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Peak makes a comeback

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Sep 9, 2009
England UK
Almost bare.jpg Away weekend.jpg BC Club Wear.jpg Calm down.jpg Can't imagine.jpg Club Initiation.jpg Club party.jpg Explanation.jpg Freshly squeezed.jpg
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Well, the site only came back on yesterday so three likes already is very much appreciated and thanks for the consideration. I'm not going for a theme yet. I'll just post a few more random caps with a cuckold theme.

Job done.jpg Just as Big.jpg Lube trick.jpg Never denied.jpg Oil needed.jpg Panties 4U.jpg Shave worked.jpg Imagine baby.jpg
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Another bunch before a short break. Let me know your favourite in the last three days.

Still needed.jpg The shoes.jpg Until after.jpg Want to last.jpg Wash test.jpg Worth it.jpg Your ass.jpg You're special.jpg
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Beach tease.jpg bgccdww.jpg Bliss later.jpg Closest to.jpg Finally Ended.jpg Still horny.jpgOK, a few more from the pile. How do these look?
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Thanks littlec. Continuing support is appreciated. A few more from my collection. I may start to post a collection I originally put on cuckoldplace but for the moment these are new.

Best man test.jpg bgssxc.jpg Got tatoo.jpg He's Gone.jpg His pussy.jpg Long wait.jpg Nearly time.jpg
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Very nice, I really enjoyed then thanks
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Another set for tonight. A variety of areas again. How am I doing so far? Worth continuing?

Night pain.jpg Panties outside.jpg Time trial.jpg Two fingers.jpg Very wet later.jpg Worth price.jpg You will.jpg
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Some of these are new, some I posted elsewhere. All are new here. Feedback appreciated.

A little more.jpg After come.jpg Again soon.jpg Again with you.jpg Agony for you.jpg
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Not cuckold - unless you can imagine taking seconds with an alien...

Alien come.jpg
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Another dose of random hits.

All 3 tonight.jpg All for Bill.jpg All for him.jpg All it takes.jpg All too soon.jpg All yours till ...jpg
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Wow, I made a mental to delay this post until the thread went over 500 views and its happened already. I'm pleased the interest is there still. So, a few more.

Allowed to.jpg Almost a win.jpg Almost ready.jpg Always reliable.jpg An understanding.jpg Another night.jpg
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Captions seems to be warming up with posters. Another set ..

Any chance.JPG Appealling.jpg Are you ready.jpg Ass deal.jpg At least a 5.jpg Attic Night.jpg Back later.jpg
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I thank you for your continuing support littlec. I hope you can persuade other to comment good or bad.

Back rub.jpg Balls hurt.jpg Banana Pie.jpg Be honest.jpg Been a while.jpg Been over this.jpg Belong to.jpg
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Another nice set Peakmb. Thanks and keep it up. you sure have me up!

Thanks littlec. I'll carry on for now..

.Best a man.jpgBest ever 2.jpg Best everrr.jpg Best I can.jpg Best offer.jpg Best part still.jpg Best this way.jpgBet I know.jpg
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A different aspect for a change. Preferences anyone?

A cuckold night.jpg A lot.jpg After an hour.jpg Agreed 3some.jpg Always surprised.jpg
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variety is he spice of life. Keep up the good work
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Just for Katy's Husband. This is Katy as he might like to see her ...

Katy fucked.jpg
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A few more for today. I hope they are enjoyed.

All of them.jpg All over .jpg Allowed close.jpg Almost here.jpg Almost hope so.jpg
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The views keep climbing. I hope you are enjoying ..

Always ready.jpg Always reminded.JPG Always watch.jpg Always you.jpg Another baby.jpg
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