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Public Sex

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Oct 11, 2004
Are white women more inclined toward public sex when they are involved with a black man?

Of my four serious relationships with white women, two wanted to do stuff in public or in near-public situations. (And I did with one -- bj in a bar, and bj in a men's stall in a restaurant washroom.) None of the black women I have been with were into that.
Hi Naxos-

From personal experience, I would say yes. But then again, some of my partners have also been pretty daring too. I had a lover who liked to have sex on a beach at a lake. It was a somewhat secluded area but still, it was pretty obvious what we were doing.
from Irena

Hello. I dont know about black womans(I think they not so slutty), but about white its truth. I m few times do bj to black mens in night clubs and bars (usually in toilette cabin of mens room) and few times I m do bj and some fucking in cars on the street at evening near walker zone. One time I m dancing with black men in night club. He start very sexy dancing and touch my body, I was very much excited, have climbed on a rack of a bar and continue dancing. Many men saw me and encouraged shouts. I was in mini skirt and danced. I think many saw my pantie. Then I have removed them! I think many men saw all! My black friend has removed me from a rack of a bar and has put to itself on a shoulder. My ass was naked and I m very like it. After this I m suck cock my friend in night club toilette cabin.


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white bitches luv it milking it up in front of us white boys in public in a drum and bass club in uk blaytant getting it on in front till they decide to go threw the fire exit to finish of this white women black male the asians bouncer new but wouldnt disturb da black male me try it on with two white birds leathered to fuck waiting to be served a drink me start rubbing me cock around the ones butt (quite large) and putting me hand up the other ones skirt through her g string me think they were injoying it but the fact they were friends and i was on both at the same time they had to turn round and say stop it i noticed them through the night dancing and that blaytently with black men plain and simple me think no white boys (black men only) nothing special like but me wonder if i was black whould there of minded me think not
O hell yeah white girls like to do shit like that. They like to prove themselves that way. And I like to help them.

I met these 2 blonde roommates on my block. Early 20s, nice bodies, nice tans, nice attitudes. We been talking a little while…no big thing. Then Friday one of them…Jen is her name….tells me her BF was cheating on her and she broke up with him. Shes all bent out of shape. So of course I give her a shoulder to cry on. Just being a wonderful human being u know? So of course I invite her out dancing. She got to move on with her life etc and all that happy shit…we all heard it before. So we go dancing. I buy her some drinks. We dance some more. I get close. I put my hands on her and she feels good!

Now she got a buzz on but the club is crowded and all so we take a cab back to her place. Now she and Christine live in whats called a garden apartment in an old brownstone. That means the apartment is in the basement and u walk down another staircase in front to get there. U don’t go in the regular front door of the building. Now they got a few plastic chairs and a table set up in front of the living room windows down there in what they call the pit. Anybody who looks over the fence can see down there no problem. Of course at night the pit is dark even though they got a little door light on down there at night.

I take her down to the pit. I can see a little thru the window blinds so I can see Christine and her BF sitting on couch facing away from us. So I push Jen againt the wall and I kiss her some more and shes getting into it and my dick is so hard I could bust my pants. Now I needed some relief and I knew for a while what I what wanted to do down in that pit so I pull her close kiss her again and I tell her to get on her knees. So she squats down cuz she doesn’t want to get her knees dirty and I sit in one of the chairs open my pants and take out my dick. I dont say a word. I just lean back and she just sucks it like a good girl. I hear people passing by on the sidewalk but nobody stops to look down. They got no clue whats going on which makes it even better. I watch to see if Christine or her BF see anything but for a while they r just watching tv. Then Christine gets up and walks away and when she comes back she puts her face close to the window and then her BF turns to look and Christine turns the blinds some more so they cant see out anymore. That’s when I let Jen finish the job.

Happy to see you're being well taken care of sweetie.

I've been missing your posts, too. Pretty boring around here without you.
I love being public with black guys and like nothing better than white guys to watch and get jealous. Once in a club my black bf was fingering me and when he went to the toilet a white wimp came up and told me he'd pay to watch us, lol
of course

I am mwf and love public sex the blk men i am with sem to enjoy it as much as i do and i never hesitate to satisfy them. I am very oral and it makes it a lot easier
FlyWhite Guy: I don't mean to be nasty, but how far did you get in school? You write like an illiterate.
semi-public sex

I think it is a black male thing with a white female. My long term relationship with a black male evolved into semi-public sex. He wanted to be in control and was very pleased to show me off in public. I believe that goes with the piercings, the anklets and the revealing clothes. It was like he wanted to take me to another level that I hadn't experienced. I must admit that it was very erotic, fun, wild & crazy. I was always looking forward to the next time and wondered where and what we would be doing.
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its def a dom/sub thing

most sistas i been with are far more agressive than whites and asians, and they like to get down and dirty where ever that pleases them, public or private, however it is about the sex, more so than showing them off. submissive whites get off on their limits being pushed, and acting out there slutty fantasies, especially because before being blacked, the thought of being a slut was usually a hidden and blocked out craving, and on the outside a negative connotation, but i love to push their limits, and they react so well to it, so it is as much about the public display, then the sex itself. its a mind fuck, and that creates some mind blowing sexual encounters.
I love public sex

I can't speak for black women, but me and one of my female friends were talking about this a couple days ago. We love risky outdoor sex. There is nothing like being bent over and fucked, or goin down on a guy who u hardly know. There is nothing quite like the feel of something new and add in the risk of getting caught by either the cops, or better yet, but a few more black men who have needs too, it heightens the experience.

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DUH. I've loved risky public sex since High School - and that was ages ago. Race doesn't enter into it for me but, of course, blacks guys really DO get off giving it to white gals in public.
I think I feel safer somehow when I'm with my bf, yes he is black, then my husband, so I am more prone to enjoy and want risky public sex.
in public

i love having sex in public. The thought of getting caught is so exciting. Love to give black men bj's in public places, especially parking lots with people around.
Totally agree with veryhapptoO. I'd never do with my first (white) husband what I do now with my black baby. And, I think, I feel so much safer being a BBC's wife.
interesting, I know with my husband I am much more conservitive, not that I a really conservitive, but more so with him, and using my brain first. With the black men I have been with, they seem to like to push my limits, so its kinda like a challenge, and yes, have done my share of public things, although, don't do it in the town i live, I still and thinking somewhat. but out of town, yea, I tend to not think, and just do, and know I would be embaressed if caught.
One thing I like to do is check into a hotel with my black lover. It's clear that I'm older than him, married, and he does not have a wedding ring on. The looks we get are priceless.
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