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Who'd you like to see in an IR movie?

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I saw a previous post about actresses who have gone black, but who would YOU like to see go black?

My top 3 picks:
1) Jessica Simpson
2) Brittney Spears
3) Angelina Jolie

As for women, I'd like to see Beyonce ride a white cock.
It's not to late for
Nicole Kiddman
Demi Moore

On the other side Halie Berry
How about Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock?
Anna Nicole Smith dressed as Marilyn Monroe
white women in IR films

my ex-wife

Ps already seen my daughter in one!!!!
sslave said:
How about Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock?

RIGHT AFTER I posted this post, those same exact two came to mind. I once heard that Julia went black when she was a high schooler in GA.

I am sure Sandra did while she attended college in SC.
I didn't know Sandra went to college in SC, that's where I went. I am sure she at least tried black there too, the Black on white action in Columbia is a hot scene, but they still had to be very careful when I was there. I wouldn't doubt that Julia tried it in HS. I can't recall hearing either of them has dated a black stud since becoming stars though. . .
Paige Davis - Trading Spaces on TLC

Rachel Ray - Cook on the Food Network (forgot title of her show)

Dana Delany - Actress, was on that show China Beach

Faith Hill - Country Singer

Paige Davis.....now there's a foxy vixen that would look hot with some BBC pounding here.

How about the Bush daughters?
Although, I would rather see her in a movie with me, for some reason I find Gillian Anderson "Smoldering". I would like to see her fuck anybody...White or Black...or anywhere in between! :)

I like Homers choices too!
Dolly Parton - just to see her wig fly off half way through!
BlackBull1970, i luv ur choices!! i have always thouhgt Rachel Ray was a BBC luvver!! she is so cute and goody 2 shoes , to watch her submit to a glistening black dong would be so so hot!! she is awesome!!


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Would love to see more of that Jenn. :D
Re: white women in IR films

expatdad said:
my ex-wife

Ps already seen my daughter in one!!!!

any chance of a peek? :)
jaime pressley and a black or two?


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pressly not pressley--got a little finger happy :lol:
Here some more........

-Patricia Heaton (plays wife on Everybody loves Raymond)

-Leah Remini (plays wife on King of Queens)

-Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld actress)

-Nicole Kidman

-Renee Zellweger

-Dolly Parton

-Faith Hill

-Dixie Chicks

-Hillary Duff

-Olsen Twins

-Chick on JAG (the girl in Marine Uniform, forgot her damn name!)

Peace. 8)
I thought I was the only one in the world who wanted to see Leeza suck on black. I figured she was a hot, random personality. I guess I was wrong.

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