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Mar 5, 2004
up here in canada theres a show on television called sex tv that i saw a few years back is one of the things that really got me into the IR lifestyle

i had been somewhat attracted to black men for various reasons but coming from a rather open minded family i really didnt make a distinction between races in my sexual prefrences.

but when i saw the episode called carribean sex tourism iwas astounded to learn that white women from all over the world travel to these islands just to get a taste of "the big bamboo" as one of the men put it.

i still havent made the trip but im curious if there are any women out there who have gone to the carribean or jamaica simply to find black men if was a positive experince or not

btw heres a little write up i found on the shows site

"According to anthropologist Klaus de Albuquerque, female sex tourism in the Caribbean has existed since the beginning of the 20th Century. Older white North Americans women would spend winters in Bermuda, the Bahamas, and The Virgin Islands, and hire young black males to service them for the duration of their stay.

Today, thousands of women fly to the Caribbean "in search of the Big Bamboo", and young men, are more than happy to charm and service them. "Rent-A-Dreads" are fixtures in Jamaican tourist beaches and bars. These men are part of the foreign women's holiday package, and the women are important part of the men's earnings".
If you would, I would like to hear from you about your trip when you go. I never been there either and not heard about what you said, only in rumor. I wonder if Africa is like that too. Both places interest me, as I like to travel too.
The Power Of The Big Bamboo

Have to laugh, "the big bamboo" indeed. It is also a curative. I took my best friend Becky down to Jamaica last Januray. The first anniversary of the death of her husband of 32 yrs was upcoming and she was in a blue funk. Her late spouse was the only man she had been with. Set her up with a guy I had "used" on a previous trip and we arranged a double date. Sheand he disappeared around 11PM and I didn't see for three days. Baby, 'the big bamboo" certainly cured her. Tess
Continuing on the IR tourism theme I recently read several news items in the international press that focused on middle aged Japanese and Thai married women who paid generously to be fucked by Black Bulls,

It seems that a large number of Afro American, Jamaican, Nigerian and other well endowed Black studs earn very good incomes from satisfying the sexual needs of attractive sex starved Thai and Japanese ladies. According to some of the Black Bulls the Japanese ladies are so grateful and love Black Cock so much that they buy very expensive presents for their lovers.Many of the Black Bulls reside in cities such as Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka and Nagasaki in Japan and Pattaya and Bangkok in Thailand.

Earlier I read of a lot of European wives blatantly seeking out,getting fucked and paying well endowed young Black studs in the Gambia. It seemed many of the white husbands turned a" blind eye" to the sexual activities of their wives and some reputedly encouraged their wives to seek out superior Black men.
sex tourism in Africa

I found the comment about a white woman paying a black man in Gambia for sex with great hilarity.

Having spent a few years in Africa I rarely found white women having to resort to paying. Most white women are under sexual seige in Africa, sometimes before they have picked up their baggage!

Go to an 'open' bar in any top hotel and white women married, or single will usually soon find themselves the centre of attention. It was not uncommon to see single white women on safari holidays.

A month's wage in some of these countries is oftem around £20 so a white woman who is generous to any African lover would be even more appreciated.

Why pay in the Carribean for something you can have for free in Africa?

Just don't go back to 'his' villa. There could be 14 sex starved factory workers sharing the rent. That was the average 15 workers to a villa.

The Indian Ocean city of Malindi in Kenya has a reputation as sex tourism spot for white women.

But be sensible. Interpol has reported a rise in white slavery in Africa, and the law is something used to control the poor. It does not inhibit the rich....
According to a study carried out by a West Indian born researcher at the University of London,,, "White women always wanted to sample black men, while the latter saw them as their hope of financial and social boost, "she added.

In the Jamaican resort of Negril plane loads of single female and middle aged women tourists pour in looking for sexual adventure,usually at $100a time and $150 for oral sex with a young Black stud.

American sociologist Klaus de Albuquerque agrees with the erotic element to sex tourism. He believes that for the white woman who flock to the Caribbean for sea, sun and mostly sex, it's a 'phallic sojourn' in search of the 'big bamboo'.

If an 'escort' plays his cards right, being with a tourist sexually can raise him a pretty penny. Most of the women are into oral sex, largely taboo among Jamaican males; for this act, some of the women are reportedly willing to pay as much as US$100. According to a Jamaican beach bum 'Jim', this is normally played out in their hotel room.
The success of the Terry McMillan's book and film 'How Stella Got Her Groove Back' added a fillip to sex tourism as many successful American women flocked to the Caribbean beaches to find sex and romance.

It would seem that some of the Black Bulls can do very well financially. :)
Expatdad makes an interesting comment about white girls going to Kenya for sex with the local Black studs. It appears thousands of pretty young Italians, young blonde German beauties and rosy cheeked young English girls head for sex with the well hung Black men in Mandini in Kenya every year. A huge number of them spend almost their entire holiday being fucked all the time by the local boys.The white men visiting the Kenyan :roll: resort do not get a "look in"- the young European girls do not want to waste their time with white wimps.

Hah! I liked the last comment, but it is not like that!

White men in Africa are besieged by African women wanting white partners. White women who are looking for a white boyfriend (and many are), have to work hard and compete with the African women in a way they would not dream of doing in the UK. One a dance floor in Kenya female dance partners are regularly 'bumped' off at the end of a song by others who want to dance with you. You find white women regulary bumping off African girls to get their chance to dance with, only to be bumpd off in turn.

If you tell an African man such as a local travel agent that you have no idea about the local night life, he will delight in offering to take you to local night spots. Why? Because he knows sitting with a white man is guaranteed to get him a lot of attention as well.

Those who are single and go there for more than a 2 week holiday are considered '5 star' potential boyfriends and few have difficulty finding a white girlfriend and she knows that she is in serious competion with African women seeking his attention and interest.

Night life in Africa for white men and women in Africa is completely upside down in comparison to normal western concepts of social life.

The fact that an African man can marry several wives is one that white women struggle to understand and accept. How can there be adultery when a man is entitled to court and marry other women?

So a white women may be taken back to his villa and be introduced to his other wives before being taken to bed....

Divorce is rare as the African man has other wives to help him care for children from the divorcing wife and his financial obligations to his other wives and all his children over the departing wife means that her finincial gain can be minimal in comparison with the 'west'

So in Africa wives set out to please and be favourite rather than 'nag and moan'

My wife had a delightfull afternoon chatting with a wealthy African woman, who later took her to several shops mywife had not known of. At the end of the afternoon she invited my wife to come back and meet her husband. My wife was quite shocked. (This afternoon was before her own seduction).

But when you stop and rationalise the African woman who can supply her husband with a desirable white woman is going to have high status in his eyes and remain favourite.

We were both shocked and intrigued to read a story in the local paper. A riot had broken out in a local township after an African woman had refused to sleep with one of her husband's brothers. The resultant disagreement escalated into a street wide fight.

The judge concluded that her 'irrational' behaviour in not sleeping with the brother was the cause of the disturbance and sent the African wife to jail!!!

Africa is different...full stop.

Forget your western concepts they don't apply and are not understood.

Don't take teenage daughters to Africa, either on holiday, or for work!!

The Africans laws on what constitutes 'underage' in Africa caught me out and catch out most expats who think Africa is just the same as Uk except the people are black and their are poorer facilities.

It is not the culture is different.

Be warned the 'average' age of a white prostitute in South Africa has been recorded as mid-teens (I decided against giving that age, not sure of site restrictions, but that is what it is). In that country there have been reports of girls snatched from their parents car!

Countries vary wildly and research is advisable. Kenya went through a wild period a few years ago when armed bandits seized nearly half of Mombassa. It took the Kenyan army to drive them out for 3 days. Tourists were warned to stay in their room, the bandidts simply went from room to room looking for loot and sex with white women.

The teen daughter of the Danish Ambassador was hauled out of a safari van and taken off into the bush. Everyone in the van was kept at gunpoint until they had 'all' finished with her..

But Kenya has settled down now, and the government are actively disarming the population. South Africa is known as the 'rape capitol' of the world. The Nigerian Mafia pretty much control the drugs and prostitution trade.

On the other hand I would recommend Namibia, Bostwana, Uganda, Zambia and the Mozambiccan coastal holidays.

Avoid the west African states like Gambia, western tourist meccas that are awful.

and remember in some countries in North Africa slavery is still lawful!

Kenyan businessmen stock their massage parlours with white girls, rasther than african girls....they know what their customers want...

Though I have not seen that myself. (It was reported in AfricaNews).

As a 'white executive' who decided who got paid what in rather large sums of money, and in a country where bribery and corruption were considered 'normal' I was offered African women, but also white women.

One African businessman who had a 75% monoply on the transport business offered me a 17yo white girl if I would drop off my wife at his villa the next time I left the city to visit the northern construction sites. When I shown reservations about this he offered to throw in her 35yo mother as well. Both stood quietly to one side during this conversation. I have no doubt that they were just as easily offered to others.

I had only been in the country 2 months and I declined. Though later after my wife's seduction and after getting used to Africa I may have chosen differently.

My company's advice on bribes was that it could be 'dangerous' to refuse. Report all bribe offers, or attempts at blackmail. There were people they paid off at a very high level who would clamp down on anyone who was not 'in the clique' at the top.

Make no mistake Africa is a great continent, and a white man can have a lot of fun at very low cost.

On the other hand a white women in Africa can also have a lot of fun, but forget about love and marriage western style. Prepare to share and be shared. Be sensible and get in with the rich Africans and you will (probably) be shared among a small elite group of 4-5.

Do something stupid, or careless and you might be 'shared' by 15 men at a time. That was the average number of factory workers who shared a villa in Harare.

It is hard to prove that an African policamen and his friends raped you after you have spent a night in a cell with 25 African men...

Mixed cells---yes, it reduces tensions in jails they tell me...
An article in Newsweek by Sara Butler focused on Western white women who apparently go in droves to the Caribbean Islands in search of the " Big Black Bamboo." or Big Black Cock.

Sara said manyof the white women are aged in their 30s and 4os and a lot of the American women are married.The guys they link up with are predominantly black and unemployed, the so called " Beach Bums". The initial meeting places for the horny ,kinky,white ladies are normally the beach or bars. Whilst it seems direct money payments rarely occur, according to the article, the white women often buy their Black Bulls drinks, jet skis and sometimes even plane tickets. :eek:
An article in Newsweek by Sara Butler focused on Western white women who goi in droves to the Caribbean Islands in search of the " Big Black Bamboo." Sara said many are aged in ther 30s and 4os and a lot of the American women are married.The guys they link up with are predominantly black and unemployed, the so called " Beach Bums". The initial meeting places for the horny ,kinky,white ladies are the beach or bars. Whilst money paymentsrarely occur, according to the article, the white women often buy their Black Bulls drinks, jet skis and sometimes even plane tickets. The article was titled " ... Sex on the Beach..."d:eek:
After reading further articles and news stories it really is not surprising that many African ,Afro-Americans and Asians regard whites as more than a tad kinky and a bit odd.

Beautiful blonde young German girls are reportedly heavily into well hung Black men and it seems they crave the darkest of the dark and the thug type rather than the softer more gentle type of Black men. Many young German hotties crave "rough sex" where they are brutally stretched and degaraded by big Black Bulls,and many want the cum to be shot all over their faces.Some liketo be beaten up, have their tits and clits punished with attached rings and hooks and they are prepared to spend a lot of money on their Black Masters.Even in Germany a lot of young German girls are into hip hop and rap and many end upgetting shagged by well endowed,virile,young Black American servicemen.

In Bangkok a story in the Daily Mirror, a UK newspaper, reveals how scores of young and not so young British women pay for sex with Thai male prostitutes.Plenty of the British women get bored and horny and will "buy " the Thai stud for the night.

there are also well endowed Black Bulls based in Bangkok who are ever eager to supply sexual services to white wives on the prowl but their fees are much higher and they are also in big demand by richmarried Thai women/ :oops:

HEY KINKRAY....Great article. I never been to Germany but I can just imagine the night clubs there. All the white boys standing around the dance floor , with sad puppy dog eyes , watching the beautiful blondes laughing and grinding on the floor with dark skin african men. I guess thats why we white boys are so efficient and jerking off.
wow some people are really fucked up in the head.

Yeah go to africa get aids then die.

Most of you probably got raped or assaulted by your fathers as children.

Dumb bitches.
Some countries In Africa have a lower level of aids than USA.

Surprised? get the facts before jumping to conclusions.

In Zimbabwe it is near 50% Mugabe being a good catholic does not approve of condoms...
Some countries In Africa have a lower level of aids than USA.

If true, those "countries In Africa" that have the least amount of Negroes.



get the facts before jumping to conclusions.

The facts ARE THIS: You got niggers, you got AIDS. Period.

In Zimbabwe it is near 50% Mugabe being a good catholic does not approve of condoms...

You leave religion out of this. The real problem is that blacks love sodomy--not the lack of condom availability or discouragement of usage.


An article in Newsweek by Sara Butler focused on Western white women who goi in droves to the Caribbean Islands in search of the " Big Black Bamboo."<---More like Big Black Turd.

Yeah sure..."in droves." I bet. Lessee some figures. In reality, they're a small (mentally disturbed) percentage of the White female population.

Sara said many are aged in ther 30s and 4os and a lot of the American women are married.

So that somehow legitimizes their perversion, right Sara?? Yeah, married...the Janet Mason, skunk-cunts of the world. I SPIT ON THEM!

There is a great sex vacation spot in the Caribbean which is not well known yet, but there is a plenty supply of black studs !!!!! .... the place: Venezuela !!!! :p .... I spent my last summer vacation there and I want to go back again !!!!! .... I had the best IR sex with several young blk studs, and the Country is very safe and friendly to "touristas" specially the ladies tourist from US and Europe. If you want to know more details, I'll be glad to help u, just send me a pm and I will respond.
Bangkok and Pataya in Thjailand are raunchy sex areas but its not only white guys seeking out the local girls. lThere are reports that kinky middle aged white women give blowjobs in some bars in public, It seems it is a big turn on for them
This is IR sex tourism in reverse. A small town in Northern Germany has become a site for mainly African asylum seekers and most of the young Black men are virile and in their 20's.A group of German wives in their 30s,40s and 50s have provided assistance to the young Africans. According to a recent report around 75 per cent are being fucked-mostly with their husband's knowledge- by the young African Bulls. Reportedly several have beenBlack Bred
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I have been told recently of an African owned hotel in the hills above Kisumo that is an old converted shooting lodge.

They provide a 'white maid', usually from South Africa, to look after the room and the guest....

Apparently it is very popular with black american executives, and African businessmen.

However I was not given its name so it may not be true.
Here is more food for thought!

Black male prostitutes have become so popular with high-society ladies that some escort services have started importing them from Jamaica and Nigeria. Those were the findings of a university don whose study was reported in a Thai newspaper.

The high-society women favour black men apparently because they are "fiercer" and more "thrilling" in bed than their Thai peers, and well built, Nithet Tinnakul, a lecturer at Chulalongkorn University's Faculty of Sociology and Anthropology, said.

He estimated there were over a hundred Black Male Studs providing sex services to rich women, local and foreign.

For a short session, the women paid about Bt7,000 - excluding other expenses such as hotel rooms and drinks - and for an entire night they typically spent about Bt10,000, he said.

Thai male prostitutes, however, remain popular with Japanese women who fly to Phuket to take advantage of their "cheap" services and their impressive desire to please, added Nithet.

His survey found that the number of male prostitutes in the country had more than tripled over the past two years, from fewer than 10,000 to more than 30,000.

He identified several main factors contributing to the rise in the number of male prostitutes - the economic crisis and a new attitude among women that they should get even with philandering husbands by imitating their behaviour.

WhiteWomen , Japanese and local Thai ladies can find male prostitutes in Bangkok and other large cities, such as Chiang Mai and Phuket..

According to the newspaper report, the age of male prostitutes ranged from 12 to 35, the older Black males catering for the rich Thai and Japanese ladies.

An adviser of the National Institute of Family Development, Ms Supatra Sutarp, estimated there were in excess of 30,000 male prostitutes now working in Thailand.