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What is on your mind?

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May 4, 2004
Well, I can't believe I agreed to do this but there are lots of things in life I never thought I would do. Being the moderator for a discussion forum on Dark Cavern was a pretty easy decision, going black for the first time was a lot harder.

No Turning Back was one of my first art works that I submitted to Dark Cavern. I think you can tell what was going on in my mind when I created this simple picture. What is on your mind?


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This picture takes what was in YOUR mind and puts it in mine ;)

I like the subtlety of your work, it's not totally in your face and it allows the imagination to work. Once people realize that you're the artist you'll get a lot of responses in here :)
my wife

My wife and I often talk about her having sex with a black man, it turns me on and I think I could follow through with it, any advise?
Hi Curious-

My first question is always " Is this your thing, her thing, our our thing?" I mean, is this your desire and she is willing to experiment or is this something the two of you agree you want to explore? Lots of men enjoy the idea of having their wives with other men, particularly black men, but they want to be in control of how it occurs. I warn them that if she is going to be your partner in this experience, you better let her control how fast, how much, and with whom.

Trying to push your wife into doing something she is uncomfortable with will cause problems in your relationship, better to go slow, enjoy some mini-fantasy and role playing first before taking the plunge. I think going out and shoping for a nice big black dildo together is a great way to begin (oh, and experimenting with your new toy is the real bonus). It is something you can do together and you both have bought into the idea of having sex with a surrogate black man... well, maybe only a very important part of him.

Also, it is easy to shop on line for your sex toys but I recommend you go together to a real shop (there are lots of nice ones that cater to a "upscale" clients and you can find them in yellow pages). This is going beyond simply pressing a button and having the mailman deliver it. You have to be willing to be seen picking out what you want her to try. Have her ask the sales clerk questions. You would be surprised what women will talk about when it comes to selecting a dildo. If you can not go out an buy a dildo together, then you are probably not ready for anything else.
Thank you for your sensitivity but...

it was not only not traumatic but nothing has excited me like this since i was 14

I am a sensitive kind of gal and I do care about people. Just because this excites you does not mean you can abandon all sense. Life is full of great loves and lovers. They will all still be there after you have your emotions under control.
Sexy art, Sandy! Can I ask you a question? The attraction? I know you have a beautiful daughter but in understanding your personal experience was it the erotic element that was driving the inital contact? Wanting to be mated or bred for children or was it just giving in to sexual lust and desire and pregancy was the consequence? Being non judgmental in anything..I'm just looking to understand the human females sexual proclivities (if that is possible..lol ) Even though I consider myself a veteren... There's always something new to be learned about our female ( Love them All ) :!: :)
Good advice!

I like what you said about the dildo..."If you can not go out an buy a dildo together, then you are probably not ready for anything else."

Damn Good Advice! You're going to do well with this job! :)
Dear Sandy. :) I like your Avatar pic of course a full size pic would be better. My question is how do you get an Avatar I have not figgerd it out can you help. Thanks :D
Hi Monty-

You just need to go to the top of the page and where it says "Profile", click on it. At the bottom of the Profile page is a place to upload a pic. You have to keep it small. Try it and let me know.
Remember me?

Sandy you remember me? I am back stateside and would like to see you again. Called your number but it was not working. Sure would love to taste that sweet pussy again and kiss those sugar tits. Let me know how to reach you.

Joshua - Black Ace
Hi Ace! Of course I remember you ... how could I ever forget? I am so glad you are back and safe. Please check your email.
Sandy, I am very upset with a post I replied to...

and I thought I was posting my opinion.

I know this site is based mostly on fantasy, but I have faced the HARSH reality. With a quote that Hank said regarding Facts, I became rather upset when I looked at the thread:

The Idea that Black men are stronger, healthier, or superior to white men is not only False it is Ludicrous. If that were the case, one would surly wonder why it is that these Black men are by far (often 50% or greater) more succeptible to develop lung cancer, kidney disease, hypertension, stroke, asthma, and who could forget Sickle cell disease. Dont get me wrong i have no bias towards african americans and find them to be fine people. I am on the otherhand very skeptical about interracial relationships. It seems to me that two very distinct cultures in this case anglo-saxon and african-american are too a very large degree incompatible in a relationship as serious as marrage. The fact that the divorce rate is higher among these marriages seems to support my argument.

Granted some things he says may or may not be true...however, the last paragraph he wrote has me upset. "The fact that the divorce rate is higher among these marriages seems to support my argument." I posted a response to Black Zepp about my opinions, and TRIED to keep from ripping him a new orifice. My anger and frustration on this topic further clouds my perception.

I had a GOOD relationship with my 1st wife and her mother. (Or so I thought.) Her mom HATED the fact that a Black Man can treat a woman so well, and masked her true intentions. (Yes, SOME women are treacherous.)

It has been more than three years since I last saw my children, and the undeniable fact is that my former wife slept with a white man behind my back, and lied about it. She also lied about getting pregnant by this racist bastard. (And I got to meet him in the courtroom...and he smirked as the judge dissolved the marriage.)

This bastard used financial/legal manipulation to control the people mediating the child custody case...going so far as to agree to what I set in stone, then breaking it two days later.

This was followed by a note from this asshole...telling me to never visit my kids. (And he knew the boss I worked with, so I got fired for not complying with his 'threat'.) So the myths/facts have frustrated me to NO END.

I don't want any sympathy...just understanding in my case. I am one of the FEW Black men that tried REAL HARD to stay committed in my marriage. As I get married again, the posts and desires of some of the members in this forum leave me with doubts.

Yes, I know this is a 'cuckold/swinging' forum, but many of the members are not as sincere as they would want me to believe. Any comments you have will be POLITELY responded to. I visit this site to get the pics for a series of erotic stories I create. (I do this to help with stress, and I add a plot to them to spice it up.)
I am awlays glad to have people who want to post something a bit more real. Being angry is OK, rude is not.

I have to admit, I have never really understood the whole cuckold thing that some men seem to thrive on. Sharing, 3-somes, 10-somes, ect. I understand. But men wanting to be abused is not something I am into and men abusing women, I will not tolerate. Call me a prude or old fashioned but I do not think getting or giving pleasure from abuse is right.
Thank you for understanding, Sandy...

and I hope my posts were not rude.

Right now, I found out what my ex has been doing since the divorce...and despite being sick to my stomach, will let my kids find me...rather than pursue the issue.

She still lives in the same small town, but at a different location. (Probably upscale, since her new man married her. I don't know if he planned to adopt my son, but he has tried to force her to refuse child support.) My daughter is in the custody of the State of MN, and they have tried to adopt her.

Her hubby owns a MAJOR company, and is a VP. ($$$$ IS a factor.) He also is friends with 45% of the area owners, and three of the four judges.

A friend's background check dug up this guy's past...and he ACTS like he is god. He is 24, and hails from Mississippi. (Go figure.) :x

I can't get much more info...since this guy has his shit together.

I fought a losing battle from the start, because this guy has backing from some KKK geeks, who are keeping things low-key. (Even when I uncovered this, his family's money and influence keeps it hidden.)

men wanting to be abused is not something I am into and men abusing women, I will not tolerate. Call me a prude or old fashioned but I do not think getting or giving pleasure from abuse is right.

I won't go into this issue, except to agree with the intolerance of 'getting pleasure from abuse' part of the quote...regarding this guy's misuse AND abuse of power. Sadly, there are men (and women) like this the world over...regardless of color, age, etc.

I'm sure you remember this phrase:

What goes around, comes around!

He and my former wife will get their due...not from me, not from my son, but from the almighty. My son and daughter WILL grow to hate them, and look for me.
"Master Earl" aka BlackDomLdog has got to be the most passive, helpless and emotionally injured "master" I have ever heard of.
This is pathetic...

someone reads that I get used by a former wife, and calls me passive.

Note that this bitch did this BEHIND MY BACK, and this asshole used EVERYTHING. (Note: Some assholes are worth MILLIONS! I AM NOT!)

I had a woman that I THOUGHT was supportive and loyal. They brought me from a proud man to a wreck.

Since people like you knock me down, I do get back up...SOMETIMES FIGHTING!

But, I REFUSE to do anything to get put behind bars...which that post of saying I'm 'passive' seems to provoke.

I will not ********** myself as an animal...and if you think BDSM is that, I feel sorry for you if you ever find yourself behind bars.

I lost ALL my money fighting for my kids...and saw that prison is the next step, had I gone down fighting.

I call bullshit. By "passive" I mean that you don't come across as agressive, which is a big part of that "dominant master" horse shit.

Also, some of your shit doesn't jive.

#1) Dude is the owner and VP of a company. I don't know about you, but if I own the company, I'm sure as shit going to be the President, CEO, or COO...not a VP.

#2) Taking #1 into consideration, and understanding that he's loaded, why the fuck would your daughter be a ward of the state? Unless you and your ex wife are complete burnout crackheads, one of you would have custody.

#3) Do you really expect us to believe that he's tied to the KKK? Why on Earth would a racist want a wife with a couple of mixed kids tagging along. Everyone will know that his wife has fucked a black man, so why would he want that constant reminder? Plus, most racists wouldn't touch a white woman that had been married to a black man.

Sleep on it. Think up some good answers. Get back with me.
IF you want to ask questions...ask her mother.

She's the one that put the spin and lies into this shit.

And I don't put aggression into EVERYTHING I do...If you read my last post, my ex-wife MAY have lied to him, then got pregnant. And my daughter is from another relationship...meaning she stuck it to my former gf by getting her in trouble with child abuse. Even with custody, she hid the issue from me...with HIS help.

Since you want to be "Mr. know it all" I will tell you this asshole has TWO Businesses...He is owner of a small business, and VP of another one. (Note that I have to type these messages out on a piece of shit laptop...and the last time I did, all the facts weren't put there.)

By the way, unless you are a lawyer...DON'T keep respnding to my posts. Think what you want...but I am getting over my heartbreak...and venting is the ONLY outlet remaining, against going to them and causing a fight IN FRONT OF MY KIDS. (You MUST want to see me go to prison. You keep on saying I am lying...and pressing the issue, when all you could do is ignore my venting.)

Even if this guy doesn't know about my son when he slept with my ex, her mother saw $$$, and tried using his sleeping with her, and impregnating her to blackmail him. (Note, I am guessing...but you can say I am lying about the whole thing. I won't get into this bullshit argument...since you keep bringing it up.)

And you can say that it is bullshit that a mother won't do that to her daughter, and ex-son-in-law, and break up a family. (My ex's mom...so I don't confuse you.)

And even if the KKK is not involved...he or someone in his family IS. (He's from a town in Mississippi...THE Klan is more prevalent there.)

In fact, I won't answer your questions...unless you can provide a lawyer that will help me fight this case.

I didn't ask for sympathy, or advice. I am VENTING, and most people do one thing...ignore it. (Don't tell me that you have NO issues, and what I discuss is YOUR issue. Either you ARE racist, and are trying to defend this guy, or you are not, and just want to be NOSY!)

I guessed right when I said that a former wife used me, and you take it as passive. (You think a Dominant has to be aggressive towards EVERYTHING! Not true.)

A true Dominant KNOWS where and when to exert his dominance. (Note the where and when part...I got into trouble for being too aggressive.)

If I seem to be aggressive in this answer...it is because YOU WON'T LEAVE THE ISSUE ALONE!

I hope you are these "I'M ALWAYS RIGHT" types...that is the type that causes me grief, and would love to be aggressive on you. (Since you want to play the game of aggression, try with a former Marine that had fought to protect your right to speak, and has the skills to inflict bodily harm, even death.)

You probably fail to realize that the local/state governments force men like me to hold my aggression in check with the threat of jail, or a lifetime Prison term. You responding to my posts have angered me, and will challenge you to continue, unless you are really a "Wuss." And as a former Marine, I know how to fight dirty as well.

Either you are offering a solution, or you add to my problem. Before you say that I need help...I went through counseling, jail and probation, even tried re-enlisting. My responding to, and typing messages is MY way to release my stress. (Counselors said that.) The threat of prison was the judges way to keep me from killing that asshole. Re-enlistment was out of the question...and despite my honorable discharge, showed I am TOO OLD, and a little out of shape.

Now, since you opened a can of worms, the way to close it is to leave te issue alone, and ignore it...unless you offer FREE OF CHARGE lawyer services to handle this thorn in my side.

Otherwise, QUIT BEING SO FUCKING NOSY! I don't give a flying fuck about what you think, and I didn't ask you!!!
iraddict...consider this your ONLY warning...

Come at me saying I am a liar...WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW ME!

Far as I know, you could be that asshole...trying to get a rise out of me.

But, I REFUSE to do anything to get put behind bars...which that post of saying I'm 'passive' seems to provoke.

I will not ********** myself as an animal...and if you think BDSM is that, I feel sorry for you if you ever find yourself behind bars.

I lost ALL my money fighting for my kids...and saw that prison is the next step, had I gone down fighting.

You ARE one of those that love to get people pissed off, and I told you WHY I CAN'T be aggressive. So listen to MY advice: Your name says iraddict, so pay attention to the IR pics, and leave the rantings of a FORMER MARINE alone. You replied to the posts, and the best thing to do is LEAVE THE ISSUE ALONE!

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