The sordid and happy tale of Sam and Carrie Stevenson ...

"Look, I've been sent to talk to you about the opening in the junior executive position," Gary said to Sam.

"Really?" Sam said, trying to play it cool, because it was well-known that the junior executive position was near the top of the management line at Alphia Corporation. Sam was well-paid, but the executive-level compensation was rumored to start at north of a half a million dollars a year, plus other benefits.

"It is not much of a secret that we hire for our senior management positions from within," Gary said and Sam nodded.

"But ... well for reasons having to do with HR compliance and employee liability, I need you to keep the remainder of this conversation strictly confidential," Gary said, pausing to give Sam enough time to agree.

"I'm a little surprised by the request. You know that I keep business issues confidential," Sam said with a frown.

"Excellent!" Gary said, pleased, and he drained his beer. Catching the barmaid's eye, he raised the glass and she quickly brought over two more beers.

Gary grinned happily at Sam, who grinned back, eager and interested. Gary was the senior management team leader for 30 or so managers. All told, Gary was the indirect supervisor for over 250 employees. He was Sam's direct report, but he was only about than 10 years older than Sam's 29.

"Here's the deal, though, kid," Gary said, looking a touch more serious, "once we have this conversation, you and Carrie have forty-eight hours to agree with the outline of the potential employment terms. If you decline, you have to leave Alphia Corporation."

Sam's eyebrows rose. "Really?"

"You can decline to continue the conversation now, if you wish," Gary continued, "and Alphia will be pleased to continue with your current employment for as long as you wish to remain at Alphia and for as long as your excellent - amazing, really - work continues."

Sam looked at his boss, "... but ..."

"Right," Gary said, "there is a 'but.' This conversation is the start of your evaluation for promotion to the opening in the senior management team. If you decline to continue, you will not be considered for the promotion. Furthermore, this is a one-time opportunity. If you decline to start the process, your current position is the furthest that you will ever advance at Alphia. You will, of course, be entitled to annual increments and bonuses, but your base pay scale will always be at the middle management position and you will never be entitled to any of the ... advantages and obligations of senior management and you will therefore never have the opportunity to compete for a spot on the executive committee ... and any of the very significant perks that come with that promotion."

"OK," Sam said slowly, "and if after this conversation and corporate disclosure I decide not to continue, I have to leave?"

"Yes," Gary said gravely. "You also have to leave if you go through the process but decline the promotion."

"I am not sure that 48 hours will be enough time for Carrie and me to consider the offer," Sam said to Gary. "There is a lot riding on this decision."

"There is a LOT riding on this conversation, your decision afterwards and Alphia's internal decision on promotion," Gary said in agreement, "for both you and for Carrie. But if it comes down to the need for you and Alphia to separate, Alphia will provide one year full severance, health insurance, relocation and reemployment assistance and a glowing reference for your new employer."

"Wow," Sam said, "that does make the decision a bit easier but I really need to discuss this with Carrie before getting back to you."

"Unfortunately, that is not possible," Gary said, shaking his head at his younger friend. "The senior executive team, including the board of directors, has selected you for promotion - and yours truly has been instructed to explain your options - and the process has started, subject to your agreement as to confidentiality. Once I have that agreement, I am authorized to discuss the terms of the potential promotion with you and you then have 48 hours to discuss the situation with Carrie - but with no one else - and get back to me with your decision. For now, you either agree to keep everything confidential or we shake hands and return to work where you will have your exit interview with HR."

Sam frowned. "That is unfair," he protested.

Gary nodded. "I remember being in your place, seven years ago. I was interviewed by Brad Simpson, and I protested all the same. I can assure you that both Karen and I are happy with our choice, and from the information we have about you and Carrie, I think you will fit in well with the upper management and executive committee culture."

"OK," Sam replied. "I want to continue trying to work up the ladder at Alphia and I will maintain the confidentiality of our conversation."

"Excellent," Gary said happily, producing a single piece of paper and sliding it across the table to Sam. "We need to document the agreement, so read it and sign it, please." He took an expensive pen from his inside suit pocket and handed it over to Sam.

Sam reviewed it and quickly realized it was exactly what Gary had represented: a written agreement to maintain confidentiality of the promotion process. He signed it and pushed the page and the pen back over the table to his boss. "I'll need a copy," was all he said.

"Of course," Gary said, stowing the page back into the leather bound folder from which he had produced it. "We call it ... well, you can call it what you wish, but to get the heart of the matter, all Executive Committee members and above have full and complete access to the senior management member, and his or her spouse."

Sam's eyebrows rose. "Access ... meaning ...?"

"Correct, sexual access," Gary confirmed. "In recent years, what with the advancement of women in corporate culture and all, we have altered the arrangement terms to include sexual access to the senior management member and his or her spouse."

"Holy shit!" Sam said, his cock rock hard.

Gary chuckled as he looked around. "Keep your voice down," he chided, laughing. "We had to put in that change because Nancy Owens was so amazingly capable ... and attractive ... that we felt compelled to offer her the position."

"How did that conversation go?" Sam wondered aloud, flushed with excitement.

"With Nancy? Not terrifically well at first," Gary said with a rueful smile. "She was also the reason we put in the policy of getting the confidentiality agreement in writing. She was most upset, as you might imagine, but after a sit down with my wife, she and her husband, Tom, eventually agreed, as you now know."

"Wow," Sam breathed. And then he shook his head to clear his thoughts. "Look, I really need to discuss this with Carrie. Do you mind if I knock off a bit early to start the conversation? I really do not know what we are going to do with this offer, and we are going to need the full 48 hours to decide."

"Of course," Gary agreed. "I already had your secretary rearrange your schedule. I knew that one way or another you would not be coming back to Alphia today. I am glad to hear that you've decided to at least consider the offer."

"Well, Carrie and I had a few adventures in college," Sam admitted, understating their experiences by a very large degree.

"Really?" Gary's eyes gleamed. "Do tell!"

"Haha!" Sam laughed at his boss. "No sir! You'll just have to use your imagination."

"Very well," Gary smiled, "you can keep your secrets, but understand that there will be very little left to you or Carrie's imagination once you decide to join the team."

"My God," Sam said, "that is a lot to take in all at once."

"You seem quite interested," Gary said, looking at Sam carefully. "Does what I am describing to you turn you on?"

Sam hesitated. "Well, wife-sharing is something that Carrie and I have explored in the past. We both enjoyed it, but that ended in college."

"Maybe it did not end quite yet," Gary said, hoisting his beer glass in a salute to his junior report and friend.

"Who, exactly, would have 'access' to my wife?"

"The executive committee members, the board of directors and, at their discretion, clients, prospects and, less frequently, your colleagues on the senior management team who the executives deem worthy of a bonus," Gary replied. "But remember: both the senior manager and his or her spouse are both part of this arrangement."

Sam's eyes widened. "Well now ... that's interesting," he said, stalling for time, and then a question occurred to him and he gave Gary a questioning, embarrassed look. "Have y—"

"The women take the brunt of the attention, so to speak," Gary said easily, "but every senior manager can expect to suck cock every so often. I have not yet been required to yield my ass up, but many of my colleagues have. I've just been lucky so far."

"Seriously?" Sam asked.

"Oh yes," Gary said. "I can assure that the senior executive team - all of whom have gone through the program to get to their current position, take full advantage of the situation. You have noticed, right, that Nancy Owens knocks off at 4 every Friday, right?"

"Yes. I had assumed that she had worked something out with the company based on her child care needs," Sam answered, "but ..."

Gary laughed. "Yeah, that's not it. Steve Borges, director of her unit, sales, takes her weekly sales report in person, but he makes her slowly strip off all of her clothes while talking business and when they are done, he bends her over his desk to give her a good fucking, or puts her on her knees and makes her suck his cock."

"Really?" Sam said excitedly. "How the hell do I get his job?"

"Haha!" Gary laughed again happily. "By you AND Carrie giving it your all for the company for the next few years. That'll probably do it."

"Wow," Sam said, his dick still rock hard in his pants.

"Now listen," Gary said, more serious now. "It's not just the senior executives getting their rocks off in some hot young thing, like our wives, or us being more or less willing cuckolds, it is also for some of them the whole dominance thing. Most of them enjoy fucking our wives in front of us or taking the ladies in the marital bed. Be ready for that. They often give you advance notice, but a couple of times there's been a knock on the door in the late evening and we have had to change our plans so that Karen could put out for one of the senior executives."

Sam looked at Gary, awkward due in part to his excitement. "Well, Karen is very beautiful," he said awkwardly.

"Um hmm," Gary agreed, "and don't think for a moment that the fact your Carrie is just gorgeous did not play a role in your hiring. It is certainly a part of this conversation and offer."

Gary held up his hand to forestall Sam's objection. "Look, Alphia is a serious and immensely profitable business and we take hiring very seriously. We would not be having this conversation if you were not brilliant, and your work impeccable. But still, and I know this for fact, every senior manager of the company is very eager that you accept the promotion because they really want to make Carrie, like Karen, their subservient little slut."

Sam looked across the table at his friend and boss. "I cannot deny that this conversation comes as a shock," Sam said slowly, "but I am intrigued at the ... possibilities here. I will assume based on prior experiences that Carrie will be willing to go through with this, so long as we fully understand the parameters of our new obligations and we fully understand our upside."

"Excellent thinking!" Gary said. "Based on that, I think I can now share this with you."

Gary reached into his leather bound folder and extracted another document. "This is the employment contract. Read and enjoy!"

As Sam pulled the papers over to him and started to read, Gary sat back and thought about how much he was going to enjoy his 'finder fee' if Sam and Carrie did decide to accept the Alphia proposal. Friend or not, Gary thought to himself with no small amount of satisfaction, this weekend coming up he and Karen were going to enjoy the use of the new company whores.

He was already imagining bending Carrie over the dining room table that she had often used to serve dinner to Gary and his wife and fucking her while Karen entertained herself with Sam. After he had given Carrie a nice orgasm or two, he'd make her strip down in front of her husband before ********* Gary to their bedroom. It was high time for him to enjoy the position of the dominant male and leave it to another man to clean up his own wife.

"Whoa," Sam breathed, breaking Gary's reverie and yanking him away from his fantasy and back to reality. "A half mil per year, plus a company S-Class Mercedes ..."

"Or similar car," Gary interjected. "Just don't go over a hundred grand on your purchase, or do but pick up the difference."

"... A five thousand a month housing allotment and a bonus structure of up to 50% of total salary," Gary concluded.

"That's to start," Gary said. "Last year, Karen and I banked slightly over one mil. We are looking forward to potential advancement to the executive committee in the next year or two and if we get there ... Well, if we get there we will be set for life and I will go hog wild through all the junior executive pussy I can get."

That last was said with a big grin and a hoist of his beer.

"I'll bet," Sam said, not matching Gary's enthusiasm as he was far enough down the totem pole so as to not be quite ready for that particular fantasy, although the thought of his darling Carrie at the disposal of all the upper management team was very exciting.

"Of course, during this past year, Karen has had to spread her legs for all of my bosses - every member of the executive committee and the board of directors - and she and I both have spent a fair amount of time on our knees," Gary continued. "She more than I, of course, but still."

Sam looked pole-axed as he struggled with how to phrase the next question.

"From your expression, I can guess you have never had a cock in your mouth?" Gary inquired.

Wordlessly, Sam shook his head, eyes wide.

"That will quickly change. The Arrangement provides a lot of pleasure to Karen and myself, and to all the junior executives who can get with the swing of things, so to speak," Gary said, smiling at his own unintentional double entendre. "But we junior executives, and our wives - spouses, I should say - are subordinate to the senior management, in every sense of the word."

"I can ... see that," Sam said slowly. "How often ..."

"The point being, kid, once you and Carrie sign up and join us, Carrie will be having a lot of extracurricular sex and you will, from time to time, have a dick in your mouth," Gary replied, hoping that was enough detail for Sam at the moment. Further description of the extent of cuckold's personal involvement in the debauchery of the Arrangement might give Sam pause.

He can figure it out for himself once he and Carrie are part of the Arrangement, just like all the rest of us, Gary thought to himself.

"And how does ... What does Karen think of the Arrangement?" Sam asked, trying unsuccessfully to mask his eager excitement and concern by taking another drink of his beer.

"You can ask Carrie about that this afternoon," Gary said. "Karen is talking with her over lunch right now regarding the same subject."


Carrie sipped her wine, ignoring the curious and hopeful glances from the businessmen in the fancy restaurant. Karen was late, and so she was sitting alone at the bar. Her wedding ring was evidently not much protection in this place. As Carrie declined the third offer of a free drink, she wondered at Karen's timing. It was unlike her to be late for anything.

Her requested appointment had been for 1:15 and it was now past 1:30. Carrie checked her phone to make she had the date and time of the meeting right.

Nope. She had it right. "Please meet me for a light lunch this Thursday at 1:30 at the Blue Hyacinth regarding Sam, Gary and continued employment with Alphia Corporation."

She had immediately recognized the name of the restaurant. Sam had had several business meetings there and she knew that it was a favorite spot of some of the executives. She was glad she had looked it up before arriving today, because she had not realized the formality of the dress code. She had not pulled out all the stops, but in her heels and expensive floral summer dress she knew she fit in to the casual elegance of the place.

Karen breezed in just a few minutes later, looking stunning as usual. Her long legs were on display in her business sexy skirt, and her luxurious dark hair was pulled into an elegant tail. She arrived at the same time as Gary's present boss, Tom Parsons, and they exchanged polite greetings before each being directed to their respective table.

"I'm so sorry I am late, Carrie, but I was unavoidably detained by some work issue that popped up at the last minute," Karen said in her surprisingly deep voice as she collected Carrie at the bar with a kiss on the cheek. "I know that I've kept you waiting."

"Oh it's fine, Karen. And it is no problem," Carrie said as the two women followed the maître d' to their table, their elegant passage through the room noted by nearly every male in the restaurant, including, had she noticed it, both Mr. Parsons and his client. The client because the women were striking and by Mr. Parsons because he and his senior executive colleagues all had a keen interest in the outcome of this meeting.

Carrie wondered at the delay because Karen had previously told her that she was a full-time homemaker to her and Gary's three middle and high school age children.

"Based on your invitation, I figured this might be important. I have arranged for child care until five o'clock," Carrie said.

"Oh, it won't take that long," Karen assured Carrie.

The maître d' led the two ladies to a table in the corner, tucked out of the way but set up so that Mr. Parsons could still see the table. "Mrs. Burroughs, will this table be satisfactory for you and Ms. ...?" He looked at the ladies.

"Yes, Edgar, this will be fine. And I think it likely that Mrs. Stevenson will become a regular as well. Make sure you treat her right," Karen instructed him.

"But of course," Edgar said easily. "Pleased to make your acquaintance Mrs. Stevenson. 'Bon appétit', ladies."

After Edgar had seated the two women, Carrie looked to Karen for an explanation. "You said it was related to Sam and Gary's work, and that sounded ominous," she said, getting right to the point.

"Well, not ominous," Karen said, "but let's order first. Rocket salad, please, with the grilled chicken," she said to the waiter who had appeared at her elbow like magic.

"Um, same for me too, please," Carrie said.

"And a bottle of —", Karen paused. "You like sweet or dry white?" she asked Carrie.

"Sweet is nice."

"A bottle of the house Riesling." Karen handed the waiter her menu without looking up. Carrie handed hers over as well with a murmured thanks. "The house wine here is generally excellent," Karen assured Carrie.

Carrie was always struck by Karen's elegant bearing and immaculate dress. Probably ten years her senior, Karen was in her late thirties, and she was tall, slim and fit, with the confidence of a decade of involvement with the company.

Her self-confidence was impressive and a bit intimidating but Karen had never been anything but supportive and gracious to Carrie. She was somewhat reserved, but she had always been available to Carrie to talk to about the myriad of issues the young wives of rising Alphia employees were required to address.

"This meeting is important to you and to Sam but I wouldn't say there is anything necessarily ominous about it," Karen assured the younger woman as she glanced around the room. She gave a friendly nod and a small wave to an older woman sitting across the room.

Carrie relaxed a touch and had another sip of her wine.

"Sam is in line for a promotion," Karen said, and Carrie's eyebrows went up. As she put the glass down, she was smiling. "That is great," she said, "but ..."

"But what does it have to do with you and me, right?" Karen said, anticipating the question.

Carrie nodded. "Right."

"That was the first question I asked when Gary was promoted to junior executive almost seven years ago. But first tell me. And be honest: are you and Sam happy with his employment with Alphia Corporation? Are you planning on making this company his career, or is he using his time here as a stepping stone for future elsewhere?"

Carrie frowned as she considered her answer. "We are very happy with Alphia. We both wanted to start a family early, but figured that I would have to work for a while before we could afford to," Carrie said. "Then Alphia was so generous that I worked only for eighteen months before we had Emily and Jack."

Carrie smiled happily as she shifted into mother mode. "Emily is three, and Jack is 18 months," she said happily.

"Really?" Karen asked, looking at Carrie. "You look amazing."

"Thank you," Carrie blushed. "The business gym membership includes personal training and free child care. I really love it."

"Obviously," Karen said with a smile. "Are you planning to have more children right away?"

"Oh no," Carrie replied. "We are done. I expect to go back to work in my field after Jack is in Kindergarten."

"OK, that is good," Karen said and paused as their food arrived. Karen typed a quick text on her phone and checked it to make sure that it had been successfully delivered. The women were quiet until the waiter left before Karen continued the conversation.

"Alphia is a very loyal company," she began. "The number of executive-level positions are intentionally kept low and the executive-level employees are well-rewarded financially and in ... other ways. In exchange, Alphia requires a very personal commitment from both the relatively few employees who make it to junior executive, and the spouse."

Karen's phone gave a sound and she glanced at the incoming text before nodding to herself. She stowed it in her purse before continuing. "The board has selected Sam as a candidate for promotion and because Gary is your husband's direct supervisor and because we have occasionally socialized as couples, Gary and I were directed to make the offer."

Karen looked seriously at the lovely blonde woman across the table from her. "Sam is meeting with Gary and he will be explaining the options and offering the promotion in a few minutes. After his meeting with Gary, Sam will be coming home to talk with you to discuss the ramifications of acceptance."

Carrie nodded. "I expect he will talk with me. We make these types of decisions together. But I am afraid I do not understand what you mean by ramifications."

"Alphia is a ... peculiar company, Carrie. As I said, Alphia is VERY loyal to its executive employees. Absent some kind of serious misconduct or significant work drop off, if Sam were to accept the promotion to junior executive level, he can expect to work his entire career at Alphia and retire very well off indeed, much earlier even than you can imagine, if he wanted to retired early. Gary and I could retire now without any difficulty, but Gary wants to stay on until his final chance at promotion to senior executive, and I support him in this."

"That's pretty uncommon these days," Carrie noted.

"Yes. And also uncommon is the compensation. If Sam accepts the offer, his starting salary will be $500,000, not including bonuses, housing allotment or the car," Karen said.

If she was waiting for a reaction from Carrie, she got it. "Oh my God," Carrie said. "I grew up with next to nothing. That money ... is ridiculous."

Karen smiled. "Gary and I brought home almost one million this year from Alphia," she confided to Carrie. "And Gary is on track to promotion to senior executive in the next few years, and they start at one million, plus the extras."

She gazed at Carrie. "I daresay that for some of the senior executives the 'extras' are probably of more interest than the additional money."

"I am not following you," Carrie said. "It all sounds wonderful, but what are we getting ourselves into here?"

"What I am getting at is this: Alphia's backbone are the junior and senior executives. They hire only from within and retain only the top quality people - like Sam and Gary - with the promotion. Promotion to upper management at Alphia however is offered only to the married employees and the spouse is expected to contribute to Alphia although the spousal contribution is a bit ... unusual."

"Ummm, OK," Carrie said.

"Look, we both know that ambitious, successful people - like our husbands - often have greater than normal sex drives, work long hours in stressful situations and are occasionally prone to ... indiscretions. We at Alphia hire from within because we like to keep the inevitable indiscretions in house, so to speak, and rather than have them potentially compromise the goal of the company, turn the satisfaction of the need into a competitive advantage. To that end, at the junior executive position, certain of the new duties of the junior executive and spouse are rather personal."

"What does that mean, exactly?" Carrie asked, her heart fluttering because she thought that she already knew the answer.

"It means that the junior executive and his or her spouse are sexually available to the senior executives, the board of directors and their spouses. In addition, and this is rare but it is important to put everything on the table, junior executives and spouses are also on call as necessary to entertain an important client or to close a big deal. Things like that."

"Oh my," Carrie said, stalling for time as her mind whirled. "You mean 'sexually available' as in for what, exactly?"

"For anything that the senior executive or board member desires," Karen replied, casually sipping her wine. She topped off Carrie's glass.

"So if we accept this promotion - and I can see why the compensation is so large - I would in effect become a company *****," Carrie said the word without inflection or change in tone.

"Precisely," Karen said. "I can assure you that the majority of my encounters within the Arrangement have been quite pleasant, although it is important to always keep in mind that we are involved to support our husband's career and that our pleasure is not always necessary for a successful 'transaction'."

"I see," Carrie said flatly.

"You and Sam can, of course, decline the promotion but if you do that today will have been Sam's final day of employment at Alphia. His severance package will be very generous and you will both land on your feet just fine, but his career will not be with Alphia. For obvious reasons."

"That's a lot to absorb in one lunch," Carrie pointed out. "We have some time to decide?"

"Of course. Gary has been instructed to give Sam the entire offer in writing for you and he to review and discuss. Today is Thursday and I am to tell you that Monday is 'up or out' day."

At Carrie's look, Karen explained. "The board needs to know by Monday whether Sam is going to accept the promotion and agree that both of you will be participants in the Arrangement, or if Sam will opt for the severance package."

"Oh, got it now," Carrie said. "But assuming we accept, what can we expect?"

"'We' is an important word here," Karen replied. "All junior executives and their spouses, including Gary and I, are company whores, and Sam will join you in that capacity although you may be certain that you and I will get much more attention than will Gary and Sam."

Carrie goggled at her older friend.

"Oh yes," Karen said, grinning wickedly, "Gary had a difficult time with it at first. Most of the time I am called out, but we have worked together on several occasions. Gary has eaten my freshly fucked pussy many times, and I have seen him give head."

She shrugged and smiled. "It seems fair to me that the men are also required to provide personal services. Alphia employs over 5,000 people over several continents. There are usually about 40 junior executives and there are never more than ten senior executives. Presently, only four members of the board are not also holding a senior executives position. You can therefore expect to have over a dozen additional male sexual partners throughout the time that Sam serves as junior executive," Karen said.

"And ... do you enjoy your 'position' within the company?" Carrie inquired politely, but her eyes sparkled.

Karen gave a throaty chuckle. "You will fit right in. Yes, it generally is quite a rush. It can occasionally be degrading and somewhat unpleasant but that is rare in my experience."

She took another drink from her wine glass. "I think, based on conversations with my husband and with the other junior wives, that the men have the more difficult period of adjustment."

Carrie allowed herself a small smile. "I'd imagine," she said, drily.

"At the junior executive level, the men enjoy a significant amount of authority and power in the company. Gary, for instance, has 250 people reporting to him but in terms of the Arrangement, he is very clearly subordinate to the senior executives, even with regarding access to me, his own wife."

"Well, this is quite the shock, but I think I have enough information to have an informed discussion with Sam tonight," Carrie said to the elegant, older woman.

Karen nodded and steered the conversation to safer topics. They chatted about children but the conversation was a bit awkward. Carrie excused herself immediately after finishing her salad.

Carrie's pussy was most definitely moist and she was fairly certain this was an opportunity that she would enjoy. This was going to have to be Sam's call, for sure.

Karen trailed Carrie out, so Carrie did not see the satisfied smile on Mr. Parson's face as Karen passed him and nodded the news that the meeting had gone well.

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