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Waiting for Boyfriend

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New around here...
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Feb 26, 2004
Hi - thought I'd add a pic for you sexy black guys - this is me - hubby took it - waiting for my boyfriend to do his sexy thing.

Absolutely Incredible! Thanks for posting doll your body is perfect, thanks for coming down to earth and posting for us mortals. :D
Hope yr hubby can surprise u with a vacation to the Caribbean and me and u will plan it all, let me know if interested,
Warm Regards,
Pontential meeting

Damn, Ilove the pic.. do you guys ever meet offline from DC or other sites? I'm in CT and would love to get together.

Please feel free to write me at; blacq_9@yahoo.com if interested.
You guys are toooo sweet. Well, hubby didn't want me to post anymore, but after those nice comments, I thought I should ( and what I say goes around here, if ya know what I mean )
xoxox (how cum there's no smoochy emoticon!)
Great body but i like to see a girls face before i put my dick in her mouth.

Did u ask hubby about taking u to the Caribbean?
Ask him and let me know if u r interested and him ofocurse, u tell me yr wishes and desires and we can plan it all very well and so u get 2 in one, vacation and tr desires/wishes, write me if interested!
Warm Regards,
will have to see about a caribbean trip - would LOVE it of course - don't need to ask hubby though - just will be tough this summer. Would luv to get two connecting rooms for me and hub and a boyfriend. Of course, my boyfriend would get me alone SOME nights - teehee.
Than you are halfway there if u don't need to ask him, no problem if it's not the summer, fall or later will be fine, the more time to plan the better the results will be not to mention the enjoyment.
I can help u on choosing the best hotel/place for our sessions so u will get adjoining rooms, let's keep the flame burning since u already like the idea, u will love it and hubby will enjoy it for sure as well, write to me so we can start exchanging some thoughts and so we can start building on the foundation and so by the time u r down here, it's no time wasting and looking forward to have some nights alone also...hmmm
Warm Regards,write to me yourvacationmale@yahoo.com

Would love to see some B/F action pictures with you. Make Hubby take them and post them.
That's the Blonde we think ....sexy blonde!!!!

Hey Hun,

Very nice pic's and that ass is just perfect for my Chocolate stick..By the way 10 inch thick.. Where u fom and lets talk maybe i can join u or join both u and your bf for filling u.???
Yes!... Most Definitely!
Does anyone else besides me notice that the pics from this post and the pics from her other posts are pics that are already in the Dark Cavern ads on the members side??? Not only that but they don't even match up. Look a little closer fellas before you bite on this one...
fake one

I was noticing that to....where is that leg tat from the 1st pic???
a fake? on here? get out of it!!
WOW what a sexy white woman

You tell your husbend to get you a blackman with a big dick too make you happy he can take the pics and show all us blackmen we love you mmm so sexy baby
You deserve all the bbc you can handle. love your feet.

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