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interested in meeting up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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New around here...
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Feb 22, 2005
hey guys! I travel alot and would love to meet some great guys in the areals I travel to for a possible get together and see the sites and places to party in your area. elizabeth[/img]


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nyc here

e-mail me
hey cutie

Forget cutie , you look sexy , nice smile and I love a woman wears glassed. I guess it's the whole teacher thing. Well I am in Va Beach, if you ever get down here of near it give me a shout my email is james13131@hotmail.com


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Do you come to NYC much?? If so i would love to connect you seem fun!!!


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hey Elizabeth

I am a black male in Manhattan. I am 35 yrs old and love to find new adventures. Hit me up if you make it up east. I do have pics :D
Do you ever make it to Texas? Drop me a line.pics availavle.....
Hey Elizabeth,

Ever come to Denver CO, would love to show you a good time. Email me at dtee60@yahoo.com

looking to meet

hey u look nice just seeing if u come to cali sometimes
looking to meet

hey u look nice just seeing if u come to cali sometimes
Come to Southern California..I'm in Newport Beach I would luv to take you out with me..show u the beaches and LA!
NJ guy here

I'm in NJ, I sent you a PM

I am in stlouis give me a shout...chocromeo@yahoo
In Denver here....

i also travel...based in denver..where do you travel to? maybe our paths will cross


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sbm from St.Louis

:wink: Hey Liz...If you ever make it ST.Louis give me a shout...pics at chocromeo@yahoo.com
I'm available if you're ever in Chicago.
I'm available if you're ever in Chicago.
When will you be in Houston next?
do you travel dallas way...............

im available for fun and play, drop me a line if you are cumming this way.....


if u're passing through Atlanta then i'm a stop you'd probably want to make ;-)...

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