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Wife from Finland

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Oct 16, 2005
What do you think about her? She is my young wife who love fucking hard with her lover. Now she is looking for black at this forum. Are you that kind of black man to satisfy my wifes pleasures?
WOULD LOVE TO FUCK HER ASS :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

King...if you are big enough please contact us. Wife wants to test black cock...big black cock. She is streched by her BB dildo
I would suck on that ass Im white but i got a big dick
She is out now

She is out now with her lover!!!!!
can u tell her experiances in detail.. ... most intrested to know ..
Please tell us how you're feeling about her being out, and you left behind. And what happened when she got home.
At morning

She went out with her lover so I am allowed to stay at home. Her outfit and make up was very sexy (Black and very short velvet skirt, black lace push up bras which make her tits big, see through shirt and black stayups and high heel boots...her makeup was quite a dark) She came home at 1am, and she was so tired after her fucking evening with her lover...Mr muscle as I called him! At morning I went to hamper and found her panties so dried messy...I am waiting her home from her workday...
waiting for details of the passionate night ...

never had finland would love to get shoot at that.. lol
Hi Mikael

We are a cpl looking black men aswell, live pretty near by, loved your wifes pics , we have multiple good contacts of some good black men situated in stockholm and london let us know more of you two she allready had black ? is this your fantasy or hers aswell if so i would like to hear lil more

Yours roy and susanna
Her first black!!!

Hi there,

She made it and got blacked the whole new year!!! I will send some pictures later.
Hi sweden

hi this is OUR fantasy and now it is true...the first time was really really hard to me when I am not allowed to fuck her and she belongs her lover whole night and morning too;) The man was from NY and used to do some work in finland sometimes...how about in stockholm? Is there big cock for my wife? You can send me private message so we can change our email.
Her new years outfit!

Here is her outfit for BBC, you like? Only ankle bracelet is missing;)


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Post more pics of her and tell us about the meeting with her lover.

Later...I have some photos of her messy pussy, but I think you had saw them at cuckold forum? She wants to be like Mojos wife..
MIKAEL said:
Later...I have some photos of her messy pussy, but I think you had saw them at cuckold forum? She wants to be like Mojos wife...
If you have posted the pics there, i guess i have seen them. Mojos wife is an inspiration! Your wife is GORGEOUS!
WOW she is incredible.. i know first hand how hard it is to be near your wife and unable to touch her. Its hard on me and my wife is attractive but nothing like your wife, so i guess it would be much harder having her around and only allowed to look.

i look forward to more pics.

Thanks for what you have shared
Some messy pics

nice to hear that you like my wife, here are some photos about her pussy after her first and only black lover. I don't know when will be the next time when they has date because her lover live in NY and visit some times here in Finland so maybe next month or maybe at summer? But there is also some white ones for her...


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Tattoo for her?!?

What did you like if your wife wants to get some tattoo on her pussy mounds? My wife wants that but did not know what kind of picture or text. Would you help us to get some?

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