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Weeds: interesting I.R. sub-plot emerges

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Sep 27, 2004
Showtime's newest comedy Weeds staring Mary-Louise Parker focuses on her characters' struggles with the sudden death of her husband and how the widow supports her two young boys working as the local pot dealer in a pristine, conservative all white LA suburb.

A recent episode finds her in an all-black night club with her black weed supplier, played by Romany Malco and her married white friend played by Elizabeth Perkins. Parker's character approaches and flirts with a well dressed black VIP at the club then goes outside and watches as Perkins enthusiastically rides Malco's cock in the backseat of a car.

In a subsequent episode, while brushing their teeth, Elizabeth Perkins character nonchalantly announces to her meek jewish husband that she has fucked a black man. After the initial shock her husband becomes turned-on by the revelation. They lay together as Perkins tells him the black man was a superior lover with superior equipment.

In the latest episode Mary-louise Parker's character turns down the advances of an interested white single father only to passionately fuck a rival, Mexican pot dealer, in various positions in a public alley.



Sounds interesting.....looks like I might have to investigate signing on to the Showtime Channel. I hope the programming is done with some semblence of taste, as well as the reality of what goes on in that scene.

Thanks, Chinese.....you're doing a wonderful job keeping us (especially me) well informed, as well as exploring some intriguing aspects of this lifestyle.

And in case nobody's told you this before...you write wonderfully.

I'm glad they've expanded the storylines to include anything other than it's initial focus,
as it was starting to seem like a one trick pony. If you enjoy seemingly endless mounting anticipation,
I expect the first season will be available on DVD shortly after its conclusion. That seems to be the
predictable marketing pattern with cable's major networks these days.
Until then Cheryl, I'll gladly keep you informed of any juicy IR or cuckolding themes in upcoming episodes!

Thank you also for the kind words about my posts.
I assure you they are merely the rambling result of very slow typing.

I just saw them episodes this weekend on my DVR.

I think next year there's going to be a lot of IR Bedhopping going on.

If you havent seen it.......check it out. It's a good series.

Peace. 8)
i saw this episode and it made me horny

the husband kept asking "...a black man? was he bigger then me?" and his wife just smirks and says "yeah"
first off shes sexy. whatever her name is. secondly the hot thing about this whole schtick is that its so in the open? u know? on a comedy show. i wonder if the actress will entertain being black'd IRL. i'd give her a shot for sure
Parker and Perkins

The ladies are hot, definitely BBC worthy.


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This has even gotten my attention as I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Perkins. I mean huge fan. Can anyone give a breakdown of the dialogue in the scene where she tells her husband she went black or post a clip of her fucking the black drug dealer?

If it's usual Hollywood fare they are so afraid to touch blk men/white women material he is probably light-skinned as possible.


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I did some searching. The episode where Perkins fucks the black guy is in season one, episode 6. It is called "Dead in the Nethers." It aired 9/12/05.


Since the show is now in season three I doubt there will be any follow-up on this story line which is a shame. It would have been awesome if Perkin's character had approached the drug dealer and told him she had confessed to her husband and he got off on the idea and now wanted to watch. A scene in a new episode could have had the drug dealer and a few of his black friends coming over to gangbang Perkin's character as her husband watched, all the while her dialogue being nothing but how much she loved black dick.

A quote from the episode by Celia Hodes (Perkin's character) who, at the time, had breast cancer.....

"I've got cancer and jungle fever, and tonight one of them's getting cured!"


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This is the social climate i see for myself. just wonderful stuff

Thank you Chinese for the spotlight like this, i may not have ever

known this series existed.

Enjoyed so much i rapid shared it.
check out season 3 episode 7 i think lexington steele has a full frontal scene
i watch the really good show time stuff when the DVD comes out for rent or sale
i confess i watch 24 that way but not relevant to this

i am also HUGE fan of Eliz Perkins
Parker a little--was she the young mom in the Grisham novel made movie "the client"

luv, to all, MsGary(Bj)
My dick has been hard since reading this thread about Elizabeth Perkins yesterday. It's not gone down. I have to see this somehow.
Damn, am I good or what........

after my second cup of coffee this morning, I was able to find what your looking for on youtube, with Elizabeth Perkins. Just type in Elizabeth Perkins and just about every scene from Weeds comes up including the ones your looking for. One's called Weeds - Celia - Jungle Fever and the other is Weeds: Dean & Celia's have marital problems.

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