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My Transformation

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by DianeCuck, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. SM4Fin2Blk

    SM4Fin2Blk New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Great Diane...thanks for the continuation. We have had many chats and although I know a lot about your journey, there are details in here I've never heard and I love that. All of us sissies are jealous of what you've gone through. You are an example to us all.
  2. Cum Hunny

    Cum Hunny Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    It is So true that MEN need to know that they should TAKE US as stted earlier. They are realizing that this does NOT make them gay. Wanting us GURLS who try to be as girly as we can. istarted shaving my whole body for swim team-which I got on varsity early). Older boys with Man Cocks sure did notice. Not a great seppe swimmer but good enough to make team. And everyone please tell more. I do not think anyone is hi jacking thread
    Love, Mary Belle
  3. Sandy Row

    Sandy Row New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Very pretty girl:)
  4. DianeCuck

    DianeCuck New around here... Beloved Member :)

    I went to work looking much more feminine than I had the previous week. My hair was now in a bob type cut with my hair was a darker unnatural red showing that I had gotten it dyed. My nails now shined with the glossy clear polish over the unnaturally white tips on my finger nails. Women’s pants now caressed my skinnier yet rounder bottom. The only thing masculine I would wear at work was a men’s shirt, jacket and shoes now. Underneath that I was now wearing panties, thong or bikini style with my clit tucked under so it kept my smooth front just like Master taught me when I put on panties for the first time about a year ago at that time. I was also wearing a corset or a bra to work. I would wear more colorful men’s shirts to hide the fact that I was wearing a bra.

    Going into work I just kept my head down and avoided any unnecessary communication with anyone. Whenever, I walked by people I could feel their eyes analyzing me. I heard people say things behind my back, saying that I was looking like a woman. Other rumors going around that I must be finally coming out of the closet.

    Before I would eat in the lunch room but now I would just eat at my desk. Sometimes, Master would call me and tell me that he would be downtown for lunch and to meet him. It was such a reprieve from the atmosphere at work. I would open up to him about how work would be. Instead of asking him to let me wear more masculine things though, the thought never came to my mind, just venting to him made me feel better. Sometimes after lunch we would go into a bathroom and he would fill me with his cum or I would end up with it in my tummy.

    After that it would be to go back to work. My mind drifting to his cock, to his body, to my small clit in my panties, to how good some of my clothes felt and how horrid my male things felt. I would sit at my desk counting down the minutes to rush home for me to strip off my male things and fully become diane.

    When I got home from work Eve and Kevin would be home, once the garage door closed I would strip off any male clothes. I now kept them in the garage. This was rule that Master put into place after he was home when I got home from work and saw me walk through the house wearing a men’s shirt and shoes.

    When he saw me do this before he made the rule, he yelled out my name and told me to come to him. I was still wearing the male clothes. He yelled at me to take of that stuff, now. I took off everything till I was in a bra, garters, thong, and stockings. He told me to kneel before him which I did. He asked me if I was his girls. I said yes. He asked did I love being his girl, I said yes. He asked me if he as my Master, I said yes. He asked me that didn’t he tell me that whenever I was not in work I was supposed to be his girl diane. I made the mistake to open my mouth trying to explain that I was going to change fully. Before I got more than four words out he slapped me across the face and said, I know you were going to change but I want you only in your girly clothes when you’re in this house. He said to move my remaining male clothes to the garage and I’m only allowed to wear male clothes in the garage, in my car to work, at work, and back to work. That was it unless he told me otherwise.

    I apologized for my mistake and told him that I would be the best girl I could be for him. He then put his hand under my chin having me stand up and then starts making out with him. The burning sensation on my face from where he hit me melted away along with the rest of my body as I moved my body up towards him. After about a minute he then takes me and lifts me up making me feel like a rag doll and he sits down with my stomach on his lap. My thong ass in the air and he proceeds to spank me. I feel his hard cock on my stomach and it was humiliating and painful but all I thought about was his cock. After about ten spanks he has me stand up and I thank him for teaching me a lesson. He picks me up again and takes me to the bedroom where he then proceeds to punish my ass.
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  5. Greytaylor

    Greytaylor Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    What happens next come on diane
  6. SquirmingSub

    SquirmingSub Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    @DianeCuck - As always, an amazing transitional story... Looking forward to hearing more.
  7. SM4Fin2Blk

    SM4Fin2Blk New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Soooo looking forward to your next post Diane
  8. sissysubtv

    sissysubtv New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Great Story!!! More please!