin that they are really thinkin about how they would like to bone my little princess...and if they only knew that i want that too...
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Thanks for this. Its good to know others out there are allowing their daughters to be enjoyed.

He's coming over again on saturady afternoon. my wife will be out and if i have the guts i'm going to tell him its ok to play with her.

When i caught them, she had her back to him and his hands were down her unbuttoned top. her breasts are quite larger for her age and she was bending forward so that her ass was pressed into him...clearly i was spoiling the party.

I've told her that he's coming over on saurday to help me with a building project, and she just nodded and then looked at me as though she knew i thought it was ok to let him play with her.

it gets me so wet i start dripping
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I think that my name says it all regarding what I think should happen to the three of you (assuming that your story is true).
Ignore him CF. Just let us know what happens. You do have a camera right?
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Good point, Kriegz. People here are really pathetic, getting off on fake stories, most "women" actually being homosexual men, etc. BTW, nice name. :)
I woudl say just let nature take its course. Give the thie space and things will progress. I htnk they both know you approve. Buy her a nice sexy outfit. PM me adn we can discuss it. Same thing happened to me
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Please, keep it public. We all wnat to h=know what happened to you!
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Hi Whitegirl,

Our satrday afternoon it was very hot for me at least anyway.

i stayed in the garage while my wife was at her sporting match and my daughter was inside.

Our friend came over and hang out with me for a while and then went inside to get a cold drink.

i dared not go inside for about 20 minutes. when i did i looked in the lounge room and no one was there. i walked past her room and it was empty. The bathroom door was locked and i could hear him talking to her in his big voice. i made noise so they knew i was there and they didn't come out.

when they did her hair was a mess and she smiled at me and walked past me and he asked how things were in the garage

I know they were fondling each other at least maybe more, i dont know?

should i ask?

She has many sexy outfits....on saturday she was wearing a the same bikini top and skirt from swimming in the pool and that she wore last weekend

In the garage i finally asked him if he was messing with my daughter and he looked at me told me she loved it. He said he knew i enjoyed it happeneing so everyone was happy.

he told me to help him get more access to my daughter by taking her to his place and telling my wife some lie...and asked if i would do this and i said yes..

i feel so cucked its xtc
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perhaps a group should be started dealing with this issue?
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Why not let him have your wife also? How about posting a pic of your daughter?
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Am I the only one who thinks this it slightly unnerving. I thought fathers were supposed to protect their children. I'm just hoping that my thought that this is a guys fantasy is the actual only real fact in this story
I'm with you on this. Anyone that finds this a turn on needs their heads examined. There are some sick people out there thats for sure.
Here is my 2 cents:
I would NEVER let some older guy touch my daughter, I don't care how old he is, what race or how good a friend he is. If he was a true friend he wouldn't do such a thing, let alone get away with it.

This is a joke right?
OH Dear God...

How old is your daughter?

IF she is over 18 she should have a job and move out and then fuck all the Bulls she wants.

If she is under 18 you need to be turned into social services.

Do you all live in West Virginia??? I am having visions of "Wrong Turn" here. :lol:

God I hope this is some warped fantasy story. I love stories. It is reality that scares me.

In fact.... to be quite frank, the fact that you commented on your daughters nice firm breasts frightens me.

I am going back to my forum now. Just people who like hard, nasty sex of the interracial type.

I think I am out of my league around here....

OH...... and if you want to know why there is not any REAL WOMEN AROUND HERE... well, stuff like this makes most of us real sluts ill.

Find a good counselor and let us know how it turns out.
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I see some hypocracy here. It is mainly women who introduce their daughters to their black lovers.

Here Cuckold Father has admitted to it and been lambasted.

Is it OK for mothers to introduce their daughters to black lovers, but not fathers?

Get serious and leave him alone.

If you want political correctness try another forum.
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