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    hey, racist whitebois

    It seems that you are not on here posting and this is what shows up on your page.Page not foundThe thing you were looking for doesn't exist.Go home?I am interested in seeing, so please let me know thanks.
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    I can cover you with pleasure TheresaI would compose all kinds of those for you Theresadenwest88@gmail.com emaildenwest2468@yahoo.com IM
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    worship black!

    Hi Ewa, you are beautiful.denwest88@gmail.com
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    Interracial Talkies

    It' called something like Monster Cock Ball by Hush Hush Video.
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    Sexy White Women

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    Black Bodybuilders fucking GF

    I saw a movie back around 84 at a porn theater where a popular porn star of that time, I think Susan was her name, tall shorter haired brunette, and she was a photographer in the movie as there were still story lines back then. She has the job of doing a photo shoot of around four body...
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    Black Bodybuilders fucking GF

    What city is your gym inThanks,Den
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    Black Bodybuilders fucking GF

    Have you seen a lot of the white babes leave with the black studs? Better yet, have you seen any hot babes leave with multiple black studs?I'd love to hear more. I've been suggesting gyms to people on here as a naturally perfect place to go and find black meat for quite some time now...
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    Some caps

    I love all these captioned pics you have been creating and sharing at a furious pace. I have numerous favorites. I really like what this BBC Slut Wife experienced on the bus and I love it that she is going back seeking more. Thanks very much. Please keep them cumming. A big titted bonde...
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    Some caps

    Thanks, this is some hot shit. Some of these are hot, some are sexy, and some are scorching. One that I love is the great looking blonde babe holding that huge curvy black cock with the caption you put in.
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    Various celebrity women

    was not that before they started dating?
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    what would be a good idea to buy her?

    Since she probably already went and came back, for next trip, as many of her sexiest heels, some of her thigh highs, thong panties, thong bikini, some short sexy skirts, and some sexy glamorous cocktail dresses, and all the good suggestions you already like.Best wishes,Den
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    Experiance during physicals

    Great topic, great thought. maybe more response in an additional section, though not sure where it would fit in, I would love to see some good recolections.While the female nurse and Dr kept professional, there is a good chance they at least had some thoughts that they kept inside, and if...
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    Cuck Hubby Wanted.......

    Well said Mr. Moderator, thanks.
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    Looking for a movie

    You should probabably start with Cuckolds.com and DarkCavern.com since they are the folks that make this forum available for us.You may want to check out or google Kick Ass Films, and maybe Chatsworth Pictures, which the second is distributed through JM producutions.These are two pro...
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    Wife Used By Black in Sex Club

    Wow, You are a hot one. I love black cock sluts.denwest88@gmail.com
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    Top 3 white sluts

    hot stuff for you to check out that may get you HOT!Hi Amy,If you and any others reading this enjoy hot scenes where a sexy white babe is getting her world rocked by three very fit and hung black studs, here are some recommendations.BLACK PIPE LAYERS - Justin Slayer, Boz and Monty...
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    Top 3 white sluts

    blast from the past, Danielle, Tracy, Tammie,AmberDoes anyone remember from early to mid 80s I think a blonde porn slut that when by just the first name Danielle.Before running out of change or tokens in a peep booth at the F Street in Downtown San Diego, I clicked on a channel with...
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    Interracial Talkies

    If you click on quote to reply from the cruise ship post, it will show up or be linked to your post, so we may all more easily enjoy it with out requiring the time to look through as much as 23 pages thus far, thanks.
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    Taking things one step at a time

    Batman, in the far right picture of your wife's panties, that black smooth looking fabric would look great frosted by a long trail of thick sperm or with several trails preferably deposited by some big meaty black cock(s) where the stud(s) just finished off your wife's session by rubbing off...