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My wife's body is made for black

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Sep 18, 2005
Hope you like my naughty wife...Her body is made for black cock


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that is so true I would strech that white ass
Wow! Nice ass and tits!

Now that is a body I would stay hard for! I would fill her pussy with hot seed all night long, you lucky dude!
pretty face and beautiuful body!!! I would definitely have to slide it in that big ass of hers!!!
daymn u said a mouthful that wife was made for bbc shes gorgeous love to pound that ass all fuckin night
firstfid said:
Hope you like my naughty wife...Her body is made for black cock
congrats to you guy

thats one fine ass wife you got their is definately build and ready for good chocolate fililng get at me where you guys located would love to break that in..
has she had black? She is beautiful, so lets hope you encourge her to go black only
Where r u located
where is she at? I want to hit that ass..in the ass...is she anal at all? I have 9 inches of girth for her to ride, suck and rip up her tight ass...nasty.freak69@yahoo.com
Looks good to me...
Hello naughty or not she is loveley
Big tits and ass

Do you have pictures of her in action or atleast of those big tits?
Take the same pics without the cloths and you got a real winner.
Were you at

Would love to catch you somewhere
whats your e mail man
Nothing like a thick redhead. I'd love to leave that wet and sloppy.
She's incredible

Your wife is incredible...a younger version of mine, in terms of that lush body, but to be honest yours is prettier. Just be sure you understand and can REALLY accept, and not just in some fantasy world, once she has a Black Man your life (and hers) will be totally changed. You can pretty much count on having to give up real sex with her, at least on a regular basis. She might take pity on you and give you occasional mercy fucks, but even that is not as satisfying as you might think, when you see her laying there bored to death, and you know she is thinking two things...get it over with, and man this guy is pathetic. So its an incredible experience to be cuckolded by a Black Man, but it's not all just fun and games. There is a lot of loneliness, humiliation and fear, along with the excitement of seeing a superior Black Man taking your wife where you never could.i
i think she's got a body for any nice cock.
i just hope "yours" is nice enough to keep her happy!
maybe you're a pathetic lay, but not all white men are hon. stop knocking your own race. jeez! ive been with blacks and although i enjoyed it, i certainly love fucking my white sexy husband just as much as i always did!

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