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heartshape in need of bbc

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New around here...
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Jul 2, 2005
any takers
ohhh boy.. i wanna your wife.. i wanna f*ck her with animal instict while she bending over...
heartshape said:
ill do her
im hung like 10.5
just say when and were
My heart stopped! :shock: WOW!
I'LL TAKE THE BACK-DOOR PLEASE :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

I love the way the wht thong disapears into the folds of her wet pussy and reemerges! Lets see her face and tits! She needs a large load on her face ass and tits! Lets see this cumm slut for what she really is worth!


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Let me have some of that! Your ass is crying for a hard ride.
one more for you
one more for you


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hot pics baby, now we just need to see some with that pussy stuffed with cock
will fuck for free
i must have those thongs....

after riding up into that sweet pussy all day long....mmmm

yur lucky 2 if u get to watch her fine ass get worked over by a big dick and cummd in!

i would luv to press those moist crotch of that thong to my nose
and inhale her odor!!!

i promise to sniff them, lick em clean and return em !!! ...$ ?


This is what I would do

I love her looks. She is one fine woman. With her spread like that, I would service her by making slow love to that pink pussy with my tongue. I would leave slow trail of kisses from her calves up to her thighs leading to her outer pussy lips. I would blow warm air on those lovely petals before taking each one between my lips and sucking slowly. I would then use the tip of my tongue and make circles, lapping over her clit slightly. s she becomes wetter, I would glide my broad hot tongue up and down her slit spreading her juices all over and enjoying how sweet she tastes. From the picture I imagine she has a honey pot waiting to be drinked. I can see myself swallowing as much of her cunt juice as I can as her hips begin to gyrate and push against my face, driving my tongue deep inside her hole. I would grab her hip and fuck her deep with it, twirling and lapping faster. I would slip two fingers in moving with gentle strokes as my lips encircle her now hard and engorged clit. As I finger fuck her faster and deeper, my mouth and tongue would play havoc on her clit, licking and sucking with a gentle rhythm until she tells me she is about to cum. As she does I would ride that climax to the end. Then whe she is done I would invite you taste my fingers to see what you were missing.

If interested drop me a line shadowamen@yahoo.com
Great pics. Please send more. Where are you?
Great pics. Please send more. Where are you?
i know it has been some time but here are a few new ones
Heartshape, Can I Pull The String Out And A Taste????? Shes Hot!!!!!

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