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Dec 28, 2004
Just like to say hi.I'm new to this site,but not new to interracial loving.I,m nothing specail,just your normal housewife with kids.I love my husband very much,and was quite happy with are sex life.But i'd only ever had sex with him,as i met him when i was fourteen.And it was,nt until the last couple of years,that has changed.I,m lucky becouse my husband is very understanding,or he should be.Becouse if it was,nt for his fatasie.Nothing would have ever happened.Over the last couple of years,my husband has had this fatersie.But he has never been pushy,lust drops little hints.Like most couple we watch porn,on videos.And i've always liked the interracial ones.My husband tells me,we have the best sex after watching one of these films.And he would be right.The sight of a big black man,having a white women is very erotic.This would go on a couple of years,and we would both tease each other in bed,but to me that is as far as it was going to go.Than last christmas my husband bought me this black dildo.We had used dildos before.But nothing was like this.It was 12 inches long,and 6 around.I told my hubby,i could never take that,but he just said,well three kids came out of there.When we fuck,i never cum with my husbands cock,he always has to rub my clit with his finger or a dildo to bring me off.So the first time we made love after christmas,we'd fucked but i had,nt cum.So i was on all fours,and my husband started to rub this dildo over my holes.It felt a little strange,as the dildos i was used to wear plastic and buzzed.This was just thick rubber,and was moulded like a big black cock.It was so long,as he tryed to bring me off,it was working my arse as well as my pussy at the same time.The rubber was starting to warm up and feel like a real cock.My husband was teasing me,by every so often putting its head between my lips.Streching my pussy,before taking it away.I wanted him to push it in,but i could,nt tell him.Each time he teased me i hoped that would be the moment.But i could,nt wait and i gripped the bed,and came before it had entered me propley.God your pussy is so wet,my husband said,and slowly pushed the thick rubber inside me.I felt my pussy open,to take this monster.It touched places that had never been touched before.Slowly he started to fuck me,and i'd never felt so full before.I moaned as he fucked.Only making him fuck me harder.I was soon cuming again,as nearly all of this rubber cock filled my pussy.After he had finished there was a load plop as this heavy sticky dildo came out of my pussy.My husband started to fuck me,but as i told him i could,nt hardly feel him.After i said sorry to my husband for moaning so load,and acting so sluty.He just smiled and told me not to worry.I hope you liked the way my life style started.many thanks.love uk housewife xx


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Same here

Nice to read a genuine story. Would love to hear more.
Thanks for your kind words

I'd like to thank you all for your nice emails.And your kind words.And i want to be honest with you all,and not give anyone false hopes.I'm not looking to meet new black lovers,if it happens,than my husband will sort it out.But i want to share my feelings,and how interracial meetings have changed my life.And how it is so important to have a partner that knows and shares new experiences with you.I know i'm not the greatest at spelling,but i will try to put into words my experiences as best i can.And if i can help,any men or women,with this lifestyle please send me a message.My kids are back at school tomorrow,so i should have time to post,the next part of my story.Takecare and hope to hear from you soon.xxxxxxxx


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My First Time With Daryl part 1

This happened in may of 2003,three months after i left you in the first story.Their was a family party at a hall in our town,on a saturday night.Now let me tell you about Daryl.He is over 6foot tall and a very well build.He was my brothers best friend,but after my brother moved abroad 10 years ago,we never saw Daryl.But i new he had married,but it did,nt last as acouple of years later he divorced.I always got on with him,and he used to try it on,by pinching my arse,when i was younger.Now unknown to me,at the time my husband managed to contact him.And he invited him to this party,and told him about his fantasie,in having his wife fuck a black guy.And when my husband told Daryl who his wife was,he said he'd love to take my white pussy.That started lots of emails between Daryl and my husband.Daryl wanted to dress me for the party,he wanted pictures of me,and told my husband how to get me ready for the evening ahead.I've always let my husband take puctures of me,so i did,nt think anythink of it,when he asked me to wear certain things for pictures to be taken.My husband sent pictures of my pussy,my breasts and full frontals to Daryl,as he asked.And of course all this is going on without me knowing.Now the night before the party,i was having a bath,after the kids had gone to bed.And my husband came in and chatted.After awhile he asked if i'd like my pussy trimmed.And as he'd done it many times before,i let him do it.Anyway it felt nice.To my surprize he took most of my hair off,leaving me with a tiny triangle a couple of inches above my pussy lips.Saturday was a normal day,getting the kids somethink to wear for the evening.And somethink spare incase they made a mess.I new what i was wearing my black party dress.My husband looked after the kids while i had a quick shower,before getting dressed.He said,i've put some undies out on our bed,for you.Nothing strange in that,becouse with kids you know you have to make the most of your chances to dress up for each other.So after my shower i made my way to our bedroom.Layed out on the bed,was a black nylon suspender belt,with six straps with metal clips on the end.One of my husbands favs.With a pair and barely black nylon stockings,and a new black bra and thong.The bra was halfcup,with sheer cups.I was thinking to my self,that is going to be a tight fit.As i have a 36f bust.The panties were also sheer nylon,and if i'm honest felt very nice,next to my shaven pussy.I felt very sexy,as i dressed,whitch does,nt happen often when you have young kids.I put on my red lipstick and my black 4inch stilettos also layed out on the bed.Once downstairs my husband and kids said i looked great.So off we went to the party,and it was nice to see family and friends.After we had settled down,and found a table for the kids.I noticed Daryl,and i went over to him,and asked him fancy seeing you here.He said he was in the area,and found out that everyone was coming here.He said i looked hot,and thanked him.Than i introduced him to my husband and kids.As the evening went on he asked me to dance,and as my husband was,nt a dancer he did,nt mind.Daryl was laying on the charm.He was telling me what a stunning women i was,and how lucky my husband was.He told me i was dressed as a women should be.And to my surprize he said i bet you wear stockings as well,sometimes i said.Your wearing them tonight,arn,t you.I felt my face blush as i told him i was.We danced on and off all evening,as he did with other women.My husband kept me going with wine,while Daryl kept me dancing.Round and about 11.30 my husband said the kids were getting tryed.And mybe he should take them home,so i started to get ready to go,than my husband said,you stay,your having a great time,makes a change for you to go out,and i'm sure Daryl will drop you off later.Yes said Daryl let me take you home,i haven't seen you in ages don't go now.They left me no option but to stay.I helped my husband with the kids and kissed them goodnight.my husband smiled as he kissed me,but did,nt say a word.I asked Daryl about his wife,and he told me he got caught with another women.And i could see why.He always was a nice guy,but than i was only in my early twenties.Now i was seeing him as a older women,than had never had a real black man.Just a black rubber dildo.I new my panties were getting wet,it was,nt just Daryl but the wine,the music,and what i was wearing and that he new what i was wearing.As we danced to a slow number he pulled me tight,and i could feel his cock next to my body,and i kept thinking of that rubber dildo.I was,nt thinking about my husband and i was,nt thinking about the kids.I just felt warm and randy if i'm honest.I new my husband would be waiting up to fuck me.As the party broke up,i said my goodnights,and as arrenged Daryl offered to drop me off.Once in his car,he told me how great it was to see me,and what a stunning women i'd turned out to be.I'd been drinking,but i new this was,nt the way home,but i said nothing. Part 2 later in the week,when i have more time. xxx
hi there...
we have chatted before and i belong to italiansinheels. i had no idea you were into ir too! would love to see those 36f's!
Daryl part2

Sorry about the break,but its not easy when you have a young family.We were heading for weston,whitch is just outside the town that i live in Hitchin.We were making small talk,when he asked if we could park and chat.By now my pussy already wanted him,i was just trying in my head to come up with a reason why i should,nt.I know my husband had fantasied about this,and over the last few months,i'd wanted it to,without telling him for real.It not the same,while fucking.And would my husband be upset,by not been here to watch.All these things were going through my mind.By now Daryl had found a quite spot,and parked the car.As he turned off the engine,it all went dark,as the lights on the dashboard when out.Baby you are so fuckable he said,and that did it for me.All my worry just went away,just becouse of those few words.He lent over and kissed my lips,soon we were inside each others mouths.Hs lips were strong and thick,and he smelt great.He soon started to kiss my neck,telling me how sexy i was,and he'd always wanted to fuck me.I held on to his neck as i let him explore me with his mouth.His hand was moving up my stockinged leg,and was soon rubbing my metal suspender clips.And his fingers soon moved under my suspender straps and furthur up my leg.I moaned as he reached my wet panties.Feeling his fingers running over my nylon gusset.He took my hand,and placed it on his cock.He removed his hand from my panties and unzipped his trousers.He moved his seat back,and pulled his trousers and shorts down to his ankles.For the first time in my life,i was going to feel another mans cock in my hand.It was hard to see in the dark,but Daryl took my hand and placed it over his naked cock.It was warm and thick.It was much thicker than my husbands but not as long as my dildo.It was wet and sticky with precum.Daryl started to push my head down into his lap.So i grasped the base,and started to lick his black cock clean.Its somethink that has always turned me on,the smell of my husbands cock,after a night out.And Daryl was no differant,just bigger and thicker.I soon took his cock in my mouth,running my lips up and down his thick shaft.Daryl was great,he just let me do my thing.Did,nt try and force his cock down my throat,like i'd seen in some porn films.He just let me play and find out for myself,what i could take in my mouth.I'd managed to move around on my knees,letting Daryl pull my dress up around my waist.As i sucked he gentle but firmly pulled on my thong.I was loving the feeling of this real black cock filling my excited mouth.I felt my dress loosen as Daryl unzipped it down to my waist.I wanted to suck all night,but Daryl lifted my head up,and helped me remove my dress.He moved me to my side of the car,and removed this married womens panties.He placed his hands on my inner thighs and opened me wide.and exsposed my pussy to his waiting mouth.Soon he was licking,and fingering this already wet hole.I love your cunt he said,words that my husband would never use.I love a shaved white cunt he said.I could feel the seat,getting damp under me.It was,nt long before i needed to be fucked.And Daryl new it to.Come here baby,come and sit on my cock.Daryl moved back to his seat,so i could climb on top.It was,nt easy as my heels kept getting caught on his door,or his seatbelt.But soon i was there.I could feel his cock rubbing around my pussy.I tryed to posision my pussy lips,over his cock.And i started to get frantic not getting in the right place.Daryl could feel my concern.Its ok baby.Let me put it in.He held the base and soon as i lifted myself up i could feel his warm cock between my waiting lips.Thats it darling.It felt great as its thickness started to open my pussy up.He held my arse as i lowered myself onto his dick.I put my hands on his shoulders and started to fuck meself.Deeper and deeper,until i new i had all of his lovely cock inside me.Whats it like baby,having a black dick up you said Daryl.Nice i moaned.Nice he said.Yes fucking nice.He just laughed.Daryl started to take control and bounce me harder,the more i moaned the harder he fucked.Soon he pushed my bra strapes over my shoulders,and my ample boobs fell on to his face.I was in heaven,as he sucked on my big nipple,while fucking my very willing pussy.It was,nt long before i came for the first time.I'd never done that before while fucking.Daryl now had my big tits tight in his grip,as his cock continued to powned my pussy.I soon relised that Daryl was going to cum in me.I was,nt on the pill,and he was,nt wearing a condom.But its true what they say.At the time i did,nt care.That comes later.He gripped me tight,as he got to that point of no return,yes i said,as he started to fill my pussy with his hot cream.It helped as i came again nearly at the same time.Daryl carryed on fucking for a few seconds.Making sure everydrop was put up inside my pussy.I held him tight,and kissed him.I never told him i was,nt on the pill,it did,nt seem to matter at the time.I sat there until his cock,slid from its warm home in me.Daryl all of a sudden was worried about his car,and sugested,we steped out to clean up.I stood there in the cold air,with this guys cum running down my stockings.What was i going to tell my husband,what time is it,all these things come back into your head,as the lust slips away.Than there was Daryl standing there in just his shoes and socks,with a big grin on his face.Come here darling and suck me clean.And i did,taking his slipery dick back into my mouth,and cleaning him up.The cum was still running down my legs,as i licked his black balls,and cleaned his shaft.I felt sexy and yes a real women.Its strange when you read other stories,but this is really how i felt.I love my husband very very much,but this was the best sex ever.Why?lots of reasons if i'm honest,to many to say.I did,nt feel like a slut,i did,nt feel cheap.I just felt like a women.Daryl kept my panties.and he dropped me off,just up the road from my house.And since that meeting i've been with Daryl twice more.Over the last year.But i will tell you about that some othertime.Next i will tell you how i told my husband,even if he was the one who set this up.Hope i've not bored you to much,and like i said in the last posting,i';m not looking for any new black lovers.If there are any,it will be sorted out between me and my loving husband. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Very nice. You have me hard and I will read the next part. :D

Thanks for all your kind emails,and your help,so i can post pictures.Mine are all to big to post.As for my story,after Daryl dropped me off,i was,nt sure how i should tell my husband.Should i just come out with it,or should i get him to bed first.But as i put my key in the door,my husband was standing in the hall on his mobile.He said goodbye,and shut the door behind,me as a came in.That was Daryl he said.I'm sure i turned white,but before i could say anythink.My husband said he just told me what a great fuck you were,and i should be proud of you.He held me and kissed me,thanking me for going with Daryl.Than he told me how he had helped in setting me up,and how he had contacted Daryl.Lets talk in bed i said.He helped me undress,and told me how sexy i looked.He than asked about my panties,and i told him Daryl had kept them.I looked at my husband and confessed to him,that Daryl had filled my pussy with his cum.My husband told me not to worry,as he had got a morning after pill,just incase this had happened.After we undressed we went to bed,were my husband wanted to know all about my time with Daryl.My husband started to feel my wet pussy,and slipped a couple of fingers in,this helped me confess my night of interracial fun.I told him how thick Daryl was,and how easy he made me cum.I told my husband how much i loved him,and i would never leave him or the children.He got on top,and started to pump my wet pussy.It was all to much for him,and within seconds he was adding his cum to Daryls.I told my husband how i'd felt,while with Daryl,and its true that a big thick cock does make you feel a real women.My husband asked me if i'd do it again,with him watching.i told him if it would please him i would.But alao i told him,i'm no slut,and i'm not going with anyguy that takes your fancy.He told me he understood,and we would do this on my terms.Me and my husband have become even closer since my meeting with Daryl.But our children always come first,and that will never change.But i hope you liked our story so far.I will try and add,when i get the chance.If anyone has any questions please contact me,and i will do my best to help.xxxxxxxxxxxx


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Me and Daryl

Hello again,and i hope everyone is feeling ok.Were i left off last time,was after my story with Daryl.Now becouse we have very young children it is hard for me and my husband to get out together unless we take the children.So as much as my husband wanted to watch me with Daryl,the chance never came.As our two year old is one of those kids that keeps getting up out of her bed.So my husband had to wait until our littleone started to sleep nights.But i did see Daryl twice that following year.Ever since that night,my husband and me kept in touch,with Daryl with phone calls and emails.And about three months after that first night,Daryl was going to be in our area for business reasons.And wanted me to go to his hotel for a drink and sex.My husband was very happy to let me go,and i was excited about another fucking from Daryl.My husband phoned Daryl and told him i'd love to see him,and they made the arangments.The day before Daryl phoned me and told me what to wear.He new what items i'd got becouse my hubby had mailed pictures of me wearing them to Daryl.I was to shave my pussy,whitch i my hubby did for me anyway.I was to wear black stiletto shoes,with black nylon seamed stockings with my black nylon suspender belt.The one with the metal clips i'd worn for him before.A black skirt,short but long enough to cover my stocking tops.And a black half cup bra.With my black sheer nylon blouse.And i must not wear any panties.I told him i would dress as he asked,and told him i was happy to please him .On the evening i felt so sexy getting ready,as last time i did,nt know what was going to happen,but this time i did.I was already thinking about his thick black cock,and how it made me feel inside and out.My husband got me a taxi and he kissed me and told me to have fun.I smiled and thanked him,and told him i would,nt be to late.Once in the taxi i opened my coat and unbuttoned my blouse down to my bra as Daryl had told me to.I felt hot and sexy,i felt great about the world and how my life was.A fantastic husband and father and a lover with a big thick black cock.The taxi ride was only twenty minutes.I did my coat up and walked in to the hotel.Daryl was there waiting to meet me.To my surprize he asked for my coat.For some reason i really imagined going straight to his room.He gave my coat to a waiter in the entrance.Lets have a drink he said.I felt exsposed and open,but Daryl took my hand and lead me to the bar.He told me how hot i looked and how all the guys were looking at me.I told him it might have something to do with this sheer blouse and little bra.He just smiled and told me not to worry.After a couple of drinks i started to stop paying attention to the guys looking,and started to relax.We had found a quite table and Daryl asked if i wanted somethink to eat.Was he teasing me,i was dressed for fucking i he wanted to eat.I'd never been like this with my husband,i just wanted to go to Daryls room and fuck.Why was he teasing me like this.Lets just go to your room i said,and he smiled and said you want me to fuck you .YES YES i said into his hear.we got up,and he held my hand as we walked out of the bar,with a few winks going to Daryl from other guys.As we got in the lift,he held me tight,and kissed me hard.As i held my arms around his neck he pulled up my skirt around my waist,and pushed his fingers between my legs looking for my opening.I opened my legs to make it easier for him to find my wet hole.Two fingers thrust up into my wet pussy,and i dripped my juices on to his working fingers.The lift went ping as we reached his floor.I got my skirt back down,just as the lift door opened.The hall was long and quite.Daryl got behind me and started to unzip my skirt.What are you doing i said.He put his finger over my lips and said ,your with a black man now.You need to show yourself off.My skirt was now around my ankles.He than went to my blouse,and started to take that off.What if anyone comes i said.Lucky them he joked.Than he removed my bra,leaving me in my heels stockings and suspenders.MMMMMMM lovely baby,and took my hand while holding on to my clothes with the other hand.We walked down the hall with me on display with my black lover holding my hand.Seemed to take ages to open his hotel room door,but at least no one saw me.Once in his room this married women wanted fucking,i found my way to his bed,and got on offering my self to him doggy style.I left my bum up in the air,as i smelt the fress sheets with my nose.It was,nt long before i felt Daryl cock rubbing my clit between my legs.And slowly he started to fill me with his hard thick cock.That lovely feeling from before soon came back to me,as he started to pump my pussy harder.I was soon cuming and feeling wonderful.I was full and god it felt good.It was great to have more time,than we had in the car.And i could see what was happening.My husband had given me condoms but again,i'd forgot about them in all the excitment.Daryl was fucking me so hard,i had to hold my boobs to stop them swinging around so much.We fucked on a sofe and ended up back on the bed,i had my first 69 with a black man.He fucked my boobs with his cock,and fingered my arse.And i felt great as i kept cuming with pressure.I love my hubby very much,but this is just differant.Its not love but passion lust.I was a slut for Daryl cock and i wanted more.And he was keen to keep me happy when ever he was in town.Soon i was wanking his cock into my mouth,licking the shaft and balls as well.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm as i felt his balls stiffen as he shot a flood of hot cum into my mouth.I tryed to swallow what i could,but it just kept coming.And was soon running down my chin and over my boobs.This time we had time to clean up and have a chat,before i went home.It was better than the first time,it helped that my husband new were and what i was doing,and it was much better in a hotel rather than a car.i will write again soon.much love xxxxxxxxxxx
love the stories sexywife! Daryl is a lucky guy, get him to take some pics next time
Love B

Nice. Genuine sounding story.

Lucky Daryl and husband......

Hope to find the time,to send in another story.Its half turm next week,so i will do my best to send one in.My husband has asked me to try and sell or give my panties to guys or women interrested in this lifestyle.These panties will only be offered the day after i've been with a guy.So please let me know if you are interested.much love sexywife xxxxxx
Hello sexy wife do you know the house accross the road from the red lion in weston? its called the "corner house" its owned by John & Janette Pugh, they also own and lease out the village shop, well Janette is quite a lady when she is not in the golden pheasant hotell in north wales getting fucked by us welsh blacks she is having it off mike the farmer who lives just around the corner where she walks the dog on the farm he is the father of her daughter cathrine, let me tell you janette likes to be fucked by many & all kinds of men and women, call on her sometime or get some friends round good luck ill tell her to expect some fun.xxxx :lol:
Red Lion

I know the red lion in weston.It seems such a quite place.You never know do you,what goes on in these little villages.sexywife xx
All you have to do is right click. Save picture as................ and........... show us more action shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sexy wife

Sorry its been awhile,but as i keep saying,i,m a married women with children.And as much as my husband knows,its still hard to find the time.Now my husband has been talking to blk guys,for years now,and as you know,he never got to see me with Daryl becouse of the children.So when he told me,about this guy from our town,i could see why he was keen.His name was Wayne and he was 29.And he was single.I,ve not been keen on married men,becouse i,m sure their poor wifes would have had no idea,what their husbands were doing.Now my husband ask me to chat with wayne,one night with him online.So we talked for a few weeks,and got to know each other.Than after about 2 months,one saturday we talked on the phone,and we all seemed to get on well.We can,t have him come to us,becouse i have four children,and my mother lives with us.And wayne still lives at home.So wayne came up with this idea,to break the ice.At the top of our road is a park,with a path going through the middle.Wayne sugested,that i could dress for him,and pop up with my husband,late one saturday,and just flash my body at him.My husband said yes straight away.And i wanted to please my husband as well as wayne,so said yes.So this was to happen the next saturday,at 11.00.It was january,so their should,nt be anyone else around.We got the kids to bed for 9.00,and waited for wayne to call.Just after 10.00,wayne talked to me,and told me what to wear.I sent my husband down stairs,so i could dress for wayne.After putting on my make up,i put on my white suspender belt,with six straps,black nylon stockings,with my black pumps.A black skirt,and a cream sheer blouse,with the top three buttons undone.If you have seen my pictures,you know i,m very busty,so my boobs were not going to stay in this top.Over all of this,i had on a full length winters coat,as it was winter.I did,nt let my husband see,before i told my mum,we were just poping out for awhile.As we walked up the road,my husband held my hand tight.Telling me how lovely i was,and thanked me for sharing him desires.As we got to the park gate,i asked him,if he wanted to see how i was dressed under my coat.He smiled,and said please.I walked over to the light so he could get a good look.And as i opened my coat,the cold air,made my nipples stick out,through my sheer blouse.He told me how fuckable i was,and how much wayne is going to like me.I did my coat back up,and we walked into the park.Wayne was going to be on the sixth bench as we walked in.It was,nt long,before i saw him,and he saw us.He stood up,as we got closer.When we were about twenty yards away,i stoped and told my husband,you must wait here.I kissed him,and let go of his hand.Wayne was tall and very good looking.And had a lovely smile.He kissed me full on the lips,and said,i was pretty.My pussy was wet,and my nipples were hard.Wayne sat back down,and asked me to show him,what i have to please him.I unbuttoned my coat,and let him see what i was wearing.Very hot baby he said.Take off your coat,it was cold,but i was two excited to care.That your hubby he said.Yes i said.Show him you want me baby,hitch that skirt up,and give show me everythink.I pulled my skirt up,and turned to face my husband,sand touched my toes,******** my bare pussy to wayne.MMMMMMM lovely baby.I felt his hand run up my stockings,and part my lips,and ease one of his fingers,in my wet hole.MMMMMMMMM you are so wet baby,was waynes remark.I looked over to my husband,who was now wanking,as i was been finger fucked by this blk stranger.My boobs had fallen,out of my blouse and were swinging in the cold winter air.Wayne turned me around,and made me put a foot up on the bench,so he could finger me,while sucking on my thick nipples.I heard my husband moan,as he shot his cum over his hand,while his wife was ridding this blk guys fingers.I soon,shock as i to,came,.I surpose becouse its differant,but i came so strong,and it seemed to last ages.I was still breathing hard,as wayne made me lick his fingers clean.And kissed me hard,on the lips,and told me,he,d phone.I know we agread,to no fucking on this first met,but i did,nt want to go home.Go home wayne said,and i will ring you.Once home,we went up to our bedroom,were my husband licked the juices from my pussy,before fucking me.It was great sex,and we were both happy,and could,nt wait until we heard from wayne again.My husband keeps telling me he loves me,and how proud he is.And this has really helped our sex life,and made it freash and new.I will carry on this story,shortly i promise. sexywife xx


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Great Story

Would love to hear more if there is any.
Next Part

Sorry its been awhile,but i won,t bore you with the reasons.After my last meeting with wayne,we were keen to see him again.My husband kept telling me how great i looked,with this blk guy fingering me in the moonlight.We talked to wayne on the phone,and online,and in early feb,three weeks after our first meeting,i was to see him again.So on the saturday,we did the same as we did before.The kids were tucked up in bed,and wayne had phoned me ,with instuctions on what to wear.Me and my husband,left our house,about 10.30.leaving my mum with the sleeping children.As before my husband held my hand tight,as we made our way to the park.He had no idea,of what was under my coat,as i was told not to show him.Once in the park,we could see wayne ahead,sitting on the same seat as last time.As we got closer,i let go of my husbands hand,and gave him my coat.The look on his face,was a picture.I,m waynes for the next hour darling.I new my husband would love that,as hes very sub.I stood their in the cold air,in blk 4inch heels,flesh nylon stockings,with a blk seam.Blk nylon suspenders,with matching sheer thong,and sheer half cup bra.I kissed him,and started walking to wayne.I felt cold,and excited all at the same time.Once in waynes arms,he held my tight,and kissed me,hard.Wayne was more confident this time.He new i was willing and wet,and he also new my sub hubby was,nt going to stop him.Their was a light drizzle in the air.as wayne sat me on the bench.He Unbuckled his jeans,and lifted his semi hard dick out of his pants.I looked over at my husband,who had my coat on the floor,and was wanking for all he was worth only ten yards away.Even in the dark,you could see waynes cock was much thicker than my husbands,it felt hot,and sticky.Wayne lifted my head,as the tip of his dick,made its way into my warm mouth.I said before i love the smell of cock,that might seem a strange thing to say,but i love it.He was growing in my mouth,as i sucked harder,and played with his balls.It was starting to rain,my sheer nylon bra was now wet,as my nipples prested against the nylon.As i wanked on waynes lovely thick cock.Wayne was saying to my husband,this is what she needs,a real mans cock,as i looked over i could see he had cum,and his cock was short and limp.compared to the thick cock i had in my mouth.The rain was getting harder,as waynes pulled his cock from my mouth.And shot his load over my face,i tryed to put his cock back in my mouth,but by than the first few jets of his cream was hanging from my chin.He kept twitching,sending many more jets of sperm into my mouth.We were all wet,as the rain kept falling,i licked him clean,and thankhim for his time.He asked for my panties before i left.He told my husband that next time he could dress me,but next time i will be fucking that shaven cunt.He told my husband that he was going to change my life forever.Once home,we tryed off,and went to bed.We did,nt fuck,as the evening had taken it out of both of us.I ask my husband,if he wanted me to fuck wayne.YES he said with asmile before turning over and going to sleep.Will add as soon as i can.love sexywife xx
I can’t believe you did all this, in February with rain and wearing practically nothing. You seem to want this very much, as I want you to continue. Please post bigger pics if you can. By the way, I love how you write.

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