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I need some help

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My wife and I have been talking about her taking on a black lover for 2 years. When we have sex she is unbelievable when i start talking about black cock. She gets so hot that she starts getting very verble about wanting a big black cock in her and being fucked by her black master.
she really gets into it. The problem is I can't seem to get her over the hump. Everytime I suggest we go to the next level she says she need a little more time. I know if i can just get her into bed with a black man she will be hooked. If any one can give me some ideas I would appreciate it. we live in chicago, il lfbc2209@aol.com
sorry to burst ur bubble but ive had 2 g.fs who say that im bigger or as big as a black guy and in the bed im alot better because they just fucked like rabbits where i myself take more time carrsesing,nibbling there bodies and moving my hips against theres while having sex. also i heard usher has a small dick and hes black.
hung20yroldwhiteguy :!: you've got the wrong colour!
Black men are on top of the hierarchy of nature.
Every white woman desires to have black cock, cause they are more male as us white whimps. So you should exept that and step back.
If your lucky, they let you participate by watching or even to clean up the "mess".
There are still a few white bull out there, but in future they only be used to "produce" white female.


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sorry bud but none of my g.fs or ex's went back to black guys after we broke up. besides i respect alot of black guys but the moment i see one trying to get in my girls pants is the moment he is on the floor knocked out. sorry but im canadian bred and hockeys in my blood so i can take as much as i can give
Well, it doesn't depend on whether your canadian or hockey player.
If your gf is honest to you, then she'll tell you that. And you can knock out so many black men as you like. Fact is - once she had a black man she always wants it again and you can do nothing against it.
Sorry to blow your dreams.
shes already had a black guy and she prefers me over him cause were in love n its more of a connection
if you are so sure about what u say why are u in this site? Maybe your not as sure as u think u are! What ever you think or feel has nothing to do with the 1st post here; the question was how could he get his wife to go black! No one tells you, you can't go and see a film because it's crap you will go and see it and decide for yourself if so wish! I think your evidence of your girlfriend saying white is better that would be cancel out by me saying that it's not so what proof have you now! I'm not trying to be funny I'm just making the point each to there own!
just cause she dun want black guys anymore doesnt mean i dun get aroused seein pics and reading stories of white wives getting fucked and cheatin on there husbands
I loved your advices.
Very good post. Love to see your girl hung20. Love to let you do my g/f

We both agree with the advice given. When I asked my wife about being with anyone let aloneblack guys she would have never done it. I followed the same plan and it worked for us. You must have a plan and take your time. It might take several years to make it work.
well her and i recently broke up, she was a bitch and was usin me for my money. now shes with sum black guy i hear oh well
DAMN that was HOT. See if u would do me...terri75092 on yahoo profiles.
paulalou I hate when people bring up the racist bullshit on here. I mean its really a downer. Why not just accept the fact that we are all different. I mean sure you can come up with all kinds of bad traits about any ethnic group. We all have these stereotypes and their is a certain amount of truth in them. But do we really want to dwell on the negative? I mean saying that white guys make poor lovers is just like saying all jews are greedy, or all blacks are criminals, or all Mexicans lazy. Its just a sterotype and just because there are some wimpy white guys on here who want to pimp out their girlfriends doesn't really mean shit. I saw a bunch of black homosexual TV's on Jerry Springer yesterday. So what? I mean if you want to date interracially go for it, but these racist diatribes havce as much intellectual credibility as Hitler's did 60 years ago.

Just because you're a wimp doesn't mean everyone is. All white women want to be whores? Don't think so. Sex is just one part of life. And btw there are plenty of white guys who are good at sex. We are also good because we are actually there, not just for a fuck. Maybe you should get a life and stop trolling this site with a bunch of sad racist beliefs.
And all of this shit about how its a black man's world. I live in a majority black city? How many of the "cucks" or wives do. I bet most of you live in the suburbs and have your black stud come out to visit you. You probably don't have to deal with the crime drugs and poverty that we do everyday. But if you really want to follow through on your beliefs why even live in the U.S? Why not just go to a nation like Zimbabwe where you truly will have no rights. Do you really want to sacrafice your life that badly? I mean if you truly want to be subservient I would think Africa would be the place for you. Also since you say blacks are superior you would probably enjoy living in a dictatorship ruled by someone like Robert Mugabe. There isn't much food their now, but at least all of the white farms have been confiscated. My guess is that you prefer to live in the comfort of your suburban fantasy world with your computer. (Internet access is pretty limited in Africa).

"Prepare to go extinct?" And you say that is not racism or facism. Just genocide. I guess that is much better. So our race needs to go extinct so you can justify having a black lover??!! Do you really need such a complicated, not to mention evil worldview? I mean why not just enjoy it and leave it at that. Racism is a sickness I have no doubt about it. And genocide is the worst form of racist. Why do we need to wait to be bred out of existence paula. Why not have them just get out their machetes and hack us to pieces?
One more thing Paula. Black Women are getting fed up with their men fucking white ho's. Because guess what. Most black women are not ho's. Most black women respect themselves.
Brad2571, Your So Right, Tell The Truth Brother.
Sometimes, it can be the white husband who secretly wants to try black, and is too scared to admit it. He knows his wife enjoys it, so he desires for a taste himself. If he can pluck up his courage and admit it to his wife, then she will help him to make it happen.

Most wives can't go back to their husbands after trying black with a proper stud who has given them multi-orgams and a good stretching.

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