uk indian girl do u wanna fuck her

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Would u fuck her?

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Mar 3, 2004
hello all
let me know what u think and what u wanna do to her
any reason

i cant see the pics?!

can now..yes lovely little slut
I want some curry in a hurry! :twisted:
Hell yeah

:D She's hot bro
A worthy carcass. But that snatch needs to be shaved clean before that slave is allowed anything.
Please show more of this pretty slut. :shock:
amit1_uk said:
hello all
let me know what u think and what u wanna do to her
Can I select all of the above except no? Add also, I'll mash her tits and suck her nipples hard. Can I fuck her asshole too?
dick stone for u here she is shaved. before and after pics!
That is one hot woman there. Who wouldn't love a piece of all that. If she ever come to the caribbean I'd love to hook up.
Nice body. She had any babies yet?
Lets see her filled with hot cock. Does she get shared?
AfricanizeHER no babies yet....are u gonna change that?
:D I would love to fuck her. She is one sweet piece of ass. How many have you shared her with? I would love to fuck her while you watched. My favorite is doggie so I can watch my big dick slide in and out and you can watch. xxx Bob
lastest pic taken last night u think she wants it
most beautiful indian girl

stunning ,,,perfect body ,please post more pics ,what would i have to do to meet up