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My wife and I have been talking about her taking on a black lover for 2 years. When we have sex she is unbelievable when i start talking about black cock. She gets so hot that she starts getting very verble about wanting a big black cock in her and being fucked by her black master.
she really gets into it. The problem is I can't seem to get her over the hump. Everytime I suggest we go to the next level she says she need a little more time. I know if i can just get her into bed with a black man she will be hooked. If any one can give me some ideas I would appreciate it. we live in chicago, il lfbc2209@aol.com
There are so many wanton accounts out there from desperate white guys who admit that they want to see their wives and girlfriends whore for black dick or who want a 'slutwife' or 'hotwife' that they can whore out to groups of black guys.

Or to see her taken by one special black guy that you've decided to take into your lives
There's something real horny about the thought of seeing your girl taken by the legendary strength, stamina, width and length and the beauty and sexual energy of the contrast between black and white skins.

These feelings are at the heart of every white guys desires, stemming in part from the thought that he is unable to fulfill his wife/girlfriend to the ultimate of uncontrolled sexual expression.

Yes black guys in general do have much thicker and larger dicks, bigger balls, heavier loads and resulting staying power.
Stronger backs, more athletic bodies and damn it better rhythm.
Oh sure you can say this is stereo-typical, has no basis in fact, pandering to eugenics etc,
But get real look around, this is a Blackman's world, and you'd just better get used to it, fit in and get ready to go extinct. And I'm not talking racism or fascism here. No way I'm a convert.

Deep down white blokes know that black guys have a whole lot more to give than any whiteman would ever be able to bring to sex.

I just can't believe so many blokes don't know how to make it happen. I get TONS of emails and chat requests "dude, can you help me turn my wife out to blk guys?". I can't believe so many whiteboys have such a hard time of it! To leave unfulfilled one of the most erotic taboos of this century, because of your timidity in the face of racial prejudice, would be the greatest of follies. Please start the next millennium with the enjoyment and knowledge that your decisive act of interracial love will bring.

And so I offer this selection of formulas that have worked for me and several of my friends, who share these mutual interests.

When it comes to black dick, there are three kinds of women:

1. One group will never, ever try it. No matter what you say or do. They fall into a category of severally repressed, usually associated with a strict religious up bringing, Christian fundamentalist and \ or parents with extreme right wing views. If your wife or girlfriend falls into this category and you have interrace desires, you'd better just forget your desires or ditch them and find yourself a new, real girl. But what the hell, sex with this category was never going to be any good any way, right! Too God damn frigid!

2. Another group is women who, once introduced, will whore for black dick no matter what you say or do. If you start this new lifestyle, don't even think of changing your mind. Because she'll whore for black dick every chance she gets. She will cheat on you to satisfy her newfound sexual experiences. So be warned, be prepared that this could happen to you. On the other hand, there are many reports of strengthened relationships in the swing lifestyle. Perhaps because those who choose this aren't paranoid jealous types.

3. This group consists of women who would probably enjoy whoring for black dick, if they were only given a slow, comfortable introduction that somewhere down the line lets them know they have your permission to be a nasty little whore. Blokes with these women are by far the largest group of men out there. And in my humble opinion are by far the luckiest!

If you really want your girl to be a slut for black dick, you have to take it slowly, but HAVE A PLAN!! One of the most successful methods is to begin to frequently bring home videos that exclusively have interracial content in them. If you want to be successful at this manipulation don't start showing her an aggressive group of black guys gang-fucking a white slut! You should work your way towards that though, over a period of several weeks, since it will give you a bench mark of how far she is turned on by the idea, and also depend on whether your ultimate goal is turning her into a total slut for black dicks. But what ever your boundary is, you need to start off slowly and remember to approach the situation in a jovial fashion. Joking her along about "How about having a black guy then" and seeing what her reactions are etc.

When you first begin and you're watching an interracial scene in a video, it's very important to let her know how much it turns you on, not by telling her, but by showing her! Assuming that as you watch the videos, you'll make love to her by kissing and caressing her, slowly, make sure her pussy gets wet as you play with her. Then begin to eat her pussy more aggressively as interracial scenes are showing. And when you strip and fuck her, try to make sure that you fuck her harder and deeper than you do when you're not watching an interrace video.

Let the way you 'work her' whilst watching black men using white women leave her in no doubt that seeing that pretty white whore doing black dick really makes you hot and results in her getting better sex.
Then make sure that when you make love without the interracial videos that it's not as pleasurable for her.
If you do this right, she'll be suggesting or begging that you watch interracial videos on a regular basis. As time goes on and you know she has got the connection between the level of satisfaction she gets when watching interracial videos. That's when you begin to show her more explicit videos, eventually involving multiple black dicks, gangbangs, anal and some serious whoring for black guys by white housewives!

It would be a good idea at this point or earlier if you think she's ready for it, that you introduce a large, thick black dildo/vibrator into the love making, so she gets to feel what big black dicks are like. But for Christ sake, when penetrating it first off, do it slowly and carefully, maybe lubricating it with saliva or lube jell. You don't want to put her off the size, because this could go against you in the later stage of actually suggesting she try black!
Its important that when you use the black dildo/vibrator you do everything to see that her pleasure is increased, including bringing her to multiple orgasms with the dildo, your cock and your mouth, until she can't stand it and pushes you away!

The next step is a little more difficult, but by this point you should have found a way to verbalize how hot it makes you feel to see the white sluts in the videos with black dicks. Then as you're making love and using the black dildo on her, you should let her know that you've fantasized of seeing her in that situation with a real black dick. Try and say it in a 'matter of fact' style.
Don't look for her agreement at all at this stage just let her know it's a fantasy of yours. She might not respond verbally at this stage, but you can be sure the train of thought will run through her mind. She might even say she could never do that! It will take a little time, even some time, but if you're patient and continue to see that the only time she is totally satisfied is when you're watching interracial videos, using the black dildo and talking about how much you'd like to see her with the 'real thing'. Eventually she'll get comfortable with the idea and start fantasizing about it herself.
Encouraging her to use the big black dildo/vibrator when you're not around might help reinforce the fantasy.

Joke about the situation to her, pass comments to her whilst in the car and in town when seeing a black guy. Let her know it's a bit of fun but it's a real turn on for you. Getting visibly hard through your trousers in these situations will do the most to convince her, this isn't just fantasy for you and her in the bedroom, that its reality. Really turns you on to the idea of seeing real black guys with her.

Talk to her and continue to tell her how much you'd like to see her do it, and ask her to admit that she'd like it. If she says she won't do it, or doesn't respond after a few weeks of super sex and multiple orgasms, you should just stop and leave her 'high and dry' and not bring her to orgasm. If she asks what's wrong, tell her that you really had hoped she would share your fantasies and when she is so firmly opposed, it turns you off. It won't take long until she will tell you what you want to hear and begins to really fantasize herself!

By this time you should be seriously thinking about bringing the whole experience to fruition. This will involve some deep subtlety and manipulation followed by swift decisive and forceful action to secure your new lifestyle (and by this I don't mean getting some black guy to rape her!).

Introducing her to interracial swing sites on the net, placing ads informing of possible sexual liaisons between your wife and black guys at some future date, letting them know that at this stage although committed to the idea that you both are going easy until you've found the right guy for her first black experience. Get her to chat personally and privately to a black guy, you've vetted and therefore he has got to first base. Let him know what maybe in the offing so that he can happily help manipulate and seduce her on-line. Helping to reinforce those desires that have found a newly opened door in her mind. Remember she doesn't have to know that you've been contacting any black guys, just let her get talking to some you've vetted privately in a chat room on Yahoo or Excite. This can bring pleasures on all of its own, but don't get stuck at this stage too long or all those willing black guys might just ditch the wanton whoring bitch.

Go easy to some extent, swap photos, test his/their legitimacy, posit questions on his/their sexual likes and dislikes, get to speak to him/them on the phone, meet in a public place, take the wife out for a prearranged drink etc.

The rest you can only dream about now, but in the future it could be your reality.
The only thing I would warn guys about is to not pursue this unless you're really sure you want your wife to be a whore for black dick. Like any extremely pleasurable experience, it will be very difficult to give up once she has tried it and I guarantee that she will find it pleasurable beyond belief, as only a black man can make a woman feel. A return to anything else (on average shorter and thinner) seems mundane and she won't be able to stop after she's had a thick black dick in her pussy. You will have a fully-fledged slut for black dick for the rest of your life!

But if you're really sure this is what you want then do it and do it now without delay!
It takes some planning and a little work, but the first time you see a black guy strip your wife, work her nipples and clit as he undresses her. The first time you see the nervous look in her eyes and hear her whimpers as she looks for your approval, knowing she's so turned on that she couldn't stop anyway....The first time you see a black hand slip up your wife's milky white thigh under her skirt to her soaking wet and aching pussy and finger her within minutes of meeting her in a dark restaurant or hotel bar. The first time you see her on her knees as that thick black dick glides past her lips and you know it's her greedy mouth's saliva making that black skin glide and shine.....

The first time you see that long, thick black meat sliding into your wife's open cunt, being thoroughly soaked with her cum as you watch her eyes roll back into her head as he brings her to multiple orgasms like you could never do, and the first time you see her take a long thick black dick in her mouth, pussy and ass at the same time, begging them to fill her with their potent black sperm...... The first time you watch her dress to go out, knowing she's dressing like a total slut because she's going to get that black dick that she's been thinking about all day...... The first time she comes home at 5 a.m. thoroughly fucked, worn and aching from thick black glands and coated in dry cum all over her and you put your hand under her skirt and feel the soaking wet panties she put back on to keep the massive amounts of cum from running down her legs which had been dispensed by swollen oversized black balls, once full with their extra heavy loads of powerful sperm.....

The first time you smell cum on her face, her mouth, her hair, her tits and you know she's been whoring all night.... The first time you see her in a bar being passed from one black guy to another as they dance slowly with her, running their hands all over her on the dance floor and every guy in the place knowing your wife's a whore for black dick.....The first time you see your wife enter a room full of black guys because she's being whored out by a special black guy who really knows how to please her.....The first time you watch her get fucked all night long, guys cumming in her and on her....

The first time you watch her begging for more and more black dick as guys tease her with the tips of their giant black manhood's, putting them at the entrance to her pussy, then withdrawing them again and again whilst she begs for them to fill her.....The first time you fuck her after she's been fucked by a big black guy and your inadequate cock feels even more so because of her stretched hole....The first time you hear her admit over and over that she's a total whore for black dick, then you will know all your efforts, time and care will have been well worth it!

Once you've had these experiences, then you can write and tell the world what a lucky guy you are and know that you are envied by so many others out there who don't have your courage or who are married to women that will never live up to their fantasies! Or those who are too wimpish, limpish or racially challenged to make their fantasies their realities.
Its worth it, you know deep down that your second best to any Blackman, no contest. If your cocks hard now, take it out and have a look, hold it and tell me, do you really think you're a match for black dick, look at its length, can you really say its long enough, look at the head, can you really say its big enough, feel your girth, come on is that really thick enough? Cos you now it ain't no match, no way.
Does your wife really think your big enough, come on.... Big enough compared to what, another whiteman, yeah sure! But let her try a hand-selected (for size) BLACK GUY! Now that's the real contest!
sorry to burst ur bubble but ive had 2 g.fs who say that im bigger or as big as a black guy and in the bed im alot better because they just fucked like rabbits where i myself take more time carrsesing,nibbling there bodies and moving my hips against theres while having sex. also i heard usher has a small dick and hes black.
hung20yroldwhiteguy :!: you've got the wrong colour!
Black men are on top of the hierarchy of nature.
Every white woman desires to have black cock, cause they are more male as us white whimps. So you should exept that and step back.
If your lucky, they let you participate by watching or even to clean up the "mess".
There are still a few white bull out there, but in future they only be used to "produce" white female.


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sorry bud but none of my g.fs or ex's went back to black guys after we broke up. besides i respect alot of black guys but the moment i see one trying to get in my girls pants is the moment he is on the floor knocked out. sorry but im canadian bred and hockeys in my blood so i can take as much as i can give
Well, it doesn't depend on whether your canadian or hockey player.
If your gf is honest to you, then she'll tell you that. And you can knock out so many black men as you like. Fact is - once she had a black man she always wants it again and you can do nothing against it.
Sorry to blow your dreams.
shes already had a black guy and she prefers me over him cause were in love n its more of a connection
if you are so sure about what u say why are u in this site? Maybe your not as sure as u think u are! What ever you think or feel has nothing to do with the 1st post here; the question was how could he get his wife to go black! No one tells you, you can't go and see a film because it's crap you will go and see it and decide for yourself if so wish! I think your evidence of your girlfriend saying white is better that would be cancel out by me saying that it's not so what proof have you now! I'm not trying to be funny I'm just making the point each to there own!
just cause she dun want black guys anymore doesnt mean i dun get aroused seein pics and reading stories of white wives getting fucked and cheatin on there husbands
I loved your advices.
Very good post. Love to see your girl hung20. Love to let you do my g/f

We both agree with the advice given. When I asked my wife about being with anyone let aloneblack guys she would have never done it. I followed the same plan and it worked for us. You must have a plan and take your time. It might take several years to make it work.
well her and i recently broke up, she was a bitch and was usin me for my money. now shes with sum black guy i hear oh well
DAMN that was HOT. See if u would do me...terri75092 on yahoo profiles.
paulalou I hate when people bring up the racist bullshit on here. I mean its really a downer. Why not just accept the fact that we are all different. I mean sure you can come up with all kinds of bad traits about any ethnic group. We all have these stereotypes and their is a certain amount of truth in them. But do we really want to dwell on the negative? I mean saying that white guys make poor lovers is just like saying all jews are greedy, or all blacks are criminals, or all Mexicans lazy. Its just a sterotype and just because there are some wimpy white guys on here who want to pimp out their girlfriends doesn't really mean shit. I saw a bunch of black homosexual TV's on Jerry Springer yesterday. So what? I mean if you want to date interracially go for it, but these racist diatribes havce as much intellectual credibility as Hitler's did 60 years ago.

Just because you're a wimp doesn't mean everyone is. All white women want to be whores? Don't think so. Sex is just one part of life. And btw there are plenty of white guys who are good at sex. We are also good because we are actually there, not just for a fuck. Maybe you should get a life and stop trolling this site with a bunch of sad racist beliefs.
And all of this shit about how its a black man's world. I live in a majority black city? How many of the "cucks" or wives do. I bet most of you live in the suburbs and have your black stud come out to visit you. You probably don't have to deal with the crime drugs and poverty that we do everyday. But if you really want to follow through on your beliefs why even live in the U.S? Why not just go to a nation like Zimbabwe where you truly will have no rights. Do you really want to sacrafice your life that badly? I mean if you truly want to be subservient I would think Africa would be the place for you. Also since you say blacks are superior you would probably enjoy living in a dictatorship ruled by someone like Robert Mugabe. There isn't much food their now, but at least all of the white farms have been confiscated. My guess is that you prefer to live in the comfort of your suburban fantasy world with your computer. (Internet access is pretty limited in Africa).

"Prepare to go extinct?" And you say that is not racism or facism. Just genocide. I guess that is much better. So our race needs to go extinct so you can justify having a black lover??!! Do you really need such a complicated, not to mention evil worldview? I mean why not just enjoy it and leave it at that. Racism is a sickness I have no doubt about it. And genocide is the worst form of racist. Why do we need to wait to be bred out of existence paula. Why not have them just get out their machetes and hack us to pieces?
One more thing Paula. Black Women are getting fed up with their men fucking white ho's. Because guess what. Most black women are not ho's. Most black women respect themselves.
Brad2571, Your So Right, Tell The Truth Brother.