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May 5, 2004
Does anyone have access or passwords or know of any good interracial websites????? I just love to look at women serving black men. Thanks
Mmmmmm - good question. I'd like to be added to the list too ... I'd be extremely greatful :evil:
WE would like to be added as well. :D

Those sites need passwords. :x
Passwords? Only if you don't have the right skills :wink:
Hot free movie site!

Just a site that I visit from time to time, currently it has a few HOT interracial movies posted. It is a video forum, with movies posted from time to time.

The site is

When you visit it you must register (don't let that disuade you, it is nothing more then the process for this site, that is to say, choosing a username and password).

Once you register, log on and enter the video forum. The interracial movies are listed under the following headings:

JUDY - Hot movie, broken up into five parts. Orginally from the website sweetcreampies, it is about a white woman given away/lost on a bet during a game of chance and then used mercilessly by two brothers. The scene is hot. Starting off with her bound in a closet, she is taken out and begs not to be hurt, while they take turns using her to they get their fill. Her accent makes it even hotter. GREAT MOVIE!

FENCH SUPER FREAK - Another good movie. A white french house wife is having work done in the house by two black workers. We all know what happens next! ;-)

There are assorted other interracial scenes as well. Those above listed are the most memerable. Hurry though, as sometimes the links die.

Let me know through replies if you liked what you saw, I can post other links/sites that are very similar in nature.

me too

I'd like to get some passwords also.

Kirsten, I don't know what you do for a living. Let's say you own a grocery store? If so, can you tell me how I can get in there through a backdoor and do some shoplifting without being caught. Or may be you sell books, sewing machines, or vacum cleaners? Darn, I wish I knew where your warehouse is, I'd love to steal a couple. You wouldn'd report me, would't you, since you obviously believe that stealing is OK.

Hacking a webpage is a felony, but people think just because it is on the internet it is O.K. to do it.

You might have realised by my reaction that I do own a webpage myself. Webpages that work and have honest no-bullshit-pop up-exit console content of high quality cost lots of money to set up and maintain. They do not create big revenues any more, like it was in the early days of the internet. I personally do it just for a hobby, and basically to display my self as a slut in public, so for me it doesn't really matter wether my page creates money or not. It basically pays for the slut outfits I wear at my free gang bangs and bukkake parties.

I had a free Yahoo! group with 45.000 members for 3 years before I even considered doing a paypage. After Yahoo put download restrictions up lots of people asked for it because their time is too expensive to spend hours on the web waiting for one photo to load.

I invest a lot in my page, both, time and brains. My page is the drive that pushes me further on the slippery road of sluthood. Besides that I meet lots of for real men for my gang bangs through my page. I am proud to be a slut and I love the idea that many men and women all ove the World can see me, doing nasty, slutty sex acts.

I don't want my page being hacked by you because it costs my money like you don't want me to steal things from you. Why don't you create something yourself? have courage, display yourself openly as a slut, show your face and create a page of your own. Then you can still decide to give passwords away for free and pay a grand in server fees at the end of the month if you can afford it.
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xxx sitess

if you goto xxx-rated sites your computer will get loaded with bullshit programs, popups, and such.
Most yes

Most sites are like this but mine isnt. No pop ups or dialers, gueranteed.
Nice site Jenny, you have a cute face ;)

you can generate some great traffic for yourself submitting content for members area, and also make sure to check out the webmaster program. I have a feeling you would do very well with us :)
I really want to echo... Jenny's comments...

there is a HUGE need for good quality... for real.. non-bs sites for people, yep that includes ladies.... that love this lifestyle and are very very very committed to unleashing the bonds of thousands of years of men telling them who to fuck and who not to fuck.

Over the years as I've moved from afraid of my sexuality to play with it but fear it to finally having a Slave help me understand that she NEEDED desperately needed me to be me. Because she needed the help to really become the woman that she in her heart of hearts she truly was!!

I've organized gang bangs and breedings and am moving more and more into developing the right place and the right structure for kinkier... more intense things... not only because I love them... but because sooo many ladies NEED it.

As part of that, the time wasters and bs artists that not only don't pay thier share -- I am not able to pay my share yet; but as I refocus my life and get stable again -- I will do much more to help out Ladies like Jenny.

But to continue... I've done a few gang bang groups... and the same attitude about hacking ... is common among the guys that sign up for gang bangs... ... an attitude that this is some kind of a "RIGHT" and they can show or not show, play without concern for her needs, or even bring a can of soda or their own condoms!!

So Jenny's post is absolutely right on... her site is a wonderful mix of free and pay... .and does HUGE amount to make this lifestyle... more real... more acceptable and more meaningful!! Go for it Jenny!!!!
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new website dedicated to amateur interracial wives

Hello, Im a new member here, and I have to say that although this site that I have posted the link to below , is fairly new...I feel it is going to turn out awesome. In fact, you can find MY VERY FIRST IR VIDEO there!! And they specialize in helping white couples who have the fantasy of having an interracial experience for the wifey, BECOME A REALITY. They will set the whole thing up, video tape it, and are very discreet, and willing to work out any special considerations. The site is totally free, you just have to register for your free password....and no strings attached.


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very good pic should be up her cunt and being breed for all to see
LOL! Your gonna talk about morals when your fucking getting gangbangs and breedings together? Jesus are all you fucking people idiots or what.
Oh no you didnt bring soda or condoms. Oh wait but your supposed to treat the woman like a *****! Oh never mind your an asshole I TOLD YOU BEFOrE WE STARTED SODA WAS A MUST BRING!

You people should really do the world a favor and die.
Jace? Your crazy. :wink: