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Vintage Interracial Pics!

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White Women have lusted and succumed to Black Men for centuries. I love to see the documented evidence of this since the dawn of photography. Here are some examples. Please post others from the 1800's through the 1960's.


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1930's Prior set was 1920's

Some More from the 30's.


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Your Gramma Loved Big Black Cock!


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wow interesting post guys...thanks
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Thanks :) no birth control back then.What happen when a white women got preg by a black man?
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More Grammas from the 40's

Here are some more White Gramma's in thier prime!

Anybody else have any?

I'd say lack of good birth control = Black Babies!


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Great pics! Hope to see more from you and others. I will try to find some to post too!
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Cool Pics, ir sexing has been going on for a long time
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More Grammas from the 40's

Here are more of Gramma!


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Where do you find these pictures?HOT HOT HOT
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Yes Thanks for sharing these. They are so similar to a stash my dad had in his and mom's closet, that I used to sneak into, when they were not home. Loved them then, love them now.
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lovely and exciting pictures!
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This is the most erotic post I think I've seen. My mom was friends with a black man named Winston back in the late 60's through the early 70's. I think they were very good friends and maybe more.
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Mom's fom the 1960's


Here are some mom's from the 60's.

What did your mom look like. Maybe I have some like her!


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Here are some Gramma's from the 1930's

Here are even older pics!


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Great stuff
Please post more

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These photos are interesting insofar as as for those of us who are turned on by any "taboo" element can only imagine how taboo it was for these men and women.

But also how that taboo has diminished...maybe one day there will be nothing taboo about it...I think that will be a good day too.
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Interesting stuff

Thanks to the posters.

I think the first IR porn I saw was in the 70's, King Paul and such. I'd seen porn on film of course, old 8mm, as a kid, but never any IR.
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I love the older photos. Back then the women were not expected to shave their pussy like you guys want us to now days....:flash:
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