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My first black lover.

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Jul 30, 2004
I didn’t get married until I was 30 although I had had a few long-term lovers. I married Bob on the rebound from a very intense relationship. Bob was a kind thoughtful man of 46 with an excellent job and high income. I married him for security and kindness, which was my prime, need at the time.

We had a honeymoon in France and then flew to Kenya where Bob was head of a division of a large multinational company. We had a lovely house in a secure compound with pool and all the trappings of a highflying expat including servants.

Joseph was our cook and headman. He was in charge of all matters regarding the running of the house and had a woman to assist him with keeping house, washing making beds, cleaning, and tidying. There was a gardener and a night watchman in the evening. The staff were well paid in-fact 3 times the national average wage and they got medical checkups and free care which was a major bonus for them as the medical services were very poor for the average African. Security is not good so we spent most of our time at home or at functions to which the company driver drove us. My days were pretty relaxed but boring as I was not able to work and as the house was fully taken care of I either swam or met other ladies for coffee near home or went to aerobics. Bob was very busy and often did not come home until late. I had enjoyed a very active sex life up to my marriage and Bob was not the most energetic lover or the most frequent lover however I settled down to make a go of it accepting that that was how it would be but I had a lovely house, friends and wanted fro nothing, or so I thought.

Having servants was a new experience for me and it took a while for me to get used to having people constantly in the house from early morning to late evening. Although being attended to was fun at first it soon became intrusive, as I had nothing to do which made me feel a little useless. Joseph was a very friendly outgoing man. Tall slim very black and some 4 years older than me. He spoke very good English having been educated by the missionary schools in his tribal area. Joseph had been looking after senior expats and their wives for over 10 years and was an accomplished cook. I used to spend a lot of time talking to him and loved his stories of the other ladies who had come before me. Servants are very discrete people who see much more of the real side of people and whilst he opened up to me it was really harmless tales of mishaps, some marital break ups and spoilt kids.

I found myself enjoying our chats and having him around. The routine in the house was rigidly observed with tea brought in at 6:30 am . Bob would then go and shower and shave and get ready. I would go through to the kitchen and order my breakfast, which varied, depending on my mood. I would then go and shower and change and we would have breakfast either on the veranda or the dinning room depending upon the weather, which was always pretty good. Bob would leave for work around 7:30 and I would either got out to meet people, go to some activity or spend the day at home swimming and reading. Sometimes a friend would call and come over and spend the day. As the months passed I was getting a little frustrated at the lack of sex although I told myself to just get it under control. I found myself looking at Josephs very wiry and, muscular body with his lovely velvet black skin, his easy laughter. I had not seen many black men at home so this was all new to me and I began to wonder what his cock looked like which made me feel all wobbly and wet. I had dreams about him and even masturbated imagining his black body and my white body together.

My needs and fantasy caused a tension between us that was definitely sexual but Joseph was always the consummate servant never showing anything that might alarm me and this made my fantasy even more intense. I found myself looking at him as he worked my eyes drawn to his crotch and my excitement rising at the thought of him in me enjoying his white mistress and it took my breath away every time. I fought it and fought it but as the sex with Bob got less and less I got more and more drawn to this black man. I was soon flirting outrageously with him, the conversations were peppered with sexual innuendo and I was throwing myself shamelessly at this black man.

One morning I got up having slept and dreamt about sex with black men. Joseph brought in the tea. Bob was showering and I looked at Joseph my lust now almost out of control. Joseph smiled at me and laid the tea tray down by the bed then left as Bob returned to the room. I lay thinking about the need in me and I wanted to see that mans cock so bad it hurt. I had a dull pain in my groin and empty, hollow sort of pain.

We drank our tea and I slipped out of my nightdress and wrapping a robe round me, picked up the tray and took it through to the kitchen. Joseph was alone; it was his assistants day off. I laid the tray on the kitchen table and gave Joseph the order for breakfast. He always referred to me as Madam and said “Certainly Madam” which gave the whole thing a surreal quality. Here was the white mistress wanting this black man her servant to enter her and pleasure her so much. It was like a scene from the past where the black servant, the noble savage, subjugates the colonial mistress.

I stood in the kitchen as he turned to prepare breakfast and was about to say something when Bob walked in. Bob asked Joseph to cancel his order as he was in a hurry and would get something at work. He kissed me good-bye and left quickly. I told Joseph to make mine and stood there my heart pounding, my crotch getting wet, breathing hard. I heard the car go down the drive and in a breathless state asked. “Have you ever wanted to have sex with a white woman Joseph?” My lips were dry, my legs felt weak but I had got it out.

Joseph turned and looked at me standing there with my face flushed and my breasts heaving. I could hardly breath. “Of course Madam white ladies are very pretty”

“Have you ever had one?”

“No madam white ladies are not available for poor men like me”

This made me even more excited he would be my first black man and I would be his first white woman. The thought made my head throb and my nipples were rock hard under my thin robe.

“I have never had a black man” I croaked “I would really like to have sex with a black man” I was dizzy with excitement and need. Joseph looked at me and I just took the plunge and let my robe fall open ******** my body to him. “Would you like to have me Joseph” I asked fearful of his answer.

He looked at me standing, my robe open my breasts and pubic hair showing clearly and he nodded yes and his lips were on mine in a wild passionate kiss, his tongue thrust into my mouth his hands began to explore my body in a frantic period of squeezing and pulling at my flesh. His passion was extreme his lust matched mine and we locked like two sex crazed teenagers. I put my arms round his neck as he kissed me and opened my legs to let his now urgent fingers probe my very wet hole. He was letting out little whimpering sounds and moans and I was panting like a bitch on heat.

I slid my hands down his hard back to his buttocks pressing him to me. I was beyond any control I have never wanted a man inside me to fuck me more than I did at that moment and he was just a needful of me.

I pulled back and in a hoarse voice I said to come through to the bedroom and led the way.

I turned to him at the bed and pulled his head to me kissing him lovingly, telling him how much I wanted him and needed him. His kissed me back with the passion and I began to undo his belt, opening his trousers wanting to see his cock. Was it what I had imagined, dreamed of? He took over and his trousers dropped to his ankles. I looked down and his cock was hard in his underpants. I knelt down and taking the waist band of his briefs I pulled the down over his cock releasing it to my eager gaze. It was wonderful. Really long thin and very black with pointed head and big low-slung balls covered in tight dark curly pubic hair. It was a dream and his hard wiry frame just added to the thrill. He pulled my up and gently pushed me back on the bed his need extreme now. I lay back looking at his hard cock as he climbed on the bed between my open legs. My mind was racing with the thought that it would be inside me at last.

He lay on me kissing me deeply and passionately and I ground my hips against him feeling his hard cock against my naked flesh all hot and long. I was in heaven. He slipped his hand between us and I felt him place his cock against my dripping hole. I was ready, wanting, needing, craving, this black man inside me. I asked him to fuck me to please fuck me and this set him off and he thrust a short stab then a long strong push and I felt it unfold every inch of my canal opening me up to him. I remember thinking I am being fucked by a black man wow what a thrill. He thrust in me to the hilt and held it there. I pushed him up onto his arms and looked down seeing his black torso against my white belly to where we met and his blackness, framed by my open white thighs. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen and I squeezed his long cock and ground my pelvis against the root of his cock. “You are beautiful baby soo beautiful and your cock feels fantastic” I said my eyes misty with passion, love and need.

Joseph looked down at me his eyes full of lust and he could hold back no longer he dropped onto me and began to fuck me like a man possessed his cock ramming in and out madly. I lifted my legs to take all of him deep and pressed my lips against his neck to stop from screaming out at the pleasure his pounding cock was giving me.

He rammed and rammed making me go mad with the sensation, which was just so intense. I could smell his sweat mingled with the smell of soap he had washed with. He pumped into me and I clung to him, my orgasm building in me and then he thrust hard and really deep and grunted then moaned loudly and I felt him explode deep in me. The noise and feeling of his release inside me just tipped me over the top and my orgasm rushed through my body taking my breath away. My nipples burned my clit was electric and it felt as if my pussy was 5 times its size and the blood gorged into me and it just went on and on over and over again then as it came down I began to cry from the sheer pleasure of the release and the overwhelming excitement of having my first black man.

We lay panting his cock still in me his and my juices dripping down my buttocks. I felt warm and relaxed and fulfilled like never before.
Joseph part 2

Finally Joseph rolled of me his flaccid cock wet from our combined juices. I felt a small pang of loss as his cock left me and rolled on my side to face him. He lay looking up at the ceiling probably like most men wanting to sleep now he had cum. I wondered what he was thinking. Was he worried, did he regret it all the negatives. I looked at his very wiry hard body. So slim and tight and so smooth just tight dark pubic hair round the base of his cock which lay soft, wet and long on his belly his balls hanging all long underneath. His skin, a velvet midnight black and damp with sweat made me come out in goose bumps all over. I took his cock in my hand and he looked at me. I smiled at him and he beamed back his smile so broad it almost split his face in two. He too had really enjoyed it that’s was very clear. His cock was stirring under my gentle stroking and I leant over and took sliding it into my mouth. Joseph moaned and arched his back grabbing my head with his hand as it entered. I felt it harden in my mouth and I sucked and licked the head tasting our juices. He was rock hard now and I licked down the shaft and cupping his balls I looked up at him. His head was thrown back his mouth open with pleasure at what I was doing to his cock. I licked down the shaft to his balls again and taking one on my mouth gently sucked it working it with my tongue then I went back up the shaft and took him into my mouth. I sucked him and licked him and worked his long hard cock with my hand. I stopped for a second and said “I want to take you in my mouth and drink your cum”.

I had never swallowed but I wanted to give my self in total subjugation to this lovely black man who had turned me on so much. He said nothing and I resumed my sucking and stroking and licking working harder as I felt him build up to his orgasm. I took him as far into my mouth as I could and as I pulled back he again grabbed my head and held me down hard and exploded into my mouth right to the back of my mouth. . I felt and tasted the warm semen as it went down my throat. I swallowed quickly trying to take it all and not spill any and finally he let go of me and relaxed. I sucked him for a few seconds getting all of his seed then I sat up and moving on top of him kissed him deep so he could taste him and me together.

I lay my head against his chest listening to his heart beating rapidly and gently stroked my now very wet and open pussy. I was in need of a good fucking now but I waited and talked to Joseph knowing he needed to recover. After a while I suggested we have some tea and I told him to stay in the bed and I pulled on a robe and went to make the tea.

I returned with the tea. Joseph was sitting up in the bed and satisfied smug on his face. Well he was now the master and I was his servant so he had every right to be smug. I removed my robe and . it was very sexy ******** myself to him and I could see it had got him aroused as his cock was sticking out from his groin quite magnificently. I poured the tea and we talked about the situation. Joseph understood the need for discretion and I agreed that I would be available for him whenever it was possible. It was more risky for him as he could lose his lively hood and future managers wouldn’t feel safe having him with their wives in the house alone so it would have to be kept very quiet. I got up and cleared the tea things returning them to the kitchen. I returned to the room. Joseph was standing by the bed his cock hard against his belly and he grabbed me pushing me forward onto the bed, pulled me to the edge of the bed and guided his cock into my open hole thrusting it hard and fast to the hilt. I let out a grunt and moan as he knocked the breath out of me. Joseph was now in control and he began to ram into me his long cock driving to the hilt making me grunt with the sheer ferocity of his thrusting. His hands were prizing my cheeks open with such force I thought he would split me and he was ramming like a mad man enjoying using his white mistress. I thrust back onto him my pussy and slit burning with the intensity of the pleasure he was giving me. There is not greater sexual thrill for me than a man so full of lust for me and sex that he has lost control and just wants release in me and his huge lust and need was driving me to an orgasm. His hips made slapping noises as he rammed into me and my hole was making wet sounds as he rammed his cock into the juices left from our earlier sex. My head was pushed into the bed my buttocks raised high and now my slit as making farting sounds as the air escaped from it. I felt a hot rush up along my neck to my face and an electric hollow feeling deep in my pussy and then my clit tingled and the orgasm exploded through my body making me thrust back and I begged him to cum as I was lost in my own deep, deep pleasure. I didn’t feel him cum I was so overcome with the intensity of my own orgasm, but I heard his cries of release. Joseph held himself inside me and with my orgasm still tingling within me hi cock felt so huge. The he sort of stumbled backwards his cock plopping out of my now very loose and open hole. I sighed at the loss and remained there my arse in the air letting my orgasm subside. Joseph came over an flopped on the bed no doubt feeling wobbly from three orgasms in such a short time but I was to find out that Joseph was an insatiable lover and had a lot of stamina. We lay in a post orgasmic stupor and must have dozed off when the jangling of the phone caused me to jump with fright. I jumped across and grabbed the extension in the bedroom and in a breathless whisper said “Hello”

My heart leapt and Bobs voice said “Shit are you ok you sound like you were asleep or ill?” I took a deep breath and told him I had run to get the phone so was a bit out of breath. Bob would phone during the day to give me information or to ask me to do something and he was ringing to tell me we were going out for dinner with a client that evening. I looked across at Joseph his glistening cock and body naked in the bed and a small shiver ran down my body as naughty sexy shiver of excitement at talking to my husband my pussy full of black seed my lover lying in our bed whilst we talked.
It was a wicked but totally involuntary thought and thrill. Perhaps it is this that makes it all so sexually intense and exciting when taking a lover an even more so when a white woman takes a black lover.

Joseph and I took a shower together with lots of deep slow kissing under the hot waters and Josephs cock sliding along my slit as I squeezed it with my thighs. We dressed and Joseph went on to do his work. I called a friend and we agreed to meet in town for coffee. I went into the kitchen and gave Joseph a goodbye kiss and thanked him for the pleasure he had given me. His smile was wider than ever.
What a wonderful story! Please continue!
I second the recommendation of posting to Literoticia or eroticstories or storiesonline

If continued, I'd like to read how "you" anh your firends became sleves to the Joseph's cock and had his babies.

Thank you all. I will find some time to tell you more of my affair with Joseph.
Homer said:
I second the recommendation of posting to Literoticia or eroticstories or storiesonline

If continued, I'd like to read how "you" anh your firends became sleves to the Joseph's cock and had his babies.


how about submitting it to darkwanderer.net, our sister site? Wouldn't that be better?
More of my experiences. hope you enjoy it??

Having you lover working in the house is a very convenient thing in many ways. He is there by right and no one questions why he is there. The only problem is that it is like having a husband as he takes control and sex is always available. Joseph would enjoy me when he could and we spent many afternoons naked in bed exploring each other.

The first problem came some 4 months after our affair started. Bob decided that we should try for a child which in itself was very reasonable considering I wasn’t exactly young, but it meant I would not be protected so Joseph would have to use a condom to ensure the baby wasn’t his. He understood, but condoms take a lot of the spontaneity out of sex and the fantastic pleasure of being filled with cum but it was necessary. The other problem was where to keep them in the house as Bob would be very suspicious if he came across them.

Bob now embarked on a nightly session of sex to get me pregnant and Joseph got a lot of oral sex and condom sex so I was getting sex often. Not that I am complaining but it was nerve wracking trying to make sure Joseph didn’t enter me unprotected as we both wanted.

By the 4th month I doubted it would happen although the Doctor was happy that all was working fine. One morning , after a late night at a function followed by Bobs breeding programme I was deep in sleep, having no awareness that Bob had left for work, when I felt fingers probing my pussy which was still sticky with Bobs cum from the night before. I moaned softly as the pleasure seeped into me and pushed back as I felt the head of a cock on my pussy lips and moaned softly as it slipped into me and in my sleepy condition I realised it was a bit too long for Bob who is small in that area. I was now suddenly awake, aroused and full of cock, which was now pumping, into my very open hole. “No, no” I said hoarsely as the thrusts got more urgent and pleasure shot through my body. “Joseph stop, stop please” but his lust was up and his hands gripped my hips tight as he lay behind me pumping furiously into me and then he just groaned loudly and holding his cock deep in me offloaded his seed into my womb. I moaned in pleasure and despair as he filled me with his seed. I lay panting, Joseph and Bob’s seed now dripping all down my buttocks as his cock slid out of me. I got up quickly and rushed into the bathroom to wash out my pussy.

I was in a state of worry all that day and kept Joseph at bay angry at what he had done.

I missed my next period which was due just 2 days after Joseph had fucked me bareback which was a great relief as it meant that it could not have been him who fathered the child although there was a slight chance. I talked to my Doctor who reassured me that it was highly unlikely that Joseph was the father and so life resumed normally again.

Bob now went back to his indifference. His job was done and he could now go back to his life. Joseph was happy to have me back on tap for sex although for the first few months until after my first trimester he used a condom.

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing and I enjoyed it although I certainly didn’t feel attractive with my huge tits and belly but African men are massively turned on by pregnant women and Joseph loved to spread me and fuck me with my big belly and he enjoyed fucking me doggy style with my heavy breasts swinging under me. He was also very helpful and when I got back ache he would rub my lover back to ease it but soon I would feel his hands slide down and part my cheeks so his fingers could probe my pussy then he would slip his long black cock into me and fuck me long and slow making me cum several times.

The months passed and as it got close I flew to the USA to have the child there. We had bought a house in the south to retire in and decided it would be good to have the child there. I spent a few weeks at our house whilst the doctors there carried out tests and then Bob flew over when the time was due. I gave birth to a lovely daughter three days late but a very healthy child. Bob stayed for 3 weeks and then had to return. I stayed for another 5 months making sure the baby got all the medical care it needed to give it a good start then returned to Africa.

Joseph was thrilled with the child and we now had an Ayah or nanny to help me with her. My time was now mostly devoted to my child who was and is such a joy to me. I breast-fed her for 8 months. Breast-feeding for me was very sensual and it made me feel very hot having her suckle me. Joseph loved to watch me feed her and when the Ayah was not on duty he would slide his cock into me as I fed her gently fucking me as she fed. Lying there naked his black cock inside me, feeling of her on my nipple was very powerful and I had the most intense orgasms, which left me breathless every time.

I soon got my figure back again and my breast went down to a more normal size soon after I stopped feeding her and now life got into a routine with the baby as she progressed and became more active. The Ayah would look after her and walk her in the pram to give me time and when possible Joseph and I would enjoy some more robust sex.

The next 2 years went very quickly and we now had to return to the USA as Bob was to work in the NYC head office. I remained in the south and Bob would spend the week in NYC then return on weekends. I had no home help with my daughter so me days were busy with her which was such pleasure. We decided it was a good idea for her go to nursery school as it would give her interaction with other children so I enrolled her into a very good local school. She took to it very well and I would go and shop and do things until it was time to collect her. I missed my sex life a lot and there wasn’t really any opportunity for me during this period.

Bob returned one weekend and told me that we were returning to Africa but this time West Africa. I was excited and looked forward to the move. Bob left first and I followed some 2 months later.

We had servants there as well but the headman was not as friendly as Joseph and it was very much a working relationship. I had been there about 9 months when I met an African man at a function. The wife of one of our executives introduced me to him and I could sense that his interest was more than just politeness as we chatted. He was tall over 6ft, very dark skinned, broad and thick thighed. He was almost the opposite of Joseph who was wiry and tight and slender.

We chatted and he was well spoken educated and very charming and he told me his name was Akinyemi but people knew him as Aki. when the function was over he walked out with Bob and I and invited us to go to a local restaurant and have some food with him. Bob agreed and we had a pleasant evening with finally returning home to relieve the Ayah around mid night. I was with a friend some days later at the club where we used to go on the beach to swim and socialise. We were sitting at a table overlooking the beach having a snack when Aki walked over. The woman I was with knew him and so he joined us. We chatted and ate our food then Aki had to go and he left saying he hoped we could meet again. My friend told me he was from a good family and that he had been educated in Europe and the USA. She said he seemed to be very taken with me and I laughed.

A few days later I was in the house after collecting my daughter from school and the phone rang. A deep voice asked for me by name and when I said that it was me speaking he identified himself as Aki. He told me he had got my number from the lady friend I had bee to the club with and apologised for calling me like this. I said it was ok and he thanked me. He was very different from Joseph much more in control, more forward and he asked me to meet him for lunch the next day. I wanted to decline as he wasn’t really my type of man as I liked them slim and wiry but I agreed after some persuasion and he told me he would pick me up from a place in town and take me to a local African eating house that was know for its excellent food and decor.

The next day I took my daughter to school arranging for her to be collected by the company driver and I went into town. I waited in the very well presented coffee house sipping strong black coffee. Aki arrived right on time and we left and walked to his car parked down the road. He drove me out of the city and into the tree covered hills to an old colonial house in pleasant grounds. The restaurant was well set out and we sat outside on a beautiful patio that had a view back over the city. Aki chatted and charmed with his wit and small talk and I relaxed and enjoyed his company. The time passed quickly and finally I said I had to get back and Aki settled the bill and we set of back to the city. We set off down the road talking all the way and his big hand slipped casually onto my thigh casually as he drove. I felt a rush of excitement and my face flushed up and I quickly looked out the window so he wouldn’t see my reaction. His hand squeezed my thigh gently a couple of times and seeing that I didn’t stop him he lingered there gently stroking me and my skirt rode up so his hand now stroked my inner thigh. My thighs are very sensitive and are one of my most erogenous areas and I was getting wet between my legs as he expertly stroked me, keeping low on my thighs teasing me and not rushing it at all. He drove into town talking and pretending to be very casual and making me hotter and hotter for cock all the time. Aki drove me home and to my surprise made no move to come into the house he said a cheery goodbye and left. I went in wet between my legs my mind racing and confused. Aki physically was not my type as Joseph, slim wiry and passionate but not forceful or in control was my last lover. He was unsophisticated, simple man who loved to pleasure me with simple sex and lots of penetration. Aki was big thick set, with thick thighs round black face big arms and educated, travelled more sophisticated and his tastes had been developed in America and Europe. Yet despite all this I was very sexually aroused. I put this down to not getting any sex for months and infact not getting very much sex at all and too missing Josephs hard black cock.

I did not see Aki for a few days but once again we met at a function and discovered that Bob had known Aki for many years and we stood and chatted. Aki introduced me to an American man called Charles who they all called Chuck (surprise, surprise!!). Chuck was an old friend of Bob and Aki and worked for the UN in Africa. Chuck was a man in his fifties, tall, with ginger hair and a ruddy skin. He talked slowly and deliberately with a deep voice and was to become a very close confidant and friend over the years. Chuck had been married twice his first wife tragically died in a car accident and his second wife divorced him for infidelity. Aki and Bob wandered off to talk to other people about business and I was left with Chuck. We chatted and he was very good company. He asked how I liked African and I told him I loved it and the people who lived here. He asked how I filled my days and I told him what I did and confessed that it got boring sometimes not being able to work. He said that many white women had affairs and many marriages broke up as a result and in a very forthright manner which somehow didn’t offend me asked if I had been unfaithful. I blushed and he knew immediately that I had so I nodded yes. He smiled and assured me my secret was safe with him. He asked is it was still going on and I told him the person was in Kenya. He pressed me more and I told him about Joseph. Chuck was fascinated and I could see also aroused too by the thought. At this moment Aki came over and joined us having left Bob talking to some important business contact. Bob was a good man fun and friendly but his interest was work and he was totally engrossed in it all the time and his sex drive was virtually nil and happened about every 2 months. Chuck and Aki and I chatted and then Aki moved off again and Chuck followed him. I went to the ladies and when I returned the men were all standing there with a couple of ladies and it had been decided that we should all go to a local restaurant for a meal.

We had a lovely evening and then it was decided to go to a well known night club. The club was huge and overlooked the harbour. We danced and had a lot of fun and Aki made plain his need for me but I was controlled and danced with Chuck and Bob and the other men keeping it light and fun. We got home very late and I was very tired the next morning having got up early to play with my Daughter whilst Bob went off to play golf. I was sitting on the patio watching my daughter play nearby when I heard a car drive up. It couldn’t be Bob he was not due back until evening so I went to the window and looked out. Aki was just climbing out of his car and I immediately pulled back my mind racing. I rushed to the bedroom and quickly brushed my hair and put on lipstick. Why we women do this even for men we don’t really find attractive is a mystery to me but it was a pure reflex action. The door bell was ringing so I rushed down and opened it my face flushed and a little embarrassed and I ushered him in trying to get my composure back a bit.

I took him through to the Patio where my daughter played. He told me he had arranged with Bob to meet here as they had some things to discuss and he had just come along a little early. My thoughts were that it was a deliberate move to catch me alone. My daughter was playing with her toys. Aki went over to her and knelt down introducing himself to her and soon had her laughing. African men are very natural with children and they genuinely enjoy having them around. I offered him a drink and left him with my daughter whilst I went to the kitchen to get it. I got myself composed and calm and took out a drink for him and one for me. I sat watching as Aki continued playing with my daughter. Finally my daughter got interested in other things and Aki came over and sat by me as we chatted and watched her play. We were sitting making small talk as she played and I felt Aki’s hand on my back. I stiffened but it didn’t discourage him fearing my daughter would react to any adverse action I made. His hand began to stroke the bare flesh down my back where the summer dress fell away ******** it. The feeling was gentle and it began to make me feel relaxed and drowsy especially as I had not had much sleep. His hand slipped onto my shoulder and began to massage my back giving me such wonderful sensations all down my back and my nipples went hard under my dress. He massaged me for a while and then his hand slipped smoothly down pushing my thin shoulder straps down and my low cut summer dress flopped forward ******** my breasts. I froze and whispered for him to desist worried my daughter would see. Aki ignored me now standing behind me he cupped my breasts in his huge black hands, his thumb and forefinger of each hand pinching my nipples and pulling them gently outwards. I sat my breasts out as he played expertly with my nipples, which now were hard, and sending tingling sexual sensation down my belly to my pussy and making me sigh gently in aroused pleasure. Aki had banked on me not reacting in front of my daughter and had now got control of my desires and was clearly enjoying my discomfort and arousal. I tried to keep relaxed which made it even harder and more intense as he played with my nipples.

My daughter played on happily oblivious to what was happening behind her. Aki worked my nipples, my breathing getting heavier despite my feeble attempts to keep cool. Aki commented on how milky and full me breasts were and he loved my big hard nipples. I was breathing heavily trying hard to keep quiet my pussy wet and swelling from arousal at his expert ministrations. My daughter suddenly got up and Aki stopped and stepped back. I quickly bent forward hiding my semi naked body for my daughter and as she stood and turned I managed to cover myself fairly well. She smiled at us and skipped off into the house saying she was going to the toilet. Aki sat looking at me confidently an almost smug expression on his face. He so obviously enjoyed my discomfort, his control and the whole situation. I stood up and moved away trying to get my breath back but ,my flushed face and hard nipples showing under my thin summer dress gave away my need. We talked a little and my daughter returned. I sat away from him trying to gather my composure but still feeling aroused. Soon we heard Bob’s car pull up and Bob appeared. The two men soon began to talk and I got them both a drink and sat as they chatted my mind full of thoughts. Why had this man singled me out. Did he know I had been fucking Joseph? Did I give out some kind of signal that made me available?? Then I began to wonder what his cock looked like and it made me blush. Was it big, small? Was it circumcised? Did he have big balls? The thoughts made me chuckle inwardly but with some worry as to why I would be interested in his cock I don’t know. I looked at him as he talked. Large, very black with a moon face and feeling he was not the most attractive or noble black man I had seen but he spoke well and had a deep resonant voice. He was charming if pushy and controlling and his confidence was very high which is attractive in a man but I like my men slim and Aki was a big man in every way. I also wondered at his wife who I had met a briefly. Did she know he was here? African men seem to have a lot of freedom in marriage and their women are very much there for the children and turn a blind eye to what their men do but I wondered if they would be so tolerant of a white married woman?

The men talked and soon it was time for my daughter to get ready for bed. Bob is a good father but a bit distant. He is kind and patient but not around a lot and when he is he likes to have time to read her a story and sit with before she goes to sleep. Bob made his apologies to Aki saying he would talk to him later and asked me to make up some food for them all then he and Aki could talk later.

I went into the kitchen whilst Bob went of to have his time with our daughter. Aki wandered into the kitchen to chat to me. I prepared some cold meats and other things. Aki stood and watched. He was a good conversationalist interesting and funny. When I had finished I laid it all out on the dining table then went into the lounge to wait for Bob. I stood in the open patio doors looking out into the warm night air and could hear Bob upstairs with my daughter chatting and reading to her. It was a very relaxing sound and .I had drifted away into a nice place in my mind and felt hands once again stroking my shoulders and back. Being massaged as any person knows is very relaxing and sensual and I relaxed deciding not to resist his advances anymore. His hands rubbed my neck and shoulders and soon my light summer dress was around my waist my breasts out as he expertly played with my nipples and stroked down my belly pushing my dress over my waist leaving me naked in just my white cotton pants and heels. I let the sensations run over me enjoying it my mind relaxed and concentrating on the feelings of pleasure that trickled through my body. I leaned back and soon my pants followed my dress to the floor and I was naked ******* to his wandering hands. I parted my legs to let him stroke my slit, which was now dripping wet and swollen with blood from arousal. His fingers found my protruding clitoris and soon I was moaning gently as it brought me up towards release. I could feel Aki’s breath on my neck and he was obviously enjoying his power over me, exploring my naked body, unhindered, whilst my husband read to my daughter just above us. I pressed back trying to feel his cock in his trousers but his bulk and position stopped me from getting any contact. Soon I was nearing release thrusting my pubic bone onto his hand working it hard in my need to let go. Aki let me build until I was just going over the top then he stopped and quickly removed his hand making me swear a little louder than I wanted to. Left hanging I stood legs apart naked my slit open and wet a hollow need deep in my pussy. I cursed him quietly and he stood looking at me a smug grin on his face. I leant back against the doorframe my legs open and glowered at him hating his power and my need. Feeling empty and in want of release I picked up my clothes and dressed and went back into the lounge to cool down before Bob returned. We had dinner and the two men got into discussion about work and I said my good nights and went off to bed where I used my fingers for the first time in years to relieve myself but it still left me with that hollow sensation deep in my pussy the need to be filled with cock.
Thanks for continuing this Fun,
Thank you homer hope you enjoyed it?
I did. I was hoping for more, especially more baby making. It is so hard tounderstand the "Bob" of your story. I can understand a man who is unable to give his wife all the sex she wants, but one who does not desire to, especially if whe is willing to have children.
Dont get me wrong, Bob was a good man a good provider and good company but his life was his work and he didnt have a very high sex drive. Sometimes i think men who have imagination and fantasy in their life are men who go for sex. Bob was a practical man. Having babies was a practical function for him but fun sex was not something he considered. perhaps he would have been different with a different woman but his work and his travelling were the thing that gave opportunity to other men and for me to pursue a new fun activity.

There is more of course but remembering events and dates and not putting in all the normal things that take up a persons life takes a bit of time but if interested I will tell more.

Sort of the parallel of my wife. I truly believe the only time she wanted sex was on the few instances it took to get her pregnant the two time she wanted. (Unfortunately, it didn't take many "shots." <g>) It's hard to imagine she has sexual fantasies and she has been very upset on the occasions mine have surfaced. Maybe she would be diffrent with a different man. Three of her sisters who had abusive relationships gave their husbands four children each. I only got two.
Very good, Thanks.
I had got used to not having sex and had kind of switched of since Joseph but now Aki had aroused my suppressed needs again and I was certainly in need of relief. Aki was not my type of man really he was tall but not slim, however he had stirred me up with his confidence and his games. I found myself looking at men sexually again especially black men of which there were plenty in West Africa but life continued as normal with school and company functions and private parties. I met Aki regularly over the period and chatted to him and his wife and of course confided in Chuck who found it all very intriguing. Bob continued to be more involved in his work and had huge responsibilities, which called him away a lot. This meant I spent a lot of time alone with my child. I would meet my friends Clarissa and Lucy for coffee most days after we had dropped the kids at school. Clarissa was a tiny blond woman married to an expat like Bob with a wicked sense of humour and a dislike for the snobby expat circle. Clarissa was a very good friend and we loved to chat about all sorts of things. Lucy was a wonderful African lady married to a white man and knew all the gossip there was to know.

I discovered that Aki was known for his conquests of white wives and the girls kidded me along saying I was his next target. I told them he had already made his move and they were very interested. I had to recount the whole thing in great detail answering a barrage of questions from them. I told them that he did not really appeal to me but his confidence made it difficult to refuse and besides he was very clever at creating situations where I could not make a fuss. Lucy told me that he was alleged to be very well endowed and very kinky. I thought that, that explained his confidence and we laughed, our conversation degenerating to discussion on the size of men’s cocks and if size mattered. We generally agreed that it was more the man than the cock size but that a big cock was fun on a sexy man and better than a small one. Well I had had a few before I married and thought they were all a good size and josephs was long and thin much longer than Bobs so I was sure big was good.

Bob was away in Europe and one morning I parked my car in town to shop before meeting the girls. It was a lovely warm African day and I was walking to my car when a large Mercedes drew up beside me and sounded the horn. I jumped and turned around looked at the car a little angry at the fright it had given me. The passenger window slid down and Aki leaned across from the driver’s side and said Hi. I immediately relaxed and chided him for giving me a fright. He laughed and asked where I was going. I told him I was collecting my car and then meeting the girls. He told me to jump in and he would take me there and join us. I was reluctant but he pressed me promising to bring me back to my car later. Parking was difficult in the city so I reluctantly agreed. I got in and he pulled smoothly away from the kerb and into the traffic. We chatted pleasantly as we navigated the traffic. I was wearing a short red dress with black sandals and no bra. Aki looked at my ******* legs and complimented me on how I looked. It made me feel a little ******* as the skirt was short and had ridden up my thighs and I blushed a little. He reached out and stroked my thigh saying how nice and white my legs were. I laughed but didn’t react as his hand stroked my ******* thigh and then cupped my pubic mound through my white cotton pants. I sighed a little shocked, but mostly with arousal. He smiled that cursed confident smile and began to squeeze my pussy feeling the wetness seeping into my pants. I opened my legs a little to make it easier for me. “That’s right you need that” he said as his fingers pulled my pants aside and began to probe my now dripping pussy. All I could say was “Oh god no!!” as the forgotten pleasure coursed through my body. “You need to be pleasured properly” he said and I nodded in agreement lost in the sensations. His hand suddenly pulled back leaving me hanging, my need extreme, as we pulled up to park outside the Café. I adjusted myself. He smiled at me silently showing his certainty that I was his. We got out and walked into the café together. Clarissa and Lucy looked at us as we approached their faces for just an instant were shocked then they composed themselves. We sat down and ordered our drinks chatting animatedly about life, politics, rumours, scandal and future plans.

Lucy had to go and left and Clarissa followed soon after and I was sure they had done it deliberately to leave me with Aki. He asked what my plans were for the afternoon and I wanted to make up some important thing I had to do but Clarissa had already let slip that she was picking up the kids and would drop my daughter back later so I couldn’t use that. We left the café about midday and set of back to my car. His hand was soon probing my open slit and I didn’t notice that we had passed where my car was and were heading away from the centre. I mumbled some kind of protest but it was weak as he had brought me close to orgasm then stopped twice and I was in a state of very intense sexual need. We turned down a narrow road past a couple of houses with high walls round them. This was not the most salubrious part of the city but it was pretty clean. He drove up to the metal gate of a walled house and hooted. A man appeared and with a big beaming smile let us in then closed up behind us. The house was common design in Africa with a walled area all paved and steps leading p to a veranda and through a large heave double wooden front door which in this case was painted blue. Aki talked to the man who smiled and replied then scurried off round the house. We went in to a cool large lounge, which was very sparsely furnished with a large brown leather couch, coffee table and carpets. I realised that this must be Aki’s little pied-a-terre, and felt a little apprehension in my stomach. Aki came up behind me and slipped his hands under my skirt stroking my belly and my breasts and sexual need replaced my nervousness as his hands stroked and massaged me. My dress was soon gone and ,my pants followed as his hands roamed freely over my body, probing inside my hole and pinching my nipples. I was panting with pleasure and he turned me round and we kissed. He was a very good kisser his lips and tongue firm and strong making me press against him wanting his cock. He teased and stroked not letting me go and I was now begging him to fuck me, the hollow need inside me so intense I just had to have it filled. He pulled back and looked at telling me to part my legs. He stood in front of me his thumb and forefinger began to squeeze my enlarged clitoris. He watched my face as he brought me close to orgasm, naked in every sense standing in the middle of the room totally his. But his game didn’t allow release and he stopped two or three times just as was going over the top. I was left drained each time my need increasing and I was now unashamedly begging him to please take me. He smiled at me and it must have given him real sexual pleasure to see a white wife and mother standing naked her legs parted like a ***** whilst a black man played with her and made her beg for his cock.

He finally led me to the bedroom and pushed me back onto the large bed. He stood in front of me. He slipped his shirt off his huge black chest and belly loomed over me. He slipped his belt of and unzipped his trousers and in one movement bent over and removed them with his underpants. I was propped up on my knees watching, my legs open, as he stood up and I nearly gasped with shock. Under his huge belly was a cock that was truly huge in fact it was positively deformed it was so thick and black and long. I immediately thought my god I will never take that monster. It stood up hard under his protruding belly its huge head ******* and wet. Aki smiled down at me. He knew what I was thinking and wasn’t going to give me time to think any more. He grabbed my legs and pulled me to the edge of the bed pushed my legs up. I looked down at the monster that was now near my open hole and dropped my head back a little apprehensive now. I felt it against the mouth of my hole and then he began to push into me. He did it in one slow controlled stroke. I felt like a virgin. Every tiny bit of was felt as it unfolded my wet hole and filled me up completely. I could feel it hard in me stretching me open like I had never experienced and his big balls finally were against my buttocks. Aki looked down at me. “How does that feel?” he asked. I replied a little breathless, “Very. very full” he smiled and looking at my face he began to stroke in and out of my now very stretched hole. It was unbelievable. It pulled every bit if my pussy with it pulling my clit as it did so and I was soon taking a pounding from this huge thing. I could not stop myself from crying out with every pussy stretching stroke and he loved it watching me and ramming harder and faster then slow and long until I could not hold back and I cried out loudly trying to wrap my legs round him to hold him deep in me but only managing to squeeze my thighs tight on his huge torso as my orgasm began. I bucked and squeezed his huge cock crying with pleasure and release after so long calling out and thanking him. Aki did not stop fucking me. my orgasm seemed to go on forever. He then pulled out and turned me over pulling me to the edge of the bed he pushed his cock into me from behind an began to ram like a mad man. He was very energetic and active for such a big man and I felt a couple of dull aches as his monster hit the cervix and I was now grunting and crying and begging. It was brutal lust and I was as mad for it as he was wanting too feel his cock release into me. He pounded his breath getting faster and then he shoved very hard grunted loudly called me a bitch and I felt his cock twitch as he filled my belly with his seed. Aki was a very prolific ejaculator and it seemed to go on forever. He stood holding his cock into me and then pulled out. He flopped onto the bed and I lay there on my back beside him. I looked around at the room. It was not a very romantic place and was so obviously just for sex. It had just a large double bed with one cover on it, an empty dressed with mirror and a bedside table with a lamp. The curtains were very old fashioned and the floor bare. I wondered how many other women had taken that monster cock here before me. I looked across at Aki who lay large and naked beside me his huge cock wet and thick on his belly and thought about being here naked and full of his sperm, a used woman with a child and husband and friends who would be totally shocked but I knew this would not be the last time. We talked then u sucked his monster cock unable to get the head into my mouth at first so I sucked it and licked his balls and belly then I straddled him proud that I could take his size and fucked and sucked forgetting time and had to rush to get my car. I got home late and Clarissa gave me a knowing look her eyes sparkling. I apologised profusely to her and as I left she smiled and whispered to me. “You will have to tell me all about it” I blushed and nodded yes as I went quickly to my car.
Post more pic of that pussy be pounded. Shit show some of just your pussy and ass....I would full you up
Hi Funwife...who took the pic? Makes my BBC hard! BTW...Love the stories!
Thanks guys>
Show us more. Tell us more. Please! :D
Old boring story!!!

Same old boring story, tired of seeing it.
Kinda like those brothas that post a cock pic in nearly every new post.
How about something new and interesting, instead of that worn out shit?
Unfair comment

Think that last comment is a bit unjust as this is one of the best stories writen in this site. Have a look at the others ! now they are what you would call crap.
I think its good and quite happy to read more.
Keep it up and progress the story. Im sure there are many who agree with me .

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