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WIfe looking for BBC

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Jun 20, 2004
I posted her awhile ago and since then, things have progressed. I found out she has purchased a couple interracial DVDs behind my back. Because of this, I bought her a black dildo. She seems to really enjoy me using it on her and loves to talk nasty when I do. Any ideas on getting her to take the real thing? Im sure she's ready for it and wanting it now. Any nice looking b/ms in Colorado want to help out?
The picture attaching is broken so I cant add any photos. PM me if your interested & I will send you one.
I sent, but do not think it got there.
Her pics :


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WOW! Get her some hot fat hard cock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Why I cant post them in beter quality is baffling me. It says "File too big".


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Ask for a lot of black tea, Tee??? ;-)
Very hot. My girfriend wants to play with her first. :twisted:
re: Tee

You are gorgeous...Have you had black? Do you wnat to be black bred? Is hubby a denied cuckold? !
Another one. Testing the upload quality.


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Even a bad picture is a GREAT picture of her. Plus I can go look at your other place. :wink: Thanks.

You triple AAA.... This pics not yet... ;-)
WHAT A BABE!!!!!!!!! Feed her that black python meat! :D
WHAT A BABE!!!!!!!!! Feed her that black python meat! :D
My sugestion is find a black stud to breed her asap and just arrange a meeting with him. Dont tell her just take her to him.The rest will all happen. Do it soon, she is too gorgeous to live without bbc another day.
Any luck yet? She is the hottest I have seen around here! More!!!

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