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Wife wants a Bull

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I love my husband.And he loves the idea of me going black. And once i go black ill never go back :)


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she needs a good black bull hot looking women
I live near NJ, would love to "watch" your wife take on her bull. Please give it some thought.
let me be the one to breed her black she has very tight tummy would love to see it all swollen with my black baby i got realy big fertile cock to knock herup with e.mail me at meghamkeenanmarky@yahoo.com and i will tell you more
Hello...Tony here...heading to NJ....14-18 Dec 05. Army officer with business at Ft Dix,,,where r u in Joisy. deeep9@yahoo.com...ready for some erotic fun....smile.
Go Black

Darling, you were born for Black men. You need to go Black as soon as you can. And yes, you are right, when you go Black you will never go back. You body will change and you mind will change. From then on all you will think about is getting another Black cock. When you are totally Blacked, you will want to breed and have as many Black babies as you can. So hurry and get you self Blacked.
philly love

hey sexy blk Dominant in philly here..... what part of nj r u in???? if your serious holla at me and ill see that u go blk in a big way,and yes hubby can watch....lol
Jersey BBC for you!

NJWife11 said:
I love my husband.And he loves the idea of me going black. And once i go black ill never go back :)

Would love to fill your pussy. I live in Central NJ, where r u? Hit me back!
I like many on here do hope you post pictures of you being fucked by black cock(s).

Your hubby is a very lucky man indeed to have such a sexy wife to watch play around with other men.
fine ass wife

black male here in new york willing to travel to nj to fill that tight tommy with a very good looking black baby if you are interested in knocking that fine wife of yours bareback get at me..
born for black

one hot white wife. Do it as soon as possible baby. You'll love the black man and learn to worship the black man. You have one lucky hubby. Make the two of you very happy and submit to the black man and then breed with them. All white woman should submit and breed with the black man.
going black

you are one nice looking women I know the black men will do real good by you. my wife was a looked when she was younger I let them have her.

betst of luck to you and your hubby.

My name is Mike and I'm in CT. I'd love to potentially meet so feel free to email me at; blacq_9@yahoo.com if you are sincere
You are one hot Lady!! Good luck on you black dick hunt.
I visit the philly area often..
love to black such a nice white girl with big old black 10 inches empty my big fertile balls into her sexy flat tummy whatch her swell up nice and pregnant with my black baby in her womb
Beautiful, you are just Beautiful!!! would love to have a piece of you!!!
Hello NJWife,

You look good. I'm a handsome, muscular Black male in CT. Please email me if you're interested in potentially meeting. blacq_9@yahoo.com

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