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Jul 13, 2004
It is our intent to make fantasy reality within th next month when we travel. I will submit to my hubby's fantasy to watch me take a BBC or maybe two if circumstances are suitable. The trouble is we don't know what to expect. Maybe we can help you with your fantasy by sharing yours. Who knows, it might become one of ours. :) I am a 40 yr old blonde wife, 5'5" 117 lbs. 34 B cup and keep myself in fairly good shape. Hubby is 5'9" 180 lbs. straight only guy with average equip. Tell us what it is that excites you about our fantasy and maybe....well, we will see! Any monitors is always exciting too.
All looks good...need to shave that cunt....but other than that...I wanna fuck that white bitch
Shaved cunt?

Are you a man or not?
Shaved cunt? Shaved cunts are for wimps and wussies!
Next thing you tell me you can only fuck with your pretty pink towel and your faggot gold necklace...
Let the women be women instead of plastic and cold smooth barbie dolls... please...?
Love that big bush,bet a creampie would look hot dripping out of it :lol:
Mmmmm...mmm...I want me some of that sweet pussy! Would make your toes curl like in the pic with my tongue and bbc. Yummy!

Love that bush! Like a real woman. Funny thing these black guys like it shaved all the time like it's some little girl. You black guys pedafiles or something. Be a real man, eat that beautiful hairy pussy then fuck it like a man!! Love your bush and body and face honey! You don't look 40!
you look sweet enuf for a black bull to eat....but mostly to fuck you senseless. As for the bush....it looks sweet too. I like 'em trimmed (as my wife is) but not shaved. that's freaky. but what do I know about what the bulls want. I'm just a fuckin' cuck who gets to clean them both...and sometimes gets her on the rebound. that's ok with me!!!
I will

Let me guzzle all the black seed

Well, this is another, more recent picture. I do keep it more trimmed now than a few years back Hubby seems to prefer it this way more as well.
Thanks for all your encouragement! We really enjoy all the comments. They make me HOT and certainly helps to spur hubby and I on for our upcoming encounter. Though I am a bit nervous to say the least, I do look forward to a wild evening of fun.

You can always leave us a private message.
I prefer it shaved

I prefer it shaved and I'm not black. That is a preference but if it is served to me bushy, I'll take it ... I'm not proud! Ladywatcher, you have a beautiful face ... and pussy too of course!
I want you to take a big black cock while hubby and I jack each other off, then we both clean you out with our two hot tongues!!!
Thanks for the comments. I would hope that my hair did not disappoint you, but show you my womanhood, however more trimmed today. Maybe your fantasy could be to shave me, hmmmmm? Maybe hubby could watch us.

...and yes Insane.Game I could :wink:
....and will do just about anything to make hubby's and my night a great night of fun(as well as our guest). Any suggestions or comments from you are certainly a turn-on and inspiration?
Thanks again for all the emails and HOT comments. Please keep them cumming.
As per 2 email reguests here I am playing 4 U :wink:

Incredible pussy. Love it! Wish I could lick it for about 2 hours.
yes , shave you while he watches, then both of us tongue you at the same time. he slides it in you whiel i continue to eat you.
Thanks to all those who replied here, and in our email. We will be viewing this post for another few days.....and then we will be looking forward to contacting some of you. Thanks again and enjoy!

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