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Oct 17, 2005
Hello, I am Sandra.
18 years old Girl from Germany.
Im new to this, but i would like to meet some people in chat or maybe for real,
Post ur comments please, or send me an email


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Vry Nice

Man I have to get to Europe.. more pics

more photos please
nice sweet young thing
Hello, Honey

You are beautiful...unfortunately you live on one side of the ocean and I live on the other...

Go black as early as you can so that you can have many years servicing thick black cock. You know you'll do it one day, so offer yourself now to the first black man you like the look of. He'll be used to it and will know what to do.

Just keep us informed and post photos - especially from your first blacking.

Do it, and do it now.

more pix please, babe.

hi sandra where in germany are u located ?

I am from germany too.
What color panties this morning?To shy to show us? : :oops:

So Guys, I already had one black lover.
It was a One Night Stand and it was great.
About a Month ago.
But now, i want more...

Bye Sandra
mm..mmm. n

Great to hear you had your first black cock honey. Please tell us some of the details. How you met him and where he fucked you. Did he fuck you bareback. How did you compare him with the white guys you had if any.

I hope you have a lot more black cock . your so pretty. i"m sure theres countless black studs aching to get between those pretty white thighs. Please tell us about it hon.

i would like to post sme more pics.
but unfortunately they are too big.
so i cutted this one into 3 pieces. i hope u will understand.
or maybe someone knows how i can make my pics into the right size. i dont know it exactly.
please help for more pictures

Kisses sandra


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some details

it was on a friday, i think the 9th of september.
i met this guy, his name was alan, in a club near my town.
he was very very nice and we talked, danced and had some drinks.
becasue of i broked up with my friends some months ago i was single. so later that evening i asked him if he wants to go with me to my home. i live alone in a small apartment. and there the real "party"began....
You're pretty, Sweetgermangirl. With a tight body like you have it must've been a real "workout." Welcome to the real world, the world of Interracial Sex.
now its time

time for one more

write comments please and tell me what u think of me
and write emails


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i think you are what every black man wants to fuck - a nice lil tight ass white girl that needs to be given some real big blk cockmeat :D

nice talking to u earlier sweet german :wink:
Hi there sexy lady. If you ever make it down to Garmisch Germany for this ski season and want some cocks on the side.. just send me an email and I will make it happen. I am half American Indian and half black... Mulato is the correct word for what I am. I have a nice fat eight inch cock that lasts. Also my friend can join us if you want. He is a large black bodybuilder that can give you some action as well. We work as a team and have had no complaints. If you are looking for cock and cum when you visit Garmisch... send me an email: xtrahelphere@yahoo.com


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help me

so i have a question, does anybody know a site to chat like here, interracial chat, but for germans???
so, i mean a german site about interracial

Kisses Sandra

MSN sndra4bbc@hotmail.de
if u want to add me, write that u from the cavern

There are definitely adult chat rooms 'auf Deutsch'. Just find general X-rated chatrooms in German language, and then chat in one of them, or in some of them, for awhile. After you get to know the chatters in them, you will definitely find some people in them who are into IR sex, or some people who will be able to hook you up with people who are into IR sex. With luck, you'll find what you want right away.

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