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Post your pix in this forum, here's how:

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when you hit 'reply' look below the posting box to where is says 'add an attachment'. Click on the browse button and locate the image on your hard drive that you want to upload. You can add comments to the pic in the 'file comment' box and then just click on 'add attachment'.

It's pretty simple and as time allows we'll simplifying it even further, but hopefully this will be good enough to get this forum rocking!

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My new life

Since separating from my husband I've found the exciting life Ive always wanted

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Just wanted to say that that's a gorgeous pic reborn_woman. Your new guy looks like he knows just how to treat you :wink:
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New Man

He sure does Teen. There's nothing like more than haing him use me for hours on end. :p
Hi everyone,

It's just a fantasy, but a very strong one and it's being mantained over time, who knows what will it lead to....

Love to hear comments about my 32yo wifey.


quitando_pantalon_3.jpg 060403_1.jpg
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nice round ass, you should give her her own thread so everyone looks ;)
Ok Dig, If I change my mind later on and want to take the pics off the board, will I be able?

Trying to post my pic

i dont know if im doing it right but im trying to post my pic
if not could someone email me and let me know if it worked or not
chirlin, yes you can delete it later by simply editing your post.

Tammy it didn't show up. Back up one level, create a thread, and then use the 'add a picture' script below to find a pic on your PC. Then just hit 'submit'.
her pic is still there, you just have to hit the download link in her message.

we're trying to find a way to limit file sizes and this happened LOL

we're gonna make it so that when the pic is too big a thumbnail link to it comes up instead of the download text link
can see pics

why can't i see any of the posted pics?
Hello All,

Looking for my first black gentleman, has to be 8" or more if not please don't reply as husband is bisexual and will be involved in action if your not interested in that please don't reply. I'm very oral NO ANAL but pussy is wide open and ready. Looking in time frame of July or August as August is my birthday and that would be a nice birthday present. If you reply I will send pic to you as my pic will not load here. Thanks and hope ot hear from you soon..
She luvs well endowed

I like to watch and sometimes join, when she is getting fucked. I get to lick her out after he is through with her.

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Wet finger wife

She is ready for black dick.
Wet pussy

Wife doesn't think anyone would want her pussy. What do you think?


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40 and hot for black!!!

Hot 40 yr old petite looking for fun!!!!!
Black men tell me what you think

Black men please tell me if you would service me and help spread me deep


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Black men tell her what you think

Black men please let her know if you would service her and help spread her deep


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my wife in skirt and boots

my wife on couch
this is my wife's first time with a black cock

Let me know what you guys would like to do to her that he didnt, she was sore for two days


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