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I can do some damage to that Aimee Sweet.

I like the black spade thing. The one with the Q and the Spade (like on playing cards) should be mandatory for White Girls.

Peace. 8)
The fact that the tats are back-ordered ought to tell us that there are an awful lot of ladies out there on the prowl for some African attraction.

So don't be too upset.
When I'm wearing the right kind of shoes, I do the "gold rings on the second toes" thing. Not everybody notices, and not everybody who does knows what it means. But some do, and it's yet another way to break the ice.

If you want the thrill of "advertising" but need to be discreet, it's at least a start.

I haven't tried any of the other methods, but I like the ideas.

Queen of spades tatto

I wore the queen of spades non permanent tattoo last week at Bike Week. A lot of people saw it, really, a lot. I had several white guys approach me and got fucked once but had no luck with blacks. We need to come up with something stronger or promote a sign to the point that everybody knows what it means.


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chinese said:
I think the jewelry designs are great too. I believe the cuckold design is the most graphically successful and imagine it would be very effective when worn by both members of a white couple.
We were familiar with the site, which was based out of the UK, but we recently discovered that site is no longer available. It's cool that so many people, especially webgirls like Jenny Seemore, are familiar with the QOS design, but no one's bothered to post a link so that others can know what we're talking about!

We would love to read more feedback, positive or negative, about either the QOS or the SpadeLady tattoos.
Have to share this. When I was 13 I was staying with my nana for a few weeks and being left alone in the house I pillaged her everyday jewelry box for items to make me look grown up on a trip to the mall. Found a number of sexy gold rings which I couldn't fit on my fingers but which worked great on my thumbs and toes.

Did she ever hit the roof when she saw me when I returned home for dinner. We still joke about it to this day.

I'm a white male, 38, and the first thing I look for with a whitegirl is to see what kind of jewelry she wears. Bigger the hoops...usually, the bigger the SLUT. Add in a toe-ring, tattoo, anklet...and then I KNOW she's fuckin' negros. Doesn't take much to figure it all out. Of course, some of the young girls don't quite understand what it is they're wearing...they just go according to "fashion". They have to be careful that the signals they give out to the Black man are equivalent to what it is that they wish to promote.

White girls who wear the anklet are letting the Black man know that she's easy for him, and is a blackcockslut. Wearing two ankle bracelets lets them know that she's a gangbangwhore4black. I look for this apparel so I can tell.

We are currently working on our site to sell quality ir jewelry. Our goal is to have classy but demure jewelry u could wear everyday without embarassment but still get across your message. Anyone wanting on our mailing list please let me know.Thanks
Hi I seem to have luck atracting blk. men when I wear my wedding band on my left thumb,and leave my engagment ring home, also I am a strong believer in its the clothes you wear when you hunting a man that counts a lot. ty. from a knowing wht wife,
I use the tats more for teasing than attracting. Hubby loves the tease too.

Tats are also kinda more young and trendy fashion that has a sexy appeal to it, us middle aged girls can use all the help we can get to compete you know ;)

Face it girls, do most of us (there are exceptions, I hear) really want every Tom, Dick and Tyrone hitting on us at random? No, pick your targets wisely -- then move in to tease ;)

So I'm not really hot on wearing a billboard. Hubby is well hung and gets inspiration and energy looking down at a black cock tat on my tail and/or pelvic region, it's worth it just for THAT! :D
Jewellery can be removed so if there are any good links to jewellery sites that would be great. I could do with a nice anklet with a spade on it

Although having bbc is permanent im not so keen on a Tattoo in a visual place. mind u would be nice to have one just above my pussy "Lovepot Open 24/7 for BBC"
I don't do real tats or permanent marks either. The tats I'm talking about are temporary tats. They come right off when you want or wear off in about a week. I usually put them in places that are covered anytime I'm not in revealing play clothes, so I usually just let them wear off. It gives me a little thrill having the "secret" beneath my work clothes too. ;)

I have spade earrings, necklace, and nipple jewelry... guys almost never ask or say squat about a girl's jewelry, girls do. But, it seems, checking out and comparing tattoos is something of a sport in itself... so guys are more casual about asking to check out your tattoo (artwork) if it is in view.
emily706 said:
Have found a terrific site for ankle bracelets.....have ordered them all myself. They indicate BBC, HW, Q of Spades, and any order of MFM FMF etc.
Order was sent and received within 4 business days, site run by Nikki, she is more then willing to take your emails for any questions.

Thanks Emily just noticed your post and have ordered two anklets. will put up pics when i recieve them. Also going to wear them on my next black gangbang


Suzy xxx
Suzywild said:
Thanks Emily just noticed your post and have ordered two anklets. will put up pics when i recieve them. Also going to wear them on my next black gangbang


Suzy xxx

Got my new you like them?


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Very Nice Indeed

Enjoy wearing them.
Lookin' good Suzy!

blackbull1970 said:
Lookin' good Suzy!


Tahnks blackbull. doing gangbang next week. cant wait to show you all the pics wearing my anklets
As promised! My order actually came in a week earlier than I expected and I was off today so... only got one scanned so far...... more later! When I get to the south, I'm thinkin' flaming yellow booty shorts and roller skates around the basketball court plus this tattoo...... mmmm... get that booty boys :bj:

See my other post for the photo ;)

Got them here
As promised Im wearing my anklet in my latest evening of fun with my BBC lovers!


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Yes, we still have these!


lilkirsten2000 said: used to have a slut wife anklet if I remember correctly and I believe a few other similar message type items.

Also htp:// has some very explicit baby tees if you we're ever in a situation where you could be blatantly candid about seeking "black cock."