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Young white sluts with older Blacks

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Oct 16, 2004
In addition to the color contrast between white and Black, I get off on the age contrast between young white females and older Blacks. My sexy blond wife was only 20 when she sucked off an older Black guy in an adult theatre in Passaic, NJ many years ago. And she was only 21 when a big dicked Black in his 50's fucked her in a wooded park outside Paterson, NJ. We were pretty wild in the early 80's and quite a few mature Blacks in the NY/NJ area got to enjoy her tight young body.
Ladies, how old were you when you enjoyed your first Black cock? Guys, how old was your wife when she got her first taste of dark meat? And to the superior Black studs in the group, please tell us about your young white conquests.


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older africans

My wife was 34 when she became the plaything of a 45yo rich African. After great reluctance she submitted to his friends who ranged up to 55. Later she got quite into it and allowed 60+ Africans to bed her. (But only if they were rich...!)

It really started getting wild when she introduced our daughter to them..
Girls love older men.....they are more experienced when it comes to the pleasures of sex but don't discount the raw sexual energy youth!

When I was 22 and came out of my first serious relationship I started having sex with my manager at work who was about 10 years my senior. It was exactly what I needed at the time.

Just sex....
I agree. Nothing is more sexy then seeing a oung whitegirl with an older black man. I started young, mainly because of my mother. I think black men like young white girls because we are eager and very giving with a natural desire to be trained.
I think its because we make them feel young again.
I think whitegirl's comments reflect my own daughter's approach. While my wife struggled to overcome years of restraint. My daughter would be hopping up and down in delight when African men came to take her out to dinner and clubs, especially if it had not been expected. Older men probably appreciate the treat they are getting and outside the bedroom are apprecative.
My feelings exactly..

I missed your thread before I posted my story.
my older man

i was 17 when i had my first black man, he was 28. since then i have always prefered older men. they are so strong and and make me feel so good!

Kisses to all

That is good to hear Cindy. I am not black, but I am getting older all the time!!! :D
I was 16 when I had my first sex with anyone, it just so happened that it was a handsome, funny, charming, as it turned out-hung, black man of 24. It was from that first night which has directed my life since then. He did more than father my first child that night, he awakened me to the fact that I am attracted to black men. Since that night I have never felt sexually attracted to any other race of man. Loved it the first night, love it still....NIK
When I was young i was riding a train and saw an older black gentlemen with a young white girl. He was way over six feet in his 40s at least i think probably older but a really big guy with some kind of short sleeve safari shirt...it was summer...glasses and gray hair. The girl was petite early 20s i think blonde hair blue eyes glasses short shorts and tee shirt and a headband which kind of made her look like some kind of hippy chick but a lot cleaner. She was really cute and pretty. They were both standing close to each other and holding hands. I was sitting and watching them. I knew I wanted to be like that guy when i was his age. Praise god i think i will be.
This is one of the biggest if not the biggest turn ons for me.Being a little w/m ,I just love the idea of young white women with old black men.It would be an honor for me to watch a big black man or many at the same time doing a little white women.Especially if (they) would let me lick the come out of her---YUMMMY.Anyways,just my 2 cents
Hello everyone...I'm Beth and new here, 1st post actually.

I was 16 when I first had sex. My first black guy was a little over a year ago when I was 31. He was 10 years older than me, and it was a nice experience. I guess 10 years ago I might have been excited at the thought of an "older man". Now, it doesn't really matter to me.

But, when it comes to raw hard sex, a young well-endowed guy in his early 20s is fun to be with. And yes size matters to me.
Being an older lady I'll add my thoughts - having my first sexual encounter at 25 (with my white husband) and for the next 25 years only him I didn't know just what I was missing. Afer my divorce at 50 my first affair was with a black man ten year my senior, after that I relised what I had been missing and I know in my heart that if my first man had been black I would have remained true to the black man. Now, when I see a young white girl with an older black man I know she is living the love of her life, and I feel so happy for her.
my wife was 20 when she had her first bbc she left me six months later to get her own place so she didnt have to sneak,she came to visit me once while i was miserbly living alone. She started kissing me while we stood in our old bedroom. I ended up on my knees in front of her,she held my head tightly against her and came hard and fast. I was sure all the wetness was from my tounge, how nieve was I, Itook her to bed but no matter how hard I tried it was obvious she wasnt into it, She would come back to me two years later,and slowly confess to me over a period of a couple of years what had really happened,I relized she would only stay as long as she could be taken care of by a bbc, she"s 5: 9, 127 lbs red hair 36 24 38 very pretty with hazel eyes, and is currently looking for a bbc 35 to 55 6ft or more long hard and thick. central jersey
The younger a white wife is when she accepts her first black bull, the better her sex becomes. But "later on" is still better than "never".

It is a little sad that so many white females never give themselves the gift of submission to BBC - in many ways, they are only "half-alive".

An older bull can make a younger woman feel extra special.
She was older

My GF is now 43 and had her first black guy months ago. I have encouraged this idea of hers and we have both encountered many O's while talking about her first and many imaginary seconds....hopefully soon!

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