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    Public Sex

    Are white women more inclined toward public sex when they are involved with a black man?Of my four serious relationships with white women, two wanted to do stuff in public or in near-public situations. (And I did with one -- bj in a bar, and bj in a men's stall in a restaurant washroom.)...
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    Good looking ladies! I prefer the one in the blazer. Given that Mike is broke, I wonder what they are getting by hanging with him?
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    real life situation-how uncommon?

    Kathi,Wow, what a life your Master has -- breeding three women in what is really a harem. With seven kids, he has to be congratulated. What are your ages? Got a family portrait?
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    "Mainstream" IR

    I may be wrong but I think Natassia Kinski was bred twice by the brotha she was seeing. Maybe she even married him. I just don't know his name.
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    jennifer love hewitt

    She'd look really nice black bred and showing -- walking hand in hand with the baby's father. That image would help all of us out.
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    Leggy Celebs I'd like to see go black

    I would love to see Gerri Willis, the new CNN anchor on Saturdgay mornings go black. Man, I'd love to do the job myself. She is really beautiful. Anyone know anything about her?
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    Where to Meet Older White Woman???

    The oldest woman I have ever been with is the one I am seeing now, and she is a 39 year old mwf. (I am 29.) We met at a local coffee shop -- not a Starbucks!!! -- near the university I attend.
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    romantic need bmwf missionary only

    I have to agree here WhiteGuy. If its possible, I love being in a deep kiss with my woman when I explode inside her. Doggie is good for just getting off, and most woman I know enjoy it too. But for romance, missionary always makes me feel closer to (even if doggie lets me get deeper inside) the...
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    Fathers and babies

    I was asked these the other night by a woman I am seeing and thought it was a good question to post here:How many black men after knocking up a white woman have anything to do with the baby after he/she is born? How many want to?In my own case, I have had none. That was the decision of...
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    question....interfering with a couple in the act of breedi

    I have to agree with Solowhiteguy. There is absolutely no way that I would want to be disturbed just as I was about to nut inside some beautiful woman. It would be much better if he waited outside until I finished and then came in. He could, I suppose, ask to watch the next time -- and one...
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    Mature stars for BBC

    I have to say that the idea of doing Katie Couric or Cheryl Ladd or Morgan Fairchild gives me a nice woody!
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    Once You've Gone Black, There's No Going Back

    Hi Nikki,Great post. You've never been with a white male. That's interesting. Being black, my first was a black girl who went to my school. But ever since I have dated white. Like you, I can't explain why I like white women so much, but I do and I hardly ever even look at a sista anymore...
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    Lets talk about creampies

    In my opinion, there is no point to fucking a white woman if I can't nut inside her.
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    Mature stars for BBC

    There is a simple solution IRCF -- don't read them!!!
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    Mature stars for BBC

    A big yes to Katie Couric and Demi Moore. Let's replay the famous scene in Ghost where Demi is at the pottery wheel, naked, with a brotha this time.
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    Once You've Gone Black, There's No Going Back

    I don't know about the "once you go black..." stuff. Might be true, might not be. But I agree with Sandy that we approach sex very differently than white men. Most of my friends are white and are scared by the idea of knocking up their girlfriends. However, I think the idea is incredibly hot. It...
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    Should cuckolds be allowed intercourse with their wives?

    If a wife is being bred by her lover, then the answer is very clear - no the husband must be completely denied.
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    Mother and daughter

    Hey Expat,I'll take your suggestion. But, in the meantime, tell us more about your domestic situation. Would love to hear how a brother got the two women in your home.
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    Cuckolding my daughter

    Why not let him have your wife also? How about posting a pic of your daughter?
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    Mother and daughter

    I've banged a few WFs in my life so far and hope to do a lot more. My biggest fantasy is to do both a mother and her daughter (over 18 of course). I know its often mentioned in chat groups and other places, but I have never heard of anyone being successful in this.Anyone here ever do a...