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white fem / blk male naked together the most natural look

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Mar 16, 2004
No wonder why white females and black males are drawn together . When I see pics of them meshed together fucking with more enthusiasm than a child a xmas they look so very naturel. The startling concrast of their naked bodies is the hottest scene . My little cock quivers at the thought of a tender young wihte girl getting punded by a powerful well endowed negro. It makes me convinced that its the way nature mean sex to be.
NOW THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.... It's obvious that us white guy don't belong on the same playing field as black men and we shouldn't interfere when a black bull has his sight on a sweet young white girl. Our little wee wee s can't compete with what the black stallions have to offer the lovely white female.


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Mmmmm - hot pics shorty4 ... thanks :twisted:
Thank you Shorty. I wish all white guys understood like you do. I don't mean to mean to you but black guys are so much better hunks than white guy are.
Ohh gawwwwwd!! I want all three of them now! But that brother in the second pic has got to be every white boys worst nightmare!! :oops:
OK boys, these pics illustrate why I only fuck black men! If I bring home a white boy, I KNOW that I won't find anything even remotely close to that in their pants. But, If I bring homa a black stud, I know I'm gonna find enough in his pants to scratch that itch that is sooo very deeeep inside me.

Also, I know that I have a very real chance of pulling down that zipper and finding one that is the twin to the one pictured above.

mmmmmm, a white girls nirvana! :twisted:
Yo Shorty.Be careful with the pics.I know they're hot but we 're already at a handicap when it comes to us trying to compete with the bros. For every white girl that sees pics like that its going to be one less white female in the white mans pussy pool and one more in the black mans .
Sorry solo but I just feel like we have a purpose here and its to bring more white girls and black bulls together. We can't stop nature from bringing more black babies to white girls.



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thanks for the pics. the guy in the second pic has a divine cock. i would love to be impaled on it.

BlondeRachelO said:
thanks for the pics. the guy in the second pic has a divine cock. i would love to be impaled on it.

Oh Rachel your welcome honey. I bet you'd look so hot with that black cock buried up to his balls in your sweet white pussy. I give anything to see it.
I'm sure all the black bulls in the pics had their share of sweet white pussy.But if they hadn't its because the white chics they came in contact with hadn't seen these pic or don't know about black studs
These pics are VERY nice.

Especially number 2. I know it would hurt in me for a couple days after even, but it would still be nice.

Its my pleasure anja. I think you would look really hot with that guy svrewing your brains out . That black cock looks very menacing to a nice white girl . I can just imagine you taking it and him planting his seed inside you. maybe some day this pic will be you in reallife.


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black men/white women

i have crossed over a few months ago and can never go back. i think the contrast is so hot. and black men are so huge- that describes the size difference- so much longer and thicker than white men's cocks. it is so intense being with them- knowing their seed is being planted deep with in my pussy or ass, and pleassing them makes me feel so very fulfilled. i think many wht women- like myself- love the take charge ways of black men and the experimenting sexually with them in so many fantastic wasy. black men are god's gift to white women. notice just how many interracial couples now in public- almost all blk men/wht women. that makes a statement. black sexy men are the very best and so superior sexually- and in many other ways
Barbara. I have to agree with you wholey on everything you say. Its painful for me to admit it as a white man but your correct that we are inferior to black men in all physical asspects. They kick our asses in sports and the white women are becoming more aware of thier superiority when it comes to the blackmans sexual prowess, and the uncontrolable desire for many white women to have sex with them. The evidence is clear that white females can't resist their urge to feel black cock in them and they no longer allow the humiliation and put down they use to have to endure when they were seen in public with a black man , or even to have a black mans child. In fact , it apears to me that most of the advertisements I see in papers and on tv where small children are modeled that most of them are half black and half white, evidence that so many white females are being black bred now days.
BEAUTIFUL. I think nothings hotter than a sweet blonde getting hammered by a huge black bull. I'd love to see the HILTON SISTERS with a couple black guys between their legs. Imagine how a black stud would feel. pounding his chest proudly, telling the world he empied his balls into Paris or Niki and that he planted his seed and added a negro menber to the Hilton family.


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"...but black guys are so much better hunks than white guy are."

"Its painful for me to admit it as a white man but your correct that we are inferior to black men in all physical asspects."

"It's obvious that us white guy don't belong on the same playing field as black men."

That's a load of masturbatory horsesh*t--and YOU know it!

All physical "asspects" (sic)? Ha-ha...just take a good long gander in the mirror, o' apes of color, for you are DEAD WRONG. And to you ape worshippers, you need to have your heads examined!

FYI, the world revolves around the white man and you 'groids know that. And are extremely envious! Oh yeah. It just burns your ass. Just look around you, my mentally-deficient, non-friends of color, virtually EVERYTHING you see, hear, touch and smell (drum roll please...) WAS INVENTED BY THE WHITE RACE. You hear me?? By the WHITE RACE. And that absolutely BURNS your shiny black ass!

Also, if it weren't for white men you wouldn't have white babies, approximately 50% of whom are females, and grow up into very beautiful white women.

Prior to the unfortunate ******-arrival of the Negro into the Western world, the black man invented virtually nothing. Zero, zilch, nada--NOTHING. Not even toilet paper! Some African tribes didn't even know how to start a fire. Can you believe that? How's that for some black "superiority"??

All you blacks can do is (pardon the expression) f*ck-up whatever good the white man has created, and that includes bringing forth into this world pathetic, mongrel mulattoes (aka "niggers light") via the abominable, unnatural and very tragic coupling with women of my race.

Also, the overwhelming majority of white women prefer men of their own race and have nothing whatsoever (sexually) to do with these primates-of-color. And that's a statistical fact. And besides, there's much more to a loving relationship than penis size and coitus. But many of you chronic masturbators on this board wouldn't know a thing about that.

Unfortunately, due to the non-stop race-mixing propaganda being produced and disseminated (by a very Jewish Hollywood, a very Jewish pornographic industry and a very Jewish Madison Ave.) in epidemic proportions heretofore unseen in this once-great republic, the tragic result is that a small but increasingly higher percentage of the white population's females, many with low-esteem, some mentally defective and the rest the lowest form of white trash you can find, fall prey to the non-stop brainwashing, and contrary to the natural order, are attracted to these most unattractive--by any objective standards of judgement--simians of shit-color. The rest, like the debauched denizens of this messageboard, are nothing more than morally depraved phallic worshippers obsessed with penis size.

So, keep waving your shit-colored dicks and believing how "superior" you blacks are to white men just because you, on average, excel at running and jumping with a ball in your hand, all merely games, children's games to be precise; and on average may be better hung than the average white man.

And to briefly refute your absolutely false claims of Negro physical "superiority":

"I’ve never seen a white man run that fast," said Grenada’s Alleyne Francique, who was supposed to be Wariner’s biggest threat but finished fourth. "It was a blazing race, man. The kid is good."


Magnus Samuelsson - The world´s strongest man!




Dr. Wellington

p.s. "I think nothings hotter than a sweet blonde getting hammered by a huge black bull." Is that the only way you can climax, you degenerate swine? Sick, sick, sick...


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poor doc i am sorry for your pain but i understand. but believe its going to happen. some white women just like to have sex with black men. and i love them for it. so get a grip and watch the magic in your wifes eye.
she might be afraid to tell you the truth. take care.
Let's not forget the beautiful babies that white men and beautiful Black, Asian and Hispanic women are making. The future is cinnamon and it's going to be delicious!
sorry but i find black guys pubes hilarious. it looks as if its an afro. i agree that it is a sight a black man with a white woman.
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