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Less Nervous ... Still scaredblonde

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Apr 17, 2004
I want to spread my legs for a black man and be filled with his seed!

I started the new Topic like you asked Wife Master. I have been trying to be good. I am still using the toys like I was instructed and I put the jelly toy in my ass every other day. I sometimes even look forward to it.

My husband is getting a little frustrated I think. I have given him a few hand jobs ( he boasts that I have VERY talented hands) but he is used to having his cock sucked and fucked on a much more regular basis. Whenever I tell him "not tonight" he just rolls over and breaths heavy for awhile. If he just grabbed ahold of my head and fed me his cock I'd suck on it all night. But he just rolls over.

I got about a dozen pics off his computer.
Twisting my nipples and pulling on them as ordered

yes, doing my nipples as told


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You're doing good, girl.....Hub doesn't get to fuck your fine white pussy anymore. That pussy is being saved for only black cock now, and I want you to think about that constantly. You'll think of only black cock whenever you stroke hub. You'll think of only black cock when you get on the computer. You'll only think of black cock when watching tv. you'll only think of black cock when fucking your pussy and ass with the dildos. What do you say out load, as you're fucking your white pussy and ass with the dildos, and cumming, girl? Start using the jelly in your ass every day. Open your ass good, and get to where you can take it with ease. You're beginning to love the feeling of something big fucking your white ass, aren't you, slut? What is all of this in preparation for? Keep posting your pics, and we still want to see the face of the MWF who will soon be turned and fucking only BBC.
Tell us what your last fantasy was about Blonde. Dayum you are hot piece of white trash ass!
I want to spread my legs for black men and be filled with their seed.

Things have not been well at home. I still haven't let my husband inside me but I have given him a few handjobs. I felt disgusted doing it. I never felt that way before when I gave pleasure to my husband. :?:

As I'm typing this the Jelly dildo is in my ass. My latest fantasy involves a mysterious black man who fucks me in a parking lot after work. I have masturbated with my vibrator in the school parking lot thinking of this while waiting for my son. Sometimes I fantasize about being caught.


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You're going great, baby ! You're so close to becoming a black cock slut, that I'll bet you can almost taste the black seed in your mouth. You should feel disgusted jacking your hubs white dick now. You are no longer a white man's pussy. You now belong to all black men, and black cock is all you'll feel comfortable with now. How does the jelly feel in your white ass now? Are you using it everyday like you were told? Whenever you shove it in your ass, what is the only thing you think about now? Use you fantasy, slut. Think of some place you can park, and then while playing with your pussy, know that you'll be seen by superior black men. Take that final step ! You crave to be black owned, so go for it, slut. Your white mouth, ass and pussy are ready. Give them what they need so badly......
Good job you cock hungry white slut. The next time you feel you have to give yur husband a hand job make him finish it. Get him just about ready and then tell him to finish while you watch. After he's cum give him a little laugh/grunt in contempt.

I want to hear much more details in your fantasy's. I like to know what black cock loving sluts are thinking abut all day. :twisted:
You do just like darkman said Slut Blonde. Make him finish himself. :lol:
If you have any more pictures of your white slutty tits :lol: I want to see some more abuse of those nipples. I could have lots of fun with you
I want to spread my legs for a black man and be filled with his cum.

Master, your encouragement is very, - stimulating- for me.
Darkman, I still haven;t fucked my husband. He really is getting depressed over it. For the past two times I have stroked him until he was just about ready to cum and told him I wanted to watch him finish himself. I was reluctant, but he was right on the edge so he tried. I think he was embarrassed. He started to get soft so I rubbed him under the balls he likes that, almost like milking him lol. He shot a load all over his chest and belly button. The second time was simialar. He doesn't want to do he wants me to finish him. I did give a little grunt the second time. He asked what that was about, was I making fun of him. I told him no and smiled.
Master, I do like my tits played with, but they are tiny. I pull on them often and hubby does sometimes but not as much as I like, or as hard.

My husband needs me, I think I should fuck him. It has been a very long time and it is stressful in the house.


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Hunny Master is RIGHT 100%, you are ready! NO more li white dicks for you! You deserved to be treated like the black cock slut you truely are. You need to find you a strong hung black guy and let him have his way with you. I can tell you are ready! Your hubby no longer deserves the right to fuck your fine ass, give yourself to the ones who will take care of you, THE BLACK MEN OF THE WORLD!
HungBlkEastCoastGuy said:
Hunny Master is RIGHT 100%, you are ready! NO more li white dicks for you! You deserved to be treated like the black cock slut you truely are. You need to find you a strong hung black guy and let him have his way with you. I can tell you are ready! Your hubby no longer deserves the right to fuck your fine ass, give yourself to the ones who will take care of you, THE BLACK MEN OF THE WORLD!

then if the black men of the world want white girls then marry these girls that are cheating on there hubbys and pay the bills, deal with the kids and everything of having a family. and then realize that later you only deal with these girls for only a few hours where these girls built a trusting relationship with the guy there married to and the white guys married to these sluts should divorce them and get the money because these white guys can beat there wife in court
blonde, very nice. You are doing so well. I am very proud of you. My blood engorged black cock is raging to fill you with my seed. Check the men's board and make some comments! Now!

Your husband wants your little white pussy. hmmm No. His little white cock shouldn't grease your fuck=hole ever again. Each time you post I want you to have your dildo up your ass. And tell us.

Next time don't help your husband come. Make him do it himself. If he can't cum to bad for him. He will, I mean WILL learn. Good work blonde.
Wife Master is correct. Absolutely none of your little white pussy for hub. You do not have our permission to fuck him. Is that perfectly clear? The next cock in your mouth, pussy or ass will be black. Isn't that what you really want? Be honest! The only thing you're allowed to do is milk him. You seemed to enjoy doing that, and it is so appropriate. Continue having him milk himself. You no longer have any need for his weak white milk. In time he will accept the fact that he will no longer be allowed in any of your holes, and will milk himself as you watch and smile. Useless isn't he, except for him supporting you and the kids? He no longer satisfies any of your sexual needs. Keep using the jelly dildo in your white ass as often as possible, and keep us informed as to condition of that hole. You're preparing yourself for what, slut? Tell us exactly what you were meant to be.
I want to spread my legs for a black man and be filled with his cum

As I type this I have a dildo up my ass. It does not hurt at all anymore and is not even uncomfortable. I think I can take a cock up there now. And want to try it.

I have not let my husband inside me yet. I really want to, I love him and he wants me badly. He does not have a small cock. I got these pics off his computer, taken around the same time.


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Ok you little slut. Youve been very good. Remember anytime you are on this board you must have that dildo up your tight ass. I am impressed somewhat with husbands size, but lol not a black cock like you need. That ass is begging for cock and to me filled with cum. No, definitely don't fuck husband. Yet, we will allow him something in the future :wink:

However you will never have his cum leak from you again. Ever.
I want yo u to say it.
Not bad

So you want or need some real time? Slut time that is!!!!
ok guys, im fine with husbands being alright with having there wives fucked by black guys but come on your dealing with an actual persons relationship. thats where I think if she wants to go black divorce her husband and marry a black guy so shell have a husband and a black dick instead of having the black guy freeload off of her by having a house to go to for food, tv,shower,sleep. meanwhile the husbands out working his ass off to pay for the bills and you guys are telling her that hell never get her pussy again, how would you feel if your wife said you cant fuck me, youd be upset.
KC_rob said:
It's up to the husband to stand up for himself, not you.

He'll either handle his shit and get his woman back in line, or, if she won't go back to what he wants it is his decision to either love her or leave her.

I find it interesting that such sluts say they have really considered the consequences, but when the shit hits the fan they get all scared and back down.

It'll be interesting to see how this develops. Its like we're in the middle of a soap opera.

So how about it, scaredblonde, how bad do you want it? Are you willing to forsake your life as you know it just for some cock? The answer to that question is the same as to whether you're really a black-cock-***** or just a pretender enjoying a fantasy.

Personally, I'd like to hear her well thought out decision and how she'd handle the consequences of it. It's so much more of a turn on when they willingly decide to turn their back on their lives, as opposed to just letting things happen that can then not be undone.

*goes to get some popcorn to enjoy the show*

-rob in KC
sits next to rob also wanting to see how this unfolds, that way we get a view from both perspectives a black male and a white male. if she chooses black cock over marriage she should get ready for facing a divorce or if decides her husband over black cock then shell live a happy life with the man she loves

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