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New around here...
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Jul 26, 2005
Not really a wife anymore, freshly divorced and free. :D Thinking of taking a black lover for recreation and am looking for some encouragement and whatnot...LOL. BTW my ex used to visit this site (he didn't know I knew) but he will shortly. :twisted:
Yes baby, you should spread those thighs for your black lover and anyone else he tells you to spread them for. Forget about you limp-dicked ex-husband. Its time for you to get properly fucked ., turn around so I can see what else your packing darling.
Wow! your ex must be mad :eek: but enough of him... get out there and live a lot and if you are ever in the UK, then I would love to meet up. :D
Where are you?

Don't torment us anymore. Tell us where you are baby!!!
yes baby u need a black lover to pound that pussy and make u remember what it feels like to be a woman again. U need a strong black man to take u and use that sexy white body like it's meat to be used. Show more pics of that tight pussy baby.
IF you really serious

i am in NYC caribbean islander ucut 9x5 hit me, yahoo same handle
You look good on your knees DWF, like a proper little black cock slut should be.

Come on and tell us what your thinking and keep up with the pictures. If you want a black cock between those white thighs then you better start to be a little more responsive. We're not like your limp dicked ex.
Wife Master what can I tell? I'm 34 divorced, 5'3" 114lbs 36D

I've never had a black cock. I became curious when I saw my husband looking at these sites and saw some of the video he downloaded. I was excited how the black men treated the women ... like regular sluts. I'm not a slut but I like to be one in the bedroom. I am into bondage and like to be restrained at times, but not always. Is that enough? What more can I do? I'm in the FLA panhandle.

Bend over and spread wider. And ----- you are a slut lil girl. You just don't know it. Now bendover like a good girl
Good start, spread those legs open for us.

How do you want to be used. Give me your fantasy. :?:
I'm going to dress you up an show you off all over town

Hey cunt, I would love to dress you up like a fuck slut an show you off all over town, to make all big black cocks hard an cum.The black boys are going to gangfuck the hot cunt an big white ass of yours. I'll tain your white ass good cunt. Your new job is to make all black cocks hard an cum bitch. Your gods gift to all big black cocks. From now on all dresses you wear have to be at least 8'' above the top of your knees. An your to get a neckless made that says in big bold letters BLACK OWNED, your to wear it everywhere you go slut.I'm your knew matser cunt. Send more pictures of you in your new slut dresses, an make sure your making cocks hard white bitch.
You got to me after the very first picture, I am really thinking that a trip to the South-east US might be in order, in the meantime, I hope you find what you are needing!
That is a great ass to spank. You like a good spanking now and then don't you? Come on baby. Show us more. More of you. You like girls too. I can tell. Show us.

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