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Mature asian lady

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Jul 2, 2004
Mature Asian lady 55 yrs old, in San Antonio TX a little plump around the edges (5' 4" 135 lbs)but working hard to get into shape interested in finding a nice black gentleman that would enjoy the company of a obeident lady from Thailand. Have been divorced for six years and now relize that I feel so much more freedom with a black man than I ever could have before, I can now be myself and follow my heart, mind and sexual needs. My attraction to the black man is so compelling that I see myself becomming a BCS to the right man. If interested please write me at yauwalak54@y...


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Black Man in houston here

Hi i'm Tony 29/Blkm in katy , TX right by Houston i'd love to get to know you i love asian women


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:D Hello Ms yau. nice to see a nice looking lady of your age lookin for big black meat. :)

i am in New york but very interested. Drop me a note at
Nice picture

Hey, I love that photo of you. You have a beautiful shape.
Very nice, have you considered a white cuckold to help you serve superior hung black men? Please email me. I am cuckold4u_402 @ yahoo
Thank you NO!

First let me thank all of you that have contacted me and the nice things you have passed on. I just don't see what a white man could do that would make sex any better with a black man, when I have sex with a black man I don't want any distractions. I think have a white man in the same room while I'm proving to my lover that he is superior and that I'm there to serve his needs in any way he wishes would detract from both our performances. I don't see the benifit, don't ya'll you BBC's agree with me?
Hello again, how about the feeling of a warm, wet mouth gently sucking your black bulls sperm from your well used pussy? That has to be a benefit :D
That's so kind of you to offer, however, I have found that after a really hot night with a black man my pussy is too sore to have someone be sucking on it. But really the truth is that I DON'T SHARE MY BLACK MAN'S CUM WITH ANYBODY, it's just to tasty. But thank you
Hi there iam a blk male in Dallas area would like to hear from you i spent several years in the Far East and i love asiam women iam 6'3" 240 iam looking for a soulmate , drop me a line and lets talk.
Hi there iam a blk male in Dallas area would like to hear from you i spent several years in the Far East and i love asiam women iam 6'3" 240 iam looking for a soulmate , drop me a line and lets talk.
I would love to have your panites to cum in

I loved when you told about your xhusband pal smell and cuming in your white panites very hot i would love for you to send me a pair i will get them wet by licking the your pussy smell out of them then i will cum all in them and send them back to you ia in venice ca i love your pics no joke let me knoe my name is tony tony1902001@yahoo.com thank you


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Re: I would love to have your panites to cum in

Tony, what a great idea it would be like my first experience and I can't tell you just how excited I was then to get my panties back with all that cum in them. It still makes me hot thinking about it, send me your address and I will think about your offer, really I will.
Re: I would love to have your panites to cum in

I'm so sorry Tony, I didn't say anything about that beautful and big black cock, I can just imange how much cum you would leave in my panties. Would love to get it stright from the source, it really is a great looking cock and I bet it tastes good also.l secould tiful utful
tonyvenice said:
I loved when you told about your :roll:
hot hot hot u r!!!!

what else can i say all the way from the BAY AREA?
cummin thru 2 show my respects and give ya much props!!!!
u r a good lookin sexxxeee mature female...........I LIKE THAT!!!!!!
Hook up


I've never been with an Asian before and always wanted to try one. Since we are both in San Antonio we need to hook up and make this happen girl.


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yauwalak welcome. My g/f agrees with you. When she is with a boy toy, she normally does it behind closed doors. I get to listen, and seldom get to watch. Then she tells me about it for days. I hope who ever you hook up with you send in pictures. We would love to "look" in from afar. Thanks. :D
This is for all of you that have written, thank you, it's so nice to know that there are so many men out there that likes us older women. I meet an older gentleman (64) last month here in SA that has always wanted a white/asian women that loves to serve him. He has already made me suck him off in a very busy parking lot down town, I was so scared that someone would catch us and I'm not sure if anyone saw us or not since I had my face in his lap the whole time. But I was so turned on that after I got strated I didn't care if anyone saw us. He's married so I only see him about one a week and I get so excited during the week just hoping I can see him, he calls me every day to tell me nasty things that he is going to do to me or nasty things that he is going to make me do. I'll try to keep you up-dated on how things are going.
Please do. Ask him to take pictures as he makes you please him. Thanks. Yes, you are hot.
Well it's time for me to up-date my last post. I am still with "bubba" as he like to be called, and although we don't get togeather as much as we use to we still are fucking/sucking our brains out when we do get togeather. Bubba is 65 now but his big fat un-cut black cock can still makes my pussy drip when I'm around him, he is so nasty. Last month we went to a club (Kramers) (he is still married so we can't go out that much) with me dressed as he requested - no bra - no panties - sheer blouse and short skirt. The club on Friday nights has a lot of larger women (they said BBWs) that are interested in black men. We has so much fun, I was scared at first being dressed like that but after about two hours and a few drinks we go invited to a table of ladies and their dates and from then on it was great, we danced and laughted about all kinds of things like what great cocks black men have and what sluts we women were, bubba even told everbody that he insists that I not wear a bra (they could all tell that) or panites. That caused an uproar, they all wanted for me to prove that I was not wearing panties, and bubba was all for me showing them, well a few of them did get to see, and after that I was asked to dance almost every slow song, and got so many proposals. The night ended up with me giving bubba a really special blow job in the car, with him cumming all over my face, I was told that i could not clean my face till I got home, and he even thretened me that he was going to stop at a Dennys for breakfast with cum all over my face, I was so scared that he would, but we didn't and now I'm looking forward to going to Krammers again with bubba and having more fun. Will post again later.

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