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Just a bit of fun?

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Mar 15, 2004
“Do you remember a few weeks ago when we told each other about our sexual fantasies ?” my wife said out of the blue the other day. I could indeed, Kath had two big fantasies, one was for her to be photographed in the nude, the other was for her to be in the passenger seat of a car being driven along a motorway without a stitch of clothing on. My two fantasies, that she teased out of me, were that I would tie her by her wrists and ankles to the bed and while she couldn’t stop me I would do anything I wanted to her. My second was for her to be made love to by me and another man. She was horrified at my second fantasy until I explained to her that it was an extension of an earlier fantasy to see a sexy woman like her completely satisfied. Once she’d accepted that I added, with some hesitation, that in my rudest fantasies the other man was black. She said that the idea of being touched by a black man had never crossed her mind. I thought she was pouring cold water on my fantasy so I said “Well... it is only a fantasy of mine”. After thinking for a few moments she surprised me by saying “Now I've thought about it I might like that, especially now I know you like the idea so much”.

One night later that week just as we were about to make love she told me to get my camera. I took about fifty shots of her little body with my digital camera. She posed in lots of positions dressed in a maids outfit with black stockings, suspenders G-string and no bra. Then she stripped each garment off until she was only in her stockings, which I insisted she kept on. She draped herself across our bed and rubbed and squeezed at her breasts before spreading her legs and ******** her lovely pussy to my camera lens. Finally she licked her finger and played with her clit until she came with tremendous force. She was hot that night and we fucked till the early hours of the morning.

Three days later Kath, with a wink, suggested an early night. When we were naked she lay back on the bed and told me it was my turn to have a fantasy fulfilled. She suggested that I use some of my ties to fasten her to the bed and then I’d be able to ‘have my evil way with her’. I nearly fell off the bed in my haste to get the ties and secure her spread-eagled for my pleasure. I did everything to her, I kissed and licked every part of body, especially her nipples and her cunt. She was loving it, her fanny was awash with juices. I spread jam on her boobs and licked them clean. I put jam on my cock and while she was sucking it off I fucked her with a small banana.

“How does that feel ?” I asked. She wriggled as best she could restricted by her tied wrists and ankles. “Small !” she said after removing my swollen cock from her mouth. I reached into the bedside cabinet drawer, took out her vibrator, and placed it in her mouth intending, when it was wet, to put the seven inch of black latex in her fanny. “Better ?” I asked. She lifted her gyrating hips from the bed, shook her head and muttered “Not big enough !”. I know she wanted me to shove my cock in her but I wanted to prolong this rare event where I could make all the running. So, leaving the banana in her hole with just the end showing and the vibrator in her mouth to its latex balls I went downstairs to find something ‘bigger’.

The something turned out to be a large cucumber that I found in the fridge. I hid it from Kath when I entered the room. I put another tie round her eyes and told her to just listen to me. I lay along side my wife and began to telling her a rude story that I made up as I went along. I told her I’d just been to the back door and let a friend of mine in and he was coming upstairs right now. I began sliding the banana in and out of Kath’s slippery hole and jerking her vibrator into her mouth. I told her he was now in the room and that he was getting undressed because I’d told him that he could fuck her. A few seconds later I said in mock amazement “Bloody hell, Kath! He’s got a really big cock ”. I pulled out the banana with a plop and said deliberately for her to hear “Right Ken, I want to watch you give this randy bitch of mine a really good fucking !”.

Kath and I only know one Ken, he’s a big black guy I work with so I knew she’d get my drift. I also noticed her cunt had begun to dribble juices she was so turned on. I fed the cucumber between her parted thighs and touched her cunt lips with its end. She bucked her hips up and down as though I’d electrocuted her but as I applied a little more pressure, her sex began to open and the end of the cucumber started to disappear. Her hole was stretched wide even though the cucumber was only inserted to about two inches, mind you it was a big cucumber, about a foot long and 2 inches in diameter. I withdrew the vegetable and then tried to push more in. Kath moaned “Oh Yes give me more…….. more, I want more !” She began groaning and licking the vibrator as though it was a real cock. I shoved but no more would go in. As Kath continued moaning for more I released the tie from one of her ankles. Straight away she raised her knee and opened her legs further. The cucumber sank in by another three inches to a multitude of groans from my appreciative horny wife and a wriggle of her bottom. “Go on Ken, give it to her !” I said as though offering encouragement to my friend. “Mmmm… Oh Yes please Ken, fuck me, fuck me really hard !” she added getting into the spirit of the story “Shove your big black cock right up inside me !” I released the tie from her other leg. She instinctively raised her knee and parted her legs more. The cucumber slid in a further two inches and my horny wife groaned onto the vibrator she was pushing into her mouth. I started to push and pull on the cucumber imitating the cock of an energetic lover poking into my wife’s wet and stretched hole. At the same time I held the base of the vibrator stationary so that Kath’s head was jerking along its length just as though it was a real cock.
“You sexy slut !”, I told my excited wife, “You reckoned you didn’t like black men and here you are getting fucked by my mate Ken who’s got the biggest black dick I’ve ever seen and at the same time your sucking on his mates black cock”.

When the realisation of what I was saying sank in she groaned around the vibrator in her mouth as she orgasmed. Her bottom wriggled around on the sheet but I carried on stuffing her hole with the large vegetable. After a few minutes she began to suck again on the vibrator. I gave her a running commentary about how I could see the two black guys getting really excited and how I could tell that they were very close to shooting their spunk into her. To add to the effect I increased the speed of the fucking of her now slurping fanny. I said the guys were getting really carried away and asked if she wanted them to pull out when they came. She shook her head vigorously. I said loudly as though instructing the men “ OK guys it seems that my randy wife doesn’t want you to waste your seed so when you’re ready to come don’t pull out just keep going and fill her mouth and belly with your spunk. ”

I was imagining my wife willingly receiving the sperm of a well endowed black man in her slurping fanny, but the thought of her wanting a black man to spunk directly into her mouth was just too much for me, without touching my cock I erupted covering her boobs and chin with my load. When she felt my sperm splattering onto her naked body Kath exploded in the most fierce and noisy orgasm I’d ever seen her have.

After lots of discussion Kath got me to agree that if anything like it was ever to really happen it would be impossible for her to do anything with another man while I was in the same room. The thought of my fantasy coming partly true must have coloured my judgement as I found myself agreeing that if it was to happen it wasn’t feasible for me to be there. I made the condition though that if she ever got the courage to make it happen she must tell me everything in detail. For a few weeks I wondered if she would have the bottle to do anything and after a couple of months with no hints or signs I resigned myself to the fact that she’d forgotten all about it.
Any comments ?

There is more to the story if anyone is interested.
go ahead and finish the story...did she take on a bbc? did your friend get to fill her with his seed?
Part 2

Kath went out for a drink with her work-mates one night midweek as she usually does saying she said she’d be back at about 2.30 in the morning as they were going to a nightclub. At four o’clock she still hadn’t arrived home and I was starting to get worried. At 6.30 the phone rang. It was Kath, she said it had got very late so she’d stayed at a friends and was going straight to work from there. I told her I was annoyed with her because she hadn’t rung me.

She was silent for a few seconds and then quietly said “Mmmm but will you still be annoyed with me when I tell you that I couldn’t get home last night because I was busy fulfilling your second fantasy ?”. Her comments hit me like a hammer and I stammered “You mean …”. “Yes !” she said cutting me short “ I mean just that”. Hurriedly she said “Last night your little wife was used by other men. They all had big cocks, MUCH bigger than yours. In fact this morning my fanny is sore from the shagging its had, I've got jaw ache from sucking cock and my pussy still feels as though it is full of spunk. Anyway I must go now, I’ll tell you all about it tonight.” Click… the phone went dead.

The first thing she said when she came home was "I bet you’ve had a hard on all day thinking about other guys fucking me !”. I admitted that when she first told me that morning I'd got a hard on and, even though I wasn’t sure whether she was telling the truth or not, when I'd thought about what she’d been up to I’d had a good wank.
Kath began to stroke her fanny. "Mmmmm.. I've noticed recently that the stories you read in your girlie magazines are always about men who know about or watch their wives screwing with other men. That’s what finally convinced me that you were serious and that I should go ahead and do it.”

She went on to tell me in detail about how this tall blonde guy had made a pass at her, danced with her, bought her lots of drinks, offered to give her a lift home etc. Of course on the way home he’d had to stop at his friends flat for a minute to pick something up. His friends weren’t in but he had a key and it was on the couch where he made his move, kissing her and fondling her breasts. When she responded he’d unfastened her blouse and pulled her bra up. After squeezing her bare breasts for a while he put his hand up her skirt and rubbed her crotch. When he again met no resistance from Kath he got his hand in her knickers and started fingering her fanny.

She told me that within minutes she was so hot for it that she couldn’t have stopped him even if she’d wanted to. She had a tremendous orgasm as he fingered her and as she was coming back down from her high he lifted her skirt up around her waist and pulled her panties down and off her legs. He then got her to lift her feet up onto the couch and spread her legs so that he could lick her now wet cunt. She said it was fantastic feeling another man’s tongue probing into her hole and it wasn’t long before she came again. He gently pushed her onto her side on the sofa and then undressed. Kneeling on the floor he waved a very large and erect cock in her face which she immediately put in her mouth and closing her eyes began to suck. “Mmmm.. it was lovely !” she recalled.

Next thing she remembered was feeling something near her fanny. Thinking it was his hand she’d parted her legs expecting to be stroked or fingered. Something began to push into her hole and it was a few seconds before she realised that it was too big to be a finger it was a cock! and a fat one at that. Apparently his two friends had arrived home, saw what was happening, and quickly decided that they weren’t going to miss out on some fucking. They’d stripped off their clothes and were joining in !

Kath said when she realised it was a cock entering her and not a finger she opened her eyes and saw a big muscular black man leaning over her. He already had the knob-end of his large ebony cock in her cunt. She was shocked, but before she could say a word the second equally large black guy got hold of her ankles and held her legs apart so that his friend could force the rest of his black cock into her yielding cunt. She told me the breath was driven right out of her and the feeling of being filled with cock was so exquisite that it never crossed her mind to object and when he began thrusting she was coming over and over again.

Kath said that once the black guy was steadily fucking her the other two stripped the rest of her clothes off. The three guys then took it in turns to either hold her ankles high in the air, to have their cocks sucked or to fuck her little fanny. “Did you really mean it when you said if it ever happened I should really let myself go and enjoy it?” she asked me. “Of course I did”, I said wondering what she was going to tell me next. With a wicked smile she proudly told me that she’d been a wanton slut. Apparently when she’d felt any of the men getting close to orgasm she’d wrapped her legs around him and pulled him fully inside her to make sure she took his spunk deep inside her fanny. Without any shame or embarrassment she bragged that all three guy’s had come while they were fucking her and after the last one pulled out her cunt was overflowing with spunk.

She laughed as she recalled that one of the blacks had amazed her when only five minutes after fucking her he had a new erection and he wanted her to suck it for him, which she did. She chuckled and said while she got carried away sucking on his big dick, he came again. He’d pushed his cock to the back of her mouth and held it there. She said although she’d never done it before (not even for me!) she began to swallow his semen and was surprised to find it didn’t taste bad at all. So ten minutes later when the second black filled her mouth with his spunk she was ready for him and quite happily swallowed all of his large second load. She said she was a bit disappointed with the white guy because for his second orgasm he didn’t come in her mouth but whipped his cock out at the last minute and sprayed her face and bare breasts with it. She said by the time they’d finished with her it was too late to come home and after getting a wash she rang me and went to work.

“Which part of my infidelity did you like best ?" she asked. I told her it was when the black guy was ramming his prick into her while at the same time she was sucking on the white guy's cock. "Mmmm... Yes... that was enjoyable " she laughed. She then amazed me by saying “Oh I nearly forgot to tell you. I told the guys if they didn’t mind my husband watching us they can come round here tonight and fuck me again ! I've also volunteered you to film what happens with your camcorder so you'd better get your battery charged up”.

“How do you think you’ll feel when I’m undressing for these guys”, she taunted, “especially when you see me taking off my knickers so that they can see and feel my fanny”. “Excited” , I told her.
“Do you think you will be able to film me when I’m sucking their big cocks” She enquired, testing me. “I think so……… “, Without waiting for me to finish answering she continued “And, knowing I’ve never done it for you, how will you feel when these men come in my mouth and I swallow every drop of their sperm ?” she asked. “I’ll be proud of you” I muttered.
“ What about when you see that I’ve become a real slut”, “You’ll have to watch me lay on my back and part my legs for them”. “Mmmm I think I’ll shave my pussy so you can film me holding my little pussy open. It might even make it easier for them to shove their big cocks up me”, she taunted. I just nodded.

“And will you be able to stand it when they’re fucking me and I’m squealing out loud because they keep making me orgasm over and over again ”. “Yes !” I added meekly. She was enjoying herself making me squirm. “But are you sure you’ll not be jealous when the men keep taking it in turns to push their big cocks up me, especially as my little fanny will be stretched wide and their cocks will go further inside me than your little white dick has ever been ?”, “Will your hands stay steady enough to film your little wife’s fanny wide open and stuffed full of black cock. Oh and what about when the big black guys are shooting their nigger spunk deep inside my little pussy ? Mmmmmmmmm”. “I’d need that recording she continued. “Ah yes, and for me to remember the occasion I want a really good close up of my pussy after they’ve all fucked me. It’s bound to be gaping open and full of spunk don’t you think ?”.
“Uhh…. “, I began to stammer.

Five minutes later, when I’d recovered from my own orgasm, she said I’d convinced her that I probably could manage it.
Just Starting

Just starting


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Yes, Please continue. Is she on the Pill or using protection? Does she want them to knock her up?
Next day

The next day dragged by, neither of us could wait. Then finally it was time to get ready for our visitors. Kath went to get bathed and changed. When she came down she looked……………. nice ! She had dressy trousers on and a tight black jumper. How do I look she asked ?

“Have you ever seen a slut wearing trousers?” I asked seriously “Good point she said “ I didn’t think about that…. I’ll change”.

Twenty minutes later she returned….. What a transformation!
She had on a short red miniskirt, black tights, high heels and a sheer blouse with no bra, I could see her nipples poking at the material. She’d brushed her hair back and put on makeup and shiny red lipstick. “Now you look as though you want to be fucked” I told her. “Good because that’s exactly what I intend to get, and hopefully more than once !” she said with a laugh.

“I don’t know about the tights though…….” I said. “I’ve thought about that !” she said lifting the side of her little skirt to her waist showing that she was wearing hold up stockings not tights. “Very sexy!” I commented. “And….” she said raising the front of her skirt and flashing her knicker-less crutch to me “I’m sure my panties won’t stay on for very long so I’ve decided I may as well leave them off”.

I had to smile at how confident my wife had become with her newly found sexuality. She was thinking forward about the evenings events. I wasn’t 100% sure how I would handle the experience of seeing three well hung young men using my little wife and dumping their seed in her orifices let alone if I could film it. Couple this to the fact that two of them are black….. I still had many doubts. Kath, on the other hand was rushing headlong into it. In fact she was doing her best to make sure that nothing would slow it down. With only a few buttons on her blouse her naked breasts could be fondled in seconds and without her knickers her cunt was accessible to the men immediately.

“What a little slut you are !” I told her honestly. “I told you that” she grinned “But that’s exactly what you want me to be….. isn’t it ?”. Without waiting for my answer she continued “Anyway it’s a bit late now. Don’t forget its because of your fantasy that I found out how exciting it is to have big cocks fucking my mouth and my fanny at the same time. I’m just wondering if your little dick will ever again be enough for me”.
Very nice. Got pictures? Love the read and then the visual.
Any comments ?

Does anyone wish to comment?
What every man wishes his wife would be.

Over 5000 have read this. Only a few comments. Is it that bad or are people shy ?
Well, I'll have to admit I was intrigued by your Kathcouch photo. It showed some much-needed realism, so refreshing in place of the usual porn-posing I'm so used to seeing. If you have anything else in that realm to offer, I'm sure our more perceptive BC audience would welcome another unveiling.
it's not bad just we are waiting for you to add more to the story...and pictures of that ass getting filled
nice story

Nice story and pic. i have all the pics from Elaines site

That's a VERY sexy picture.
There are more?

I love being "taken" in all my clothes... reminds me that it's cheating.
Yea, Sleepyhead, I guess that's one of the reasons it got to me like it did. It just seemed like the kind of prelude a girl could expect....

.....hell, we're not just gonna rip off our clothes the first minute we sit on the couch, like those laughable porn vids would have you believe...
Especially not if you r doing it in someones room during a party or the back seat of a car.

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