Mature stars for BBC

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Jul 21, 2004
I have greatly enjoyed reading all the suggestions for well-known white females who should be enjoying Big Black Cock. But as a mature white female, you seem to be slighting older women. My suggestions are ultra-busty Dolly Parton, sultry Sharon Stone, cute Meg Ryan, bisexual Anne Heche. beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer and my dream girl Jeri Ryan. In the young should-bes, I totally agree that Emma Watson, who is beond cute, will soon be perfect for BBC enjoyment.
i would love to have my blk dick in, sharon stone, katie couric, deidre hall from days of our lives. suzanne somers, leeza gibbons, christie brinkley, i've always had a thing for older white sexy women!!!
I'd love to see Markie Post from Night Court get it
anna nicole smith would be a great looking white whore with blk cock choking her. Sophia Loren also.
hey laimbeer, i forgot about her, she used have a kckin body with great legs, and tits, great choice!! i'm sure anna nicole has had some blk dick before! i would love to stick all 9inches of my blk dick in markie post!!
She still looks yummy to me at 50+


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How about Susan Lucci ... she'd look greatt
Yes, to all of the above. Add Demi Moore and stipulate that they shoulsd all be pregnant by a balck lover.
i recently saw katie courec call keenan ivory wayans hot. when i heard her say that, i felt she is on her way to fuck black. i want to see heather locklear and meg ryan in the arms of black men also. katie is hot and will look great under a black stud
A big yes to Katie Couric and Demi Moore. Let's replay the famous scene in Ghost where Demi is at the pottery wheel, naked, with a brotha this time.
There is a simple solution IRCF -- don't read them!!!
Dolly with babies on tit

Makes me so hard thinking of Dolly Parton with a black baby sucking on her huge tits
Imagine pumping Morgan Fairchild. Having that tiny body filled up would be so hot.
Nina Hartley
I have to say that the idea of doing Katie Couric or Cheryl Ladd or Morgan Fairchild gives me a nice woody!
Blue Moon said:
Nina Hartley

NIna Hartley does fuck black men..... an obvious fact
Rita Crosby

That Big Heifer Rita Crosby on one MSNBC looks like she can handle some Black Meat.

During that hurricane, I notice her eyes wandering around looking at them Brothas running around down there.

Peace. 8)
Blue Moon said:
Nina Hartley

Nina has already had her share of quite a few black guys. And from one of her interviews, she mentioned that she especially enjoyed doing interracial and if I remember, it was either Shawn Michaels or Lex who she said was extra special and would fuck him any time...