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Leading the youth

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Sep 27, 2004
A recent thread got me thinking...

In my opinion the best way to insure daddies little white girl
will be on her knees before the weeks end skinning back a
moist ebony foreskin to lap lovingly at the throbbing chocolate
bulb beneith, is simply to forbid her from dating black boys.
This technique has worked for over a hundred years and it's
perfectly natural for daughters to persue what their parents forbid.

Nudge her in the right direction using fun reverse psychology,
a pack of the smallest condoms you can find and a pack of
the largest condoms you can find.

Sit her down on her bed and tell her you have to talk about something
very important.

Tell your daughter black boys mature both mentally and physically
faster than white boys, and while white boys her age are still basically
"children", like her, black boys her age are actually men
with voracious sexual appetites and large fully developed bodies
and sex organs.

Using sexual stereotypes describe in elaborate detail her black
classmates primary and secondary physical sexual characteristics
as proof of their depature from boyhood: strong defined torso,
muscular behind, full lips, long thick penis, large heavy testicles, etc.

Mention the black athletes on her schools teams and how they excel
at and enjoy physical endurance. Relate their sports stamina
to intercourse with white girls. Foster her perception of black boys
her age as forceful sexual beings driven by little other than the
desire to take and give physical pleasure to white women. Tell her
most adult white women can't handle the number and power of
orgasms with black men.

Mention your duty as a father to protect her from such discomfort
and tell her you are relieved that she has a immature body which
is probably unattractive to most black boys. Think of a friend of
you daughters whom she admires or envies. Speculate that this
friend is probably more sexually desirable to black boys due to
her mature womanly figure, outgoing personality, willingness
to experiment.

Tell her, while you understand how hard it will be for her to refuse
a strong sexually superior black boy's advances, especially since
most of her friends will be enjoying black cocksmanship, you must
forbid her from even seeing black boys socially.

Add that while you trust her to obey your command, to be safe,
you purchased her some protection for use with white boyfriends.

Produce the miniatue condoms you purchased ahead of time. Open
and unroll one condom over your right pinky and ring fingers. After
she has acknowleged that she indeed knows how to put one on a
white boy's penis, produce the pack of extra-large condoms.
Without speaking, open and unroll one of these over your left fist
and entire forearm. Let her have a good long look at both.

Tell her you're glad she won't be using the large condoms, which
better fit black boys penises but leave both packages on her bed
as well as both of the "used " demonstration condoms.

Obviously if you want her bred a sewing needle will secretly perforate
the large condoms nicely.

With this simple excersise, your daughter will begin a lifetime
of enfatuation and service to black men.

Wow, Chinese!! That pic is outstanding! and the thoughts behind that text is pretty erotic as well. Very nice post. Would love to hear more of your thoughts on this.
I like the way you think Chinese, more white parents should think as you do.
cuckoldguy said:
I found some more cute white teens with black studs

Some choice images from Cuckoldguy and MistaP. :wink:

I am suprised and saddened that the site Bangbros allows their models
to shield their young uteruses from a generous basting of potent black seed.

With the average amount of sperm per climax being roughly 180 million,
the precious gift of a black man's living hot ejaculate should never perish in a condom.

A black man's semen should either be savored as a salty sacrament in
the warm grateful mouths of young whites, slowly and deliberately swirled,
tasted, recognised and appreciated until swallowed or it should be discharged
balls-deep against her quivering cervix.

Allowing satisfying and dignified internal orgasms is just one small way
to show the fine black men featured on their site the respect they deserve.

Knowing their thick virile sperm has flooded the deepest recesses of
their young white partner's fertile teenage womb, and the subsequent likelyhood
of insemination, is merely a fitting reward for the invaluable service
they do all black men and young white women by example.

Fortunately there are more and more sites eager to give these archetypical
black studs whatthey have earned.

Great Stuff

Lovely prose , Chinese. Your a real Connoisseur.
Indeed so chinese well written.

Discovering my teenage daughter had taken a black cock was a shock.

Realising that she loved it was a relief. (Why shouldn't she indeed).

It is surprising how many think it is Ok for your wife to have a black lover, but not Ok if your daughter has one! Hypocracy?

Even if it is the same lover :)

While I do not particulary believe in the concept of reparations.

Indeed there is an arguement that could be made that those Africans taken to America are so much better off than the one remaining behind that it is they who should be making voluntary contributions back to Africa.

But I would not go that far myself!

But what better reparation can you make than by making no fuss while black men debauch your daughter as well as your wife.

I spent 2 years in Zimbabwe and was not afraid of the swarming Africans. My moments of fear where finding a scorpian in the house, and another when I nearly tangled with a black mamba.

Did they want me to fear them? No. Always polite and courteeus even when dropping by to pick up my wife for a date (which usually lasted all weekend) :)

Humiliated? There was one time when I overhead a middle aged African tell one of his friends that my teenage daughter 'had a really tight bottom' :?

When you are in your own home and Africans arrive, and you see that both your wife and your daughter's nipples are showing hard and taut through their tops when they have not even been touched yet! Then you understand how excited and in sexual heat they are for what is to follow...

Can you blame them?

When everyone has fun there is no complaint to be made.

But if you do plan to go to africa to work, or for a holiday, and you have a teenage daughter do check the age of consent before you go, or you could be in for a rude surprise.
Hey Chinese. Do you have a daughter to encourage or is this all theoretical ? mind you its some theory :twisted:
The best way to ensure that young people are brought up properly is to lead by example. Invite your Black Male friends to all family get togethers and let them see you being kissed and used. They will eventually realize this a perfectly normal and acceptable behavior.

My oldest daughter has been Blacked even though she denies it. She has many "friends" hanging around here now. I'd love to think that she was influenced by me.
It certainly is once she has had a BBC and the word gets out to his friends.
Jenny4BlkM said:
It certainly is once she has had a BBC and the word gets out to his friends.

Absolutely right. Pressure from a group of peers can be hard on teenagers today.
But it's all part of learning and growing-up.



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Chinese, I find your commentary enticing to be sure, and something to think about for many parents. But from my own experience as the mother of a teenage daughter, I've found that some very interesting (and unexpected) developments can occur if we simply stay out of the way and let nature take its course.

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