I relocated to the area some 11 years ago. Upon starting my new position I met a coworker. She was a bit my senior but cute, very flirtatious, and sweet and she had a killer rack that I could never take my eyes off of. As the months went on the flirtation was always present and she’d be sure to wear flattering tops to attract attention to her cleavage… sometimes to the point of her bra being visible under her unbuttoned top. I’m a boob guy and she figured it out early on.

One day the flirtation turned physical. She was using a mail machine and I brushed behind her to get by, and as I did I gave her a little thrust against her ass. Sent her for a loop. One thing to know about her is she was rather sheltered at the time and she’s married as well as I am. Her face was flushed and she made some comments something to the effect of “oh yeah” and a chuckle that was a little flustered. Later that day I came across her in an office at a copier and came up behind her and gave her another one but reached around and got a couple good firm gropes on her tits. I was almost immediately hard. I walked away grinning and her lamenting that her nipples were now hard and everything.

That day I went home for lunch. While I was standing there I got a call from the coworker saying she was in my subdivision. She’d followed me home. I told her which house it was and she came in, basically telling me I was driving her fucking crazy. I showed her around the place and was standing there in front of her looking down her blouse. “Those look like fun.” She looks down and backs up “They are.” I lifted her top slipped her bra up started fondling and watched her eyes close. Sucked her nipples for a few moments before she needed to sit down. Sat her on the couch, which put her face-height to my cock. She looks up to “perfect height”. I go.. “hmm…” And unzip my pants and take my cock out… she looks at me and says, if we do this, no guilt. I agree and she takes my cock, hands and mouth trembling, and begins sucking me off. Within moments she’s had an orgasm. I sit as I’m getting unbalanced myself and she kneels in front of me and hungrily finishes me off.

From there, it became a regular thing… texting her after leaving the site for lunch and we fucked for the first time. She’s on her knees servicing my cock, and top off, I’m fondling her big tits while she’s doing so. I lean forward and tell her “Take your pants off.” Her eyes go big and she says “You sure about that?” I grin “Are YOU sure?” She stands up and takes a deep breath and says “Yes”. I lead her to the bedroom and motion for her to lie down. She takes off her panties, climbs in bed, and opens her thighs. Sucking her tits and guiding myself, it took some doing getting into her. She has, BY FAR, the tightest pussy I have ever felt. I’m about 7.5-8” and to say it’s fucking amazing would be an understatement. I came far more quickly than I’d anticipated but she’d already had multiple orgasms so we were both very satisfied.

Since then it’s been meetups for 10 years. Fucking her in the back room at her workplace, fucking her at her friend's house, and even fucked her once in the back of her friend’s car that was parked in the garage.

I’ve nudged them over the years to expand her horizons. Suggestions like anal sex which she was staunchly against until she experimented with vibrators in her ass on her own. To her surprise, she found that she enjoyed it. On one of our subsequent dates, we were going to try it. After mutually pleasuring each other and her straddling my cock for a ride where I started teasing her asshole with some fingering. She was moaning about how much of a tease I was. Shortly after she climbed off and bent over the couch. I lubed us both up positioned myself and let her apply the pressure. She inched herself back slowly, pausing. I could feel her pulsing on me. “Am I hurting you?” She replied “A little… but when I relax it feels soooo good.” She reaches back and touches my hip to motion me deeper until I’m slowly fucking her ass with about half the length of my cock. She’s moaning and having almost nonstop orgasms. I finally reach my point of no return and tell her I’m gonna cum in her ass. She moans “That’ll be different.” She came as hard as I did. She is now an avid fan. Said her goal was to take my entire cock up her ass, which she did on our 3rd time.

At one point over the years, we are fucking and I’m looking her in the eyes and said, “You know that I’m going to tell you to fuck someone at some point.” She rather sternly declined and that wasn’t something she was going to do. As time went on, the discussion opened more and more, suggestions took root, and I told her how hot it’d be. We talked about it and I asked who would she like to suck off if she had a choice. She mentioned a friend of hers that she saw from time to time. I told her that was interesting. One day we were texting and she mentioned she was on her way to see him and said she might ask if he wanted a blow job. It sent a shock through me. Hot. We’re texting and she says “Brb, ;)”. One of the oddest 15 min of sexual tension I’ve ever experienced. She texts me “Well, I did it. Are you proud or ashamed of me?” Flabbergasted I told her I was insanely turned on and couldn’t get enough of the details. We met up and fucked the next day and had her whispering the details while she rode my cock. I was so over the top that I came back again later that day and put her on my knees to suck me off.

Mind blown. I was now borderline obsessed with it, and her as well. She began sucking him off every couple of weeks. At one point he took a couple of pics of her in the act and it put me over the edge when she sent them. She also had an orgasm when she hit “send.” Not long after, we’re texting on a Monday and I ask how her weekend was. “It was kinda boring except for the surprise blow job I did ;)”. I was bowled over again. She’d run into a former coworker (I also know him, he knows nothing of our relationship). He hugged her and slipped his number in her back pocket. She’d called him a couple of hours later and said she wanted to suck his cock. As she retells it, the first thing he says is “Lemme see 'em”. She took her top and bra off and he played with her tits for a while before she unzipped his pants and started servicing him. Said he was fondling her tits and pinching her nipples the whole time and rubbing her ass through her pants. He asked if he could fuck her and she declined. Said it took her 15 min before he came in her mouth. He was moving away within a couple of weeks and said he hated that he was moving because he could go for more of those. We met up a few days later and fucked while she told me the details again. I told her “wish you’d have fucked him.” She said it wasn’t time. She tried to get another meet-up with him a week later or so but he was already on his way out of town.

She continued sucking her friend off every couple of weeks in addition to our meetups. On one such occasion, she met him and texted me that she’d just finished. She was at work which was 5 minutes from me. I went over and put her on her knees in the back room and came in her mouth. It was the first time she’d ever sucked two cocks in the same day (actually this was within an hour). He’d also talked to her about meeting him and his brother for a 3way but it never came to fruition. He recorded a video of her sucking his cock and her telling his brother that she was a slut and she could please him.

We went through a roughly 6-month spell of not seeing each other or talking much. We caught up and she hinted at having a very busy March. Eventually, it came out that she’d met up with the guy who moved. He was up for a month and texted her for another BJ. Instead, she said she wanted to fuck. She met up with him 2x that month for about 45 min+ and fucked. Gave him a show with a vibrator, sucked him, rode his cock, and then got it from behind. Said she came hardest getting fucked from behind, and partially due to what she knew it’d do to me when she told me.

At some point, her friend stopped meeting up / responding and the other guy hasn’t come back up to visit in a year (last Xmas but she had COVID and couldn’t meet). We’ve talked about finding a new fuck buddy but she doesn’t get out much and doesn’t have the opportunity to meet new people with her job change to a caregiver. She’s become VERY interested in being gangbanged, having an MFM threesome, experiencing a couple, and eating pussy for the first time while being fucked. She’d also love to have pics, and videos she could show me for my approval, or have me watch her; secretly or in person. It’s all hot as fuck. I’m not a cuck, I’m more so her master (she calls me as such) who takes a great deal of pleasure in making her a slut. More along the lines of a stag if anything.

That brings me to here. I told her I’d see if I could find a discrete way to open some doors and opportunities. We’re both married and cheating which isn’t ideal but it is what it is and it’s not changing for either of us so we’ll just continue to function as we always have.

Thanks for reading! Gonna post and send her the link. She’ll probably have an orgasm lol
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