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MWF looking for new experiences

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Hi, my name is Julie. My husband wants me to have sex with other guys, particularly black studs, while he watches. I think I am too old (55) for this and I would appreciate knowing what you think.


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Not at all too old. many black guys (and white) like older, sexy women. And you are so sexy. Maybe you and my wife could handle a few black guys!


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Hmmm, not at all my dear. Looks to me that you are just right. I know that I would not turn you away. :p
:D Looking very hot.....41 year old married white guy that would love to use you or watch you.
Hello Julie

You are very good looking don;t let anyone tell you differently.
Age isn't the question. You're an attractive woman, and sexy as hell. The only thing that would make you even more sexy would be you with a black cock in your mouth or pussy. As long as it's your hubby that wants you to take black lovers, take advantage of the situation, and take a black lover. You definitely won't regret it it, and you'll find it's the best sex you've ever had. Give a lot of black guys a break, and offer yourself up to them.
New Experiences

What do I think? I think you're eing too restrictive.... you should have all the cock you want as long as it's OK with him! black, white, yello, green and deep
Not in the least Julie! You show that women like wine improve with age!
All white women whatever age should be prepared to serve black masters
Jennni is definitely my kind of woman.
Not at all

Where do you live? I will cum fuck you right now. I prefer older women anyhow
You're Like Wine!

Julie baby you look amazing! Women are like fine wine hunny, they only get better with age and you are DEVINE! I'm nextdoor in PA and I'd love to to cum show you hours of hot n wild sex and give your hubby a great show! XOXO


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I'm in Ohio will travel. Where are you located

I'm in Ohio will travel. Where are you located
You are very sexy and beautiful.
How about long-distance sex

Fifty-five? So what? You look hot. And, if I wasn't on the wrong side of the Atlantic I'd me making arrangements to rub up against you right now. In the meantime, I might have to make do with rubbing up and down on myself.

Did you had your first BBC?
jimz... did you had?

english lessons can do wonders
your never too old to try new things . Iam a white male in 45 and i would love to share you with your husband or any other men
you are lovely-sexy- women you are like fine bottle of wine. you are very hot. and need lots of loveing

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