I stood in front of the mirror in my cabin checking myself out for the last time. I looked good. The abs stood out proud and firm, the shaved head was smooth and hid my balding spot nicely (I am in my mid thirties, time doesn't make exceptions for anyone) and the tight swim shorts I was wearing showed of the bulge of my dick just the way I wanted to, obscene but not cheap or trashy.

It was the look I was going for but I knew it would not be the look favored by most people here. The cruise ship had been chartered for a week long wife sharing, cuckold and general sex party and most of the guests didn't believe in nuance and subtlety. And all that would be irrelevant within minutes anyway as fucking would likely take place all over the ship and out in the open. A lot, but not all of it. This was an event for all types of people and there were strict rules.

I stepped out of my cabin and started walking towards the main lounge. Right in front of me a couple emerged from their cabin. The man was in his mid thirties and dressed in normal beach attire. The woman, his wife or girlfriend, was slightly younger. She did have a normal, average build and long blonde hair. Her plump ass was jiggling as she walked down the hall and she was completely naked except for the silver band on her left arm.

Instead of having to discuss personal preferences and kinks with each person the organizers had set up a system of color codes. The arm band was obligatory (because there would be a lot of nudity fairly quickly) but most women also had some clothing in the right colors. I had already seen that in the boarding process before the event started. Women would be dressed fully in pink or red or whichever color fit their interests.

The system had three tiers with colors in each tier. Metallic colors, like silver, indicated submissives. Bronze meant that you had to ask her to fuck but once she agreed there would not be many, if any, limits. Silver meant that she wanted to be taken by anybody and everybody without questions. Her body was free for use. Gold was both more and less than Silver. It meant the woman was looking for an owner. Somebody who would take command of her body and make all decisions for her. That would have to be talked about and agreed before and it was a big responsibility. Ownership was at least till nightfall or sunrise, more likely several days, and you owed your girl some attention when you took her over. Then there were light colored armbands for wives cucking their husbands and finally dark colored ones for couples who both had a say in the choice of bull.

But none of this mattered right now because all I was interested in was the silver on her arm. It was the first day of the cruise and we had just left harbor. She was the first girl I had an opportunity to interact with and I was dying to find out how real all of this would be and how ready the people were to follow through. I sped up to catch up with the couple and grabbed her by the arm. I turned her towards me as the husband stepped back to give me some space. And she looked up at me with big blue eyes and asked "Yes, master?"

She was pretty but would not stand out in a crowd. A girl next door type in her late 20s. The type you would never suspect of something like this. The situation was surreal. She was a sub who would do whatever I wanted without question. I knew that. But at the same time I felt powerless and lost. She had a lot more experience being in the situation than I did and all she needed to do was what she was told. I wondered how long she had done this but I also felt that asking her, showing her attention that was not purely sexual, would have been wrong.

I grabbed one of her tits and pulled hard on her nipple just to make her wimper. Then I ordered her to suck my dick. She went to her knees instantly, fished my cock out of my shorts and started blowing me. She was good but not amazing. I wondered if she had no talent or might just not be as experienced as I had thought. But it did not matter. Her pretty big blue eyes looking up, her small tits swaying back and forth and her mouth on my dick would get the job done in a couple of minutes and I just needed to sink back against the wall and relax.

As I was enjoying her mouth the door of another cabin opened and another couple stepped out. My eyes locked in on the wife. She was a bit older, late 40s but you could see that she had been an absolute stunner in her time and the looks had not faded by much. She was tall, slim and had big, firm breasts probably formed by an expert surgeon. Her red hair framed the perfectly made up face and she smiled appreciatively at me, checking out my body and the dick sliding into the girl's mouth. The light blue dress she wore to match her arm band (cuckold relationship, husband not directly involved, possibly watching) clung to every curve on her body. She seemed unphased by the fact that I was getting a blowjob in the middle of the hallway.

"That your preference?" she asked pointing at the silver armband of the naked girl.
"Not exclusively. I just saw her in the hallway and wanted to try her. But I would be open for a more classy encounter if you want."
"I would like that a lot but later. We want to tour the ship and have a look around now."
"If you stay for a couple of minutes we can go together and chat. I just need to finish this or I will be walking around with blue balls for the next hour."
"I don't know if I want to focus my time on a guy who is already spend." She said with a wicked smile.
I looked her up and down and said "I would never be too spend to make the best out of a couple of hours with a woman as hot as you."

We spend a couple minutes chatting about how we found the cruise and what we expected to find here when I felt myself getting closer. I looked down at the blonde and ordered "Swallow." She nodded her head and kept sucking my dick as I grunted and pumped load after load of cum into her mouth. I waited for a couple of seconds for her to finish cleaning all of the jizz from my dick, then pulled the limp member from her mouth and stuffed it back into my shorts. I turned to the other women and said "Shall we go?" to which she nodded and we started of down the hall.

I heard the girl behind me thanking me for letting her swallow instead of ruining her make-up or hair by coming on her face but I ignored her. She had served her purpose and now my attention was needed elsewhere.

Yes, this cruise was going to be worth every penny.
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