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new pics

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Sep 19, 2005
Come on ladies don't be shy let me know what you think! and where are you UK ladies
I Think I Forgot To Have Lunch

I Think I Forgot To Have Lunch. Can I order that to go? Or, do I have to eat it all in public? Karen
if you can't take it all you can have it doggie style!

MMmm you certainly have a very nice cock...
where in the uk

we r in the midlands and id love to see my wife takin your big cock inside her and then bein made to lick all your spunk out of her and off your cock
im in manchester drop me a private mail with a pic and we'll sort something out!

29 year old wife gagging for your cock.

Hi Blackpole UK.

My wife is desperate for her first black cock. Would love it to be yours.

Please check your private messages for our Messenger address and we can chat.

black pole

mmm nice n thick just how I like em!!!!
Looks delicious
Im in manchester drop me a mail with contact details if your interested?
Hi,we are a cpl from just outside m/cr.
We have been looking for a while for a blk guy for my gf to fuck,
maybe we could hook up in the new year?

Thanks,mark and sue.
mmmm you are so "wow" being oriental not sure if I could handle it all, but willing to try..... I am in London
mmmm nice love for that blk cock to go off in my mouth
I Like To Suck On That
hi,jaki/keith here,just thought we,d let you know,my wifes dripping looking at your cock,she begging me to contact you,
wow looks great!!
wow!....good enough

nice look......good size.contact me for complete servicing of this tool.
Blackpoleuk said:
Come on ladies don't be shy let me know what you think! and where are you UK ladies

It's beautiful :hump:

Love Claire

still no luck, where are the uk women in the north west?

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