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First time watching...

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New around here...
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Aug 19, 2004
Was able to watch my wife for the first time last night (2/2/05) with her black boyfriend. They have been seeing each other for 5 weeks and have been sexing since the 2nd date. When she told me she was dating a black guy I asked if they'd had sex - she told me they had. I asked if they used a condom and she didn't answer at first and then said they used condoms the first few times but went bareback after that. I told her I'd love to see them sometime and she told me "Maybe"... she wasn't sure she could be comfortable with me watching. We eventually agreed that I would watch but only after they got started and she was "into it". So last night it happened.

Wife is 38 years old, 5'4" and 130 pounds - 36DD-29-38, light brown hair and brown eyes - full bush.

The guy is Evan, 40 years old and also married. They were in our bedroom, on our bed. He was laying back and she was laying next to him nuzzling his cock and stroking it and he rubbed her bare back. He got her turned and as she sucked his cock he finger fucked her until her hips were moving fast and she was close to cumming. He stopped and she started whimpering and asking to cum. He got her on her back, she spread her thighs right away, drew her legs back. He teased her with hiscock - had her tellinghim she loved his black dick, she loved fucking him, etc. He finally entered her. His cock is pretty big - very thick. He went in very easily, he has stretched her pussy obviously. They fucked deep, she held him close - arms around him and humping on hi cock. Finally they fucked with looking right into each other's eyes and she was telling him she wanted him to fuck her anytime he needs pussy. When he was ready to cum he slid his hands under her asscheeks and held her tight. She humped hard and I watched a black man cum inside my wife.

After he left and we were in bed, she jerked me off very slow and seductive - asked if I really liked what I saw and was I sure I could handle it if she kept seeing him. He wants to take her away for a long weekend - I agreed. She asked if it would really bother me if she just let him fuck her for the time being - to be the only cock in her - I agreed. She told me she sucks him off and swallows (I didn't see that). She said she likes the idea of having a BLACK boyfriend and said she like to see him more (every weekend and 2 nights/week. She admitted that when they are together they fuck the whole time. She also confessed that she has been totally nude sometimes when his friends have been around and has sucked him off in front of them. That led to her admitting she jerked off his friends while they felt her up.He doesn't want them to fuck her but told her he won't mind if she blows them.

This is her first experiences with black men and she says it is probably just a fad thing for her. She asked me to let her just enjoy it all and in time she will just stop. I agreed but am nervous. That is when she spread her thighs wide and showed me his semen oozing out - a massive load. I asked about eating her but she didn't like the idea. So she laid there spread with his sperm running out of her pussy and played with herself while she watched me jerk off and stare at her loaded pussy.

She is very enthusiastic about all this, wants to see how far it will go. I have that combination of extreme jealousy but intense arousal. She encourages me to jerk off as many times as I want and will lay next to me and tell me my "little white wifey is getting to be a real slut for her black boyfriend..." etc. etc.

In one sense I am extremely excited about what the future will bring - in another sense I am worried that she will get into this deeper and deeper. It's like the dice has been rolled and we will see what happens. She is on the Pill. I have asked her what happens if somehow she gets pregnant and I ask her what happens if she gets to the point where she realizes she is way into the lifestyle and can't stop sex with blacks. On both questions she has laughed and shrugged and said we would worry about all that if/when it happens.

Time will tell :roll:
you can just kiss that sweet pussy good bye. She is hooked and just don't want you to be hurt by it. Where are the pictures of her taking the dick? You might as well get so gooood lube and just seat back and watch and take picuters for the rest of us.
Report in when your slut tells you more. And trust me, there is a LOT more. Enjoy.
Blue Moon said:
Report in when your slut tells you more. And trust me, there is a LOT more. Enjoy.

Patience. It took five weeks just to be able to watch and even when I got to watch there were some rules. At some point in time I am sure pics will be forthcoming but she has to be comfortable with it. For right now it was a big deal to have me see her and even THEN I had to wait until her b/f got her hot and almost ******* I was going to be there. I wasn't watching right next to the bed...I was in the doorway. My fear is that if she became aware I was there she'd 'clam up'. So the best bet is to just go a step at a time.

For the time being, if you consider a shorter, plumper Lindasy Wagner (not exactly but close enough) you get the image of her looks. No centerfold but attractive.
Blue Moon said:
Report in when your slut tells you more. And trust me, there is a LOT more. Enjoy.

Enjoyment comes with nervousness and jealousy too! Yes, there's some deep enjoyment but it is balanced by some real worries. As far as anything "more", it is how she wants to dress on occasions - she wants to go braless but with DD's it is difficult. Basiclly she wants to start wearing tighter clothes and stuff that shows off her body more - low cut tops, etc. When I asked if it was just to go see him - since she admitted most of their time is spent fucking, she told me it is also for him to "show her off"...which I assume means going out in public. She had admitted she has jerked off his friends (4 total) and has let them feel her up. When I asked what constitutes being felt up and what went with it -as well as what else wasinvolved with her jerking them off - she doesn't go into great detail except to say that they play with her tits and suck on them and have felt her pussy until she had some quick, little climaxes. And when she jerks them off she kisses with them (french kiss) and opens her top so they feel her tits while she strokes them.

She says she stays dressed when they feel her and only bares her tits when she masturbates them. She says she isn't into blowing them, even though her b/f says it's okay. Out of sheer curiosity she measured her b/f's dick and says it is almost 10 inches long and 6 1/2 inches around. His friends aren't huge - he is bigger than them but a cpl guys are thicker. But all of them seem to cum very heavily (at least they did with her) and her b/f is an extremely heavy cummer - she said more than 2 tablespoons. This afternoon we were talking and she was stroking me and she said she was curious if she liked his dick and the sex because it was HIM or if it was because he was black. Made me start wondering if she wants to find out. It all sounds super hot when she has me aroused but I get more nervous afterward. She told me that I ought to try using all this as a way to keep myself turned on - which is difficult. When I asked who else knew she said some people at work knew - and approved.

I have to work tomorrow and I am wondering where she will be during Super Bowl. He is also married so I don't think she will be with him but I still wonder.

I DID ask about seeing them together again and was told that it really all depends on how quickly she feels comfortable about it. But in a joking way she also said it would be very "sexy" to actually have me put him IN her - she said she had thought about it. She said it would be like me accepting it all. It all seems hot at the time but makes me think she may be considering being into all this longer than either of us thought at first.

If there are ANY legitimate, REAL husbands with a similar circumstance I would welcome insight - but please be real. I will know if someone is a fake or fantasy bullshitter. I am trying to deal with all this maturely - not as a source for some 'wanna be' to jerk off to.

If she is like my g/f, she will get off on it for a bit and then do it once a month or so. Just as something different. I do not get to watch very often either. But I do get to listen and I am around (in another room) for all of it. She has settled for a couple of guys. One black. She did the pass around thing a time or two. It was a turn on for her, but in the end she settled down. Risks of STD and all. Now it is just for fun. Her two friends are married so I kinow they will not talk. I do get seconds after they leave and our sex life is normal to great inbetween. :D
Things are still as they were when I last wrote. She still gives handjobs to his friends and they feel her up and have fingered her to climaxes while she strokes them. She has no problem with being nude aroundany of his black friends - I guess there are ground rules everyone 'obeys'. I have a feeling it is all a gradual process - once she is totally comfortable with the entire interracial experience she will get more 'involved' with his friends. Until that time I know he is the only one cumming inside her and she seems to relish that idea. They have begun doing things in front of a mirror so she can watch. Seeing herself taking a black inside her, watching herself suck him, seems to really excite her. I have suggested to her that he is perhaps slowly 'training her' to which my wife simply smiles and says it is a training she loves and can do with a lot more. From my perspective she is just sliding deeper and deeper into the whole scene.
My wife is now more open with me regarding her whoring. It's quite a turn on having her ride me - some times while riding me she tells me how she loves big black cock, fucking and sucking it. The first time I heard her admit and tell me she's a slut for big black cock while riding me I came so hard. We've gone from her writing fun emails about 'big cocks' to now writing about 'big black cocks'. Over the course of a year she has gone from liking big cocks to only big black cocks. BTW, honey, since I know you're reading this, you look so good with a big black cock stuffed in your mouth while another is pumping your little pussy! ;)
Yo Scotty she wants u to put her stud in her pussy? Y doesnt she just say 'i want u 2 b my main mans punk'? Next thing she will say 'i want YOU to suck his cock now. Wouldnt that be sexy?'

O she is sliding man most definitely. She is going to b sucking lots of cocks soon. LOL. If I were her main man i would definitely b training her exactly like u say.

U should just pick out some baby names right now for when she is gangbred. How about 'Whoreschild Fatherunknown'?
During Sunday afternoon I was told by my wife that her boyfriend and one of his friends were going to be coming over. I asked if that meant she wanted me to be out of the house for awhile and she said it wasn't necessary - they weren't going to fuck, only "play and make out". I nervously asked if that meant she decided to let me watch and she replied that watching was fine but not in the same room because it still made her self-conscious knowing I was nearby. When I asked how she wanted me to watch without being right there she told me that if watching was so important I could figure out a way.

At 2PM her boyfriend and another black guy stopped by. My wife didn't wear anything really slutty or sexy - about 15 minutes before they arrived she went up to the bedroom and removed her jeans and bra and came back downstairs wearing only a pair o tiny bikini panties anda shirt. I drove me wild - super turned on. Her ass was so sexy - round and tight and you could see the darkness of her bush behind the panties, a dark upside-down triangle. She also left the shirt unbuttoned and just watching her big tits sway and wobble (D cups) when she walked around got ne really aroused. At the foot of the stairs she pulled her shirt open and saidI could suck her tits and she let me feel her pussy and ass but not finger them. I guess she wanted to tease me because as I was bent over sucking one tit she had me take out my dick and she pumped it with her hand and then held it still and toldme to "fuck" her hand. So we stood there with her hand gripping my cock while I moved my hips back and forth but when I got that tingly feeling she took her hand away and told me to zip it back in my pants. I was torn between agony and total, complete arousal. Five minutes later the black guys arrived.

My wife greeted her boyfriend with a deep tongue kiss and let himfeel her all over. And the 2nd black guy got a deep french kiss and got to feel her ass and pussy. They decided not to go to the bedroom but stay right there in the living room. When they sat on the sofa my wife sat between the two guys and toldme it was time for me to go. So I went into the small kitchen we have. There is aserving shelf there that opens to the living room and if I stood at the correct angleI could see to the far right side of the room where the couch was.

The three of them talked for awhile, laughing and saring some stories and events. As they talked both black guys would be feeling up my wife...just nonchalantly. They'd talk and giggle and one guy would run his hand up the inside of her thigh and reel her pussy and my wife would part her thighs a little wider, shiver a little and go on talking. Or the other guy would reach into her open top and just fondle and squeeze one of her heavy tits. They'd kiss a little and then talk and feel. After a while of that the guys opened their zippers and took out their dicks. Her boyfriend has a big dick as I mentioned in my first post. His friend wasn't as long but he was thick also. My wifejust casually reached out and began gently and casually stroking as they kept talking. Finallly she started talking how big the cocks were and was comparing them and giggling. That's when they began kissing deeper and whispering. My wife whimpered alot and finally raised herself up a little and the two black guys slid her panties off. They draped a leg over each of theirs so she was really spread. Her pussy opened up wide and she was so wet the juice was dribbling out and trickling into the crackofher asscheeks.

Her boyfriend began finger fucking her deep...like he was fucking her.The other guy was rubbing her clit and my wife was grunting and whimpering loud...but they were kissing so her sounds were muffled. Her hips started moving and she was humping on their hands and he boyfriend was telling her to move just like she was taking dick. He was telling her to just hump away like she did when she fucked and show his friend how good she fucked and moved. My wife tried to keep jerking them off but she couldn't keep a good rhythm because she was so turned on and moving on their hands.

She finally had a series of HUGE climaxes...she was squealing and groaning and tossing her head back and forrth....I will tell you all what else happened in my next post...it was all incredible...
Once my wife had calmed down a little after her climaxes she turned to her boyfriend's friend and began stroking him and kissing. Her back was to her boyfriend and he put his arms around her waist andbegan rubbing her pussy - I guess her clit - and the guy she was facing felt her big tits. They were deep tongue kissing while she pumped him and after a few minutes he began grunting and shoving his hips back and forth. My wife broke away from kissing and watched herself jerking him off. When he was about to cum she leaned forward and he opened her top wider. I have no idea how much he shot but it was impresive, even from where I stood watching. There were three distinct spurts - the first one was very big. The semen rose in the air almost six inches and splattered against my wife's stomach, great big globs of it and the other two spurts were heavy but not like the first and they splattered on her tits. Tey left big round splatters that ran off her tits and dripped down in thick silvery strings. My wife rubbd his cock over her tits and then turned to her boyfriend.

Evan (her bf) had her get up and straddle his lap with her back to him. She settled down o his dickand took it all the way up in her. That'show they fucked and his friend watched and felt her until his cock was hard again. He stood in front of her and I thought she was going to suck it but she didn't. Instead, she gave him a second hand job. He wanted her to suck him off but she saidno...but she did lean forward and suck a little. She'd pump his dick and then stop and suck with her head bobbing up and down and then return to stroking him. Then she'd suck then stroke. But finally he was ready to cum again and when it spurted a cpl big globs hit her chin. She kept stroking until he was done and then she concenrated on being fucked.

Her BF came in her and played with her clit until she climaxed again. She got off his lap and got on her knees and cleaned his cock. After that she ran to the bathroom on the 1st floor and washed her face before coming back and sitting with them. They talked and agreed to do it again soon and the two black men left. My wife saw them to the door and kissed them goodbye and each got another good feel of her.

When I came back into the room my wife asked if I watched and if I liked it. I confessd I had jerked off twice and cum pretty intense. That mde her laugh and asked if I thought she should have sucked off the other guy to make himcum the 2nd time. I told her she ought to do what she felt most comfortable with and that made her grin and tell me that could be dangerous because she was now really comfortable with a lot more. Her talk got me hard again and she noticed. So we went to the bedroom and sat on the bed and she slowly jerked me off as I felt her tits and she asked if I would really get upset or bothered if she really started sucking off the other black men. She said she liked sucking and it felt good in her mouth and she laughed and said she was getting to be a 'sperm junkie'. I was so far gone with lust and arousal I told her to go ahead and she whispered "GOOD!" and pumped me extra good. I came deep and she caught my load in a tissue so it wouldn't get on her.

When we had finished, she left me to get a shower and I laid back on the bed and dozed off. I remember thinking that she had turned into a pretty hot and open black cock slut before dozing off. When I woke up later, i was dark out (8PM) and my wife was on the phone with her bf. I only heard her half of the conversation but it sounded like she had told him she wanted to start sucking the other guys off until they came. She didn't say anything to me abut it but if it starts happening I will know. I will try to keep things posted here as best I can...
She is a true cocksucker who knows her place. Didnt i say so?
I've really enjoyed hearing about your wife's fucking around. Has she let you clean her sexy pussy after her black lover has cum in her?
Make sure she works up to deepthroating her lovers. And we all know she has to swallow.

O and i hope u know she is training u now. She knows if she jerks u good enuff u will agree to anything. So u might as well save everybody a lot of time and tell her to go off the pill right now cuz that is where u r going. Dont worry. U will both get off on it. Besides this is what she was born for.
mysexywifedatesblackmen said:
I've really enjoyed hearing about your wife's fucking around. Has she let you clean her sexy pussy after her black lover has cum in her?

Last night (Monday) she was jerking me off and asked very softly if it would bother me or turn me off if I ate her and her pussy was full. She had me close to shooting and I told her I'd do it. After I shot my load she rolled over to go to sleep and I asked her if she was serious and she said, "Just checking"
Told u she was training u. So when u going to flush her pills down the toilet? U know u want to. Dont even tell her. Just do it.

And when the hell r u going to post pix? We dont want to hear shes shy or any of that shit.

I hope you're enjoying your wife's sluttyness... you're a very lucky guy. I can't wait to hear about the first time she asks you to go down on her and suck her boyfriend's cum from her adulterous pussy... the first time she straddled my face and told me what her boyfriend had done to her and how much she enjoyed it as I cleaned his cum from her was the biggest thrill I've ever had...

She should start recruiting too.

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