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wow . nice really hot.

If you are for real...I am in the Sacramento area.
Email me if you ever come to town. bigd320_1@yahoo.com

Okay, first off, the pics LOOK nice, okay? But something just doesn't 'feel' right. Maybe I'm a cynic - so just shoot me. But there's something of an erratic (NOT 'erotic') nature about this.

Obviously the lady has nothing to prove to ME - whoever is enjoying here is who's important BUT, since there's an obvious effort to display herself and to suggest she is for real to the folks here...and since a digital camera is now available...why not just a simple photo (revealing would be nice) with a time/date stamp OR even a newspaper headline OR, to be even cheaper, a piece of paper with the day's DATE written on it PLAINLY seen. It would certainly eliminate the credibility factor and or underscore the GULLABILITY factor. IMHO
This girl is soooooooo fake fellas all her pics are ripped from the net it's so obvious cant believe some of u are mailing her/him wateva the fuck it is!!!
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pretty ass
Sounds great enjoy your first black experience i would love ot know if you travel to new york would love to get a shoot at that nice tight pussy you can contact me at parot24@yahoo.com
Sweet body and face! I am an airline pilot and would love to hook up sometime. Let me know how the first time goes, and what your schedule is like. hedonist41@hotmail.com
Sorry fellas, do not fall for this one,FAKE! I have seen it many times before, even the same complete paragraphs!
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very nice pictures where is she located new york male here
parot24@yahoo.com would love to know more about you..