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Husband wants to roleplay

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Coming to this site was my husbands idea. He wants to include interacial in our sex play, thought chating here would highten our pleasure. he alsoo wanted to add a pic of me


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Well I'm glad your husband chose interracial because they're is nothing more I would like than to pleasure a sexy woman like you.
Hubby has some good ideas

Hi. love your looks... Your body would make a perfect contrast with black males... (black leather suits you) I 'm looking forward to see you play with BBC... Make hubby proud and have the best time of your life ;-)
you sexy vixen!!! beautiful eyes too. would love to look in them while sinking deep, REAL deep in you
Thank you guys

Hubby and I really have gotten to enjoy our roleplay games but i'm heisitent to take it further I don't ant to sour our marriage. I do like posing for him though hope you guys like these.


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me, too

My husband says the same and hates it that I'm so timid. I'm afraid that if I took that first step, I wouldn't know when to stop, like an alcoholic with his first drink. Bless you and good luck.

A few more pics for the guys. Jake i loved our chat the other night.


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and a few more


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last one for tonight


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you absolutely have a great body sexymom, if he roleplay I think he's ready to take it futher. looking at your sweet sexy ass has me thinking all kinds of sexy things to do with you. wouild love to see our pink, is it just as sweet as your ass?

Thank you for the chats guys you do getme hot and bothered lol. some of you wanted more pics so her are a few more enjoy:D


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Built for BBC

I am a white husband, really wanting his wife to try BBC. Her body, like yours is built for BBC. What an ass you've got.
Love this sexy mom

sexymom32 said:
Coming to this site was my husbands idea. He wants to include interacial in our sex play, thought chating here would highten our pleasure. he alsoo wanted to add a pic of me
Damn! Your body is phenomenal. You certainly have this man's attention now it's just a matter of you receiving the attention you desire.

you our so sexy u look a really dirty slut please post more pics i beg u
So Mom is interested...

Ho like you role play... where will it end... It seems that Mom has got a real taste for BBC... So hubby be aware!
Sexymom32. You had to be the sexiest wife, I've seen posted on this Forum.
Would love to see more pics and hear about your progress. What happened to you?
Outstanding woman you have. Yes I would love to get these dark blk hands on that sexy hot momma.

Im 5'11 215 lbs good shape professional blk.. Handsome and nasty..

WOuld make her feel so nasty and slutty. She needs to go blk with that fine body of hers..
Sexy Mom:

Does your Hubby want you to take the next step, or just role play?

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