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Should I Make Hubby A Sissy Cuck?

Discussion in 'Cuckold Talk' started by Britannyhotwife, Dec 21, 2016.

what should I make him do to me?

  1. denying sex and orgasm

  2. wear buttplug

  3. wear chastity cage

  4. eat cum for me

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  1. GaryCaste

    GaryCaste My Daily Denial Has Me Perpetually Staining! Beloved Member :)

    Owww I sooo agree, so so very nice and you have me in quite a state and believe me if I could jerk off over you wow so much I would, alas I am resigned to tugging my chastity cage so so desperate as yes, how succulent and utterly delicious I bet you taste!! :)
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  2. Britannyhotwife

    Britannyhotwife Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    thanks guys ;)
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  3. MassiveThickDick4ThckWomn

    MassiveThickDick4ThckWomn Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    She sure does have a very nice ass!............I like that!!
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  4. Britannyhotwife

    Britannyhotwife Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    It's even better if a big dick fucks it ;)
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  5. jksacto

    jksacto New around here... Beloved Member :)

    i was an active cuck back in the 90's. we weren't very sophisticated, we didn't have a digital camera for pics or even a computer with internet access. my ex started by cheating on me but when i found out i agreed for her to continue. my "training" consisted totally of her or any of many, many bulls telling me what i was to do. before she eventually kicked me out for a bull with a huge cock, i was completely responsible for housework, cooking, shopping, household bills, etc. etc. i also was privileged to be allowed to clean her and any bulls that desired it as well as servicing any bull that required it. unfortunately i was never caged and freely spurted my worthless cum into my panties frequently.
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  6. Britannyhotwife

    Britannyhotwife Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    sounds good! I need a servant :D
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  7. Custer Laststand

    Custer Laststand SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    Interesting. I would guess your ex (ex-wife?) came to regret kicking you out at the request of her "bull with a huge cock," since it seems unlikely he took over your role doing all the "housework, cooking, shopping, paying the household bills, etc." The implication seems to be that after booting you out the door, your ex had to take over all those jobs.

    Any comment on this...? I notice Ms. Britainnyhotwife (in her subsequent post #46, above) seems to appreciate the proper role of a cuckold.
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  8. GaryCaste

    GaryCaste My Daily Denial Has Me Perpetually Staining! Beloved Member :)

    That a very good idea Custer Laststand, and yes it may take some time and patience to get the device to fit well, or to get once for him, in the beginning I did end up with quite a collection!!
    A good silicone lube is highly recommended, and lubing regularly through the period.
    Also, shaving eliminates chafing, so use your womanly whiles to get him to do that too!! Gary :)
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  9. indicuck

    indicuck Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    perfect narration as how it deveoped
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  10. Custer Laststand

    Custer Laststand SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    Incidentally, GaryCaste—

    Re. your description of how your wife caged you in a chastity device (something like 10 years ago?):

    Does your wife fuck other men, or does she simply prefer to keep your cock locked up.... with her your sole keyholder.... so she can uncage you and fuck you whenever she feels like it, but in between times be confident you won't bother her for sex at times when she doesn't feel like it...?

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  11. GaryCaste

    GaryCaste My Daily Denial Has Me Perpetually Staining! Beloved Member :)

    cuckboi or servant, I'm yours for how ever you desire to use me Britanny !! :)
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  12. GaryCaste

    GaryCaste My Daily Denial Has Me Perpetually Staining! Beloved Member :)

    Thanks for your question Custer Laststand, I'm not sure this is the right place for this and hope Britanny doesn't mind but I'll briefly answer but if you wish to inquire more feel free to pm me.

    It's been so long I can't remember exactly, but it must be about 10 to 12 years ago I mentioned chastity and rapidly found myself cock locked!

    My Wife no doesn't fuck other men, she is my pure 'Supreme Mistress', and your description is so close to the truth, as she just loves the power of teasing and taunting me, all when and if SHE PLEASES!!
    I mentioned once to her that 'she could tease me as much as she liked without a requirement for penile sex', and wow, I asked for it, I'm just her toy now, and we very rarely have penile sex (because I have a thick girth that's uncomfortable for her so sex play this way is ideal.. for her!) but she does have many climaxes and is fully satisfied, and crazily in contradiction I am too all be it in a permanent state of frustration.... well I said there was a contradiction!!

    She is my sole key holder, although apx a year and a half ago I joined Fet Life a Kink community and do have a Mistress who my Wife loans me to along with her key!! I've found out since joining Fet Life I'm a pain slut too, so often come home from meeting my Mistress not only frustrated but with a very beaten sore ass too!!

    Hmmm... I said I'd be brief so as I'm starting not to be better quit here.... thanks Custer for your interest, Gary :)
  13. Britannyhotwife

    Britannyhotwife Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    you are my servant haha. wish I could make you lick my feet
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  14. Custer Laststand

    Custer Laststand SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)


    Hey, you're welcome. It seemed like a question others, including Ms. Brittanyhotwife, might be wondering about.

    Your reply seems appropriate to for this thread, since Ms. Brittanyhotwife has undertaken the challenge of getting her reluctant cuckold into a cock cage. (Perhaps she'll give us an update before too much longer....)

    Seems like a good illustration of the saying, "Be careful what you wish for — you might get it." Speaking of time, quite a while ago someone on this forum said his wife had kept him locked in a cock cage for the past 10 years. Now, he can't get it up under any circumstance. (He didn't elaborate beyond that.) Do you find you have that problem...?

    Ah-ha.... so, you appear to be a good illustration of the advantages to a married woman of keeping her husband in a cock cage, even if she doesn't cuckold him by taking lovers, thus keeping herself sexually satisfied in that way....

    Another example of "being careful what you wish for...."


    So you're a spanked husband, in addition to being kept locked in your cock cage. Sounds humiliating, all right. Since your wife (your primary mistress) in effect contracts out your spankings to your Fet Life (your secondary) mistress, it sounds like your wife mainly prefers teasing you and enjoying the pleasures of your cunt-sucking while keeping you locked in your cock cage. But, evidently she is not into inflicting corporal punishment.... although she feels "someone" should humiliate you with spankings.... hence, your secondary mistress.

    Since your Fet Life mistress becomes your key holder when you visit her, do you find there are any positive benefits, other than the negative benefit of being spanked, that follow when she unlocks you....?

    Finally, it seems possible Ms. Brittanyhotwife may find this discussion beneficial, given the current state of her relationship with her cuckold. Perhaps we'll hear more from her before too much longer....

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  15. Britannyhotwife

    Britannyhotwife Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    text me in private
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  16. GaryCaste

    GaryCaste My Daily Denial Has Me Perpetually Staining! Beloved Member :)

    Britanny you don't have to 'make me'.... I will gladly and willingly kneel before you, kiss and lick your feet, and kiss them more, lick them more, kiss and kiss, lick and lick...
    Then if you allow me massage them, and your calves, kissing and licking them tenderly showing you how mush I desire to be your serving servant, to worship and adore you..... Anyway you please :)
  17. GaryCaste

    GaryCaste My Daily Denial Has Me Perpetually Staining! Beloved Member :)

    Thanks Custer for all your quotes and interest, and yes it looks as though Britanny is enjoying and may well benefit from little snippets of info here, so in that light...

    Yes the old adage of be careful what you wish for, how true, as denial is quite a big undertaking and unless as a fella you have gone months without a climax or even a proper aroused state, it really is hard to describe apart for the extreme aching frustration due to bloated testicals so desperate to explode!!
    To answer your question me myself no, even at my age I have never had problems with gaining a full and rock hard erection once out of the cage, and I know I'm fortunate as yes I fear and have heard that some men suffer in this way but some cases might be just because they have become impotent during this time?

    You have again a very good perception of my situation and my primary Mistress my Wife and Fet Life Mistress, however until you experience this it's very hard to understand as to say pain is a pleasure is by definition a contradiction!!
    My Wife and Supreme Mistress as I call her does spank me and even has brought some implements to inflict some 'love play pain' on me at home, but she doesn't go to events, thus she 'loans me' along with her key to my chastity out to my Fet Mistress!
    The whole process is humiliating yes indeed, but actually again a contradiction it's a thrill that is not like humiliation in the ordinary sense of the word.
    Yes I am primarily a cunt sucker as you say lol, and in fact due to my chastity, denial or whatever, I feel a switch has changed within me as I actually desire far far more to pleasure a female orally, and have her climax all over my face, than to feel myself buried cock deep in a wet pussy! Again, not even my best friend can get a handle on that as when we're in the pub he will look at ladies desiring to feel his member fucking them, while I will desire to feel my lips and tongue tasting their sweet juicy wet hot sex as they fuck my face!!

    My chastity was as you say pretty much self induced due to me breaching the subject, but for us as a couple it does actually fit very well as my Wife is not so sexually driven, yet thrills very much in teasing me, and alongside sex between us being uncomfortable no matter how much or what lube we use due to my thick girth gives a satisfying result for all!!
    I am an exhibitionist and being paraded by my Fet Mistress, used and abused, well sits well with me as I'm a total slut in every and any way you can think!! Strangely, I never had any idea about my desires for pain, humiliation and sexual tormenting myself until just a few years ago when I joined Fet Life... so your never too old to find out more about yourself!!

    You see Custer you mention spanking as a negative, but truly it's not, the pain inflicted while being caned, or spanked or whipped is exquisite and delivered right has a submissive go spacey as if you've had the most amazing drug ever! Also, I find that the following days I have a feeling of euphoria and am skipping around like a 10 yr old.
    The main benefits that I have gained through all of this is that my Wife and I talk far more deeply about our true feelings and sexual emotions etc., and through this honesty and acceptance our marriage without a doubt has a different dynamic and is so more more enriched by the whole experiences.
    I hope that gives you a further small insight into why this life of mine is quite wonderful and I often am pinching myself thinking surely this kind of thing really doesn't happy to a middle aged slightly over weight man like me!
    I imagine a number of people will read my lines and feel it's fabricated but I promise you really, this is my life, for some their desire, for some a mystery, for some an enigma, for me ohhh.. Heaven on Earth!! :)
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  18. Custer Laststand

    Custer Laststand SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)


    You're welcome. Thanks for your explanatory replies.

    Perhaps your "once out of your cage" comment is the key. That is, your primary and secondary mistresses unlock you and liberate your cock sufficiently often so you haven't developed a permanent inability to get it up.

    It's not a surprise that you would say this; I've read of it elsewhere. That is, when cunt-sucking becomes a man's primary (or only) means of sexual interaction with a woman (or women), he acquires a taste for that, so to speak, and craves it in the same way other men crave penetrative sex.

    As you've just confirmed....

    Good. Some women in this forum have said they find men with large girth more satisfying than men who have long cocks. Obviously your wife is not a "girth queen;" your preceding comments seem to suggest she is not a "length queen" (or "size queen" generally speaking) either. (Some are, some aren't.)


    I was ambiguous; I think I described your spankings as a "negative benefit." But, I'll take your word for it.

    This comment seems strongly relevant to Ms. Brittanyhotwife's situation — or potentially relevant, I should say, if she can successfully get her cuckold into a cock cage.

    It does. Thanks.

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  19. heiko

    heiko New around here... Beloved Member :)

    i think you just fuck with your lovers but keep on loving your hubby "normaly"and please dont make him a sissy he loves you so be nice to him ☺☺☺
  20. sissystephanie

    sissystephanie New around here... Beloved Member :)

    We need to work on getting rid of all that hair!!! Shaving just irritates the skin but epilating combined with spot waxing should help speed his feminization along nicely! Hir total emasculation will take time before she becomes a real sissy!
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