My wife, Jackie, and I have been happily married for 9 years. She is a very attractive and shapely woman, she is tall with a medium size build and a bouncy bustline. She has shoulder length dark brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. Jackie is a high school teacher who is very outgoing, with a bubbly personality. She gets sexy second looks everywhere she goes, even though she dresses fairly modestly.

I have always had fantasies about her being an exhibitionist and ******** her beautiful body to strangers. Her 36C tits are perfectly shaped, very firm, with large light pink nipples. Last winter, while on vacation in Aruba, I was able to talk her into going topless on the beach, which turned out to be very exciting for the both of us. Once Jackie got accustomed to the idea she began to enjoy the appreciative looks she was getting from all the male resort guests. By the end of the vacation she was making it a point to flaunt her sexy tanned body and even went topless while we sat around the hotel swimming pool.

But that's another story. Right now, I am writing about what happened a few months ago.

Jackie belongs to a local drama club where they put on plays in their summer theater. Several other teachers from Jackie's school are also members. I don't belong to the club but sometimes I help out with repairs and general maintenance of the building. This past season, the director suggested they do a racy comedy/drama called "Breakfast on Fourth Street". The play contained a quite a bit of sexual overtones, jokes, and nudity. He distributed a few copies of the script to the members and suggested that my wife Jackie might be perfect playing the part of JESSICA FRENCH, the lead female role.

My wife was excited about playing the lead, but told me that she was against doing any nude scenes. I, of course, was trying to convince her otherwise. That night, while we were in bed, Jackie and I read through the script paying special attention to the part of JESSICA FRENCH. As it turned out, most of the scenes with nudity were for the other players and there was just one racy scene that involved the role that the director had suggested for Jackie.

In this one scene, JESSICA FRENCH is standing next to her bed dressed only in a short robe. The leading man, FRANK GUY, also dressed only in a short robe, is standing closely behind her with his arms wrapped around her waist. While JESSICA speaks her lines, FRANK reaches inside the robe and fondles her breasts, while simultaneously caressing her butt and kissing JESSICA's neck and shoulders. This goes on through several pages of script with FRANK caressing, fondling and kissing while JESSICA runs through the dialogue with several comic observations. At the end of the scene, both JESSICA and FRANK disrobe and get under the sheets to engage in playful lovemaking. There is only a brief nude scene as they drop their robes climb into bed. Both my wife and I found this whole scene very stimulating.

We both thought that the script was very good and that it would be great for her small drama company. The nudity was limited and was really an intricate part of what made the whole play work as a comedy/ drama.

I could tell that my wife was a little aroused at the thought of playing JESSICA. She had that certain sexy look about her and her nipples were hard and showing through her nightgown. I was also aroused as evidenced by the small tent in my pajamas.

"Do you think you will be playing the part of JESSICA ?" I asked my wife.

"I don't think so" she replied, "the actress has to let someone feel up her boobies, and I don't want just anyone with his hands on me. Plus I will have to be nude and there are other teachers from my school, in the drama club. They would all see me."

"It will be fun", I tried to assure her, "Just like in Aruba", "It would be a very exciting fantasy for me and I know you always wanted to be the lead actress in one of these summer productions. Let's try it out, .. right now, .. just like in the script. I'll play FRANK and you can try to imagine that I'm someone else,. the other actor"

Jackie agreed and she went to put on one of her silk robes. I just stayed in my pajamas. We stood next to our bed and while she held the script reading the lines out loud I stood behind her with my cock up against her ass while I reached inside the robe and gently caressed her breasts. They felt so warm and firm. I tweaked the nipple of her left breast while I was kissing her neck and I could tell by her voice that all of the kissing and caressing were having the desired effect. My wife was getting hot.

True to the script, we both disrobed and climbed into bed. Jackie then grabbed my shoulders and directed my face down to her pussy.

"Eat me, I'm so horny" she commanded "I want to cum"

I licked her clit to two writhing orgasms before she let me up for air. The first one came practically right away with the second following in just a few minutes. I reached for a condom from the dresser but by the time I got it out of the package and on my little pecker, my Jackie was asleep. I rubbed myself to a quick orgasm put out the lights.

The next morning, over coffee, Jackie brought up the subject of the play.

"Do you really want me to take that role at the summer playhouse, Donald?"

"Yes, I do" I quickly assured her, "I really want you to."

In a firm tone she cautioned "You know, there are going to be lots of rehearsals. Every time we come to that one scene, . that nude part,. the leading man will be feeling me up. Are you sure that won't bother you?"

I got up from the table and leaned over her giving her a big reassuring kiss and hug. "Bother me !... Baby, that will make me sooo excited" I assured her.

"Well, ... I want to see who will be playing the part of FRANK, first" she asserted.

"Okay" I replied. I was glad that it looked like she changed her mind.

"And I have some other .. Uh .. Conditions" she added

"Conditions?" . I was puzzled but ready to agree to anything.

"Like I said I want to see who will be playing the part of FRANK GUY. Then, if I decide to do it there will be no turning back, not at all, .you cant make me stop."

"No problem" I quickly answered.

"Wait, there's more.. After every rehearsal I want you to eat me out until I cum, twice, just like last night, and.. and anything that happens between me and the other actors and what the other the other actors see .. you won't hold it against me... Agreed?"

"I agree" I told her without hesitation.

"And, If I want . I can rehearse that part without wearing a bra under my top, okay?"

This time I was a little more hesitant. "okay"

"And . I might want to have some extra rehearsals here at the house,... dress rehearsals too" she added "And you have to do everything I say, everything . no matter what."

I wondered what my sexy wife had in mind, she had kind of a funny look on her face, and I knew I needed more information before I answered this one.

"I have to do everything you say?" I asked. "Like what?"

Jackie paused for a second "Like helping with rehearsal props, helping with food and drinks for the drama club guests, and helping me get dressed and undressed for my part"

"That doesn't sound too tough" I answered

"Do you promise?" she asked "Promise" I answered.

"Your sure now, . you promise to obey the conditions. all of them" she pressed.

"I promise,.I promise" I reassured her.

"Okay, it's a deal then depending on who they get to play FRANK then I'll decide."

The bargain was struck and I was well on my way to having a long time fantasy fulfilled. I was a little uncertain if this is what I really wanted and I had a funny feeling in my stomach. I really didn't know if a fantasy fulfilled is good or bad. I thought back to Aruba . I had that same funny feeling but totally enjoyed myself. The sex was great for the both of us that week and I wanted more of that great sex!

I tried to put it out of my mind and headed off to work. Over the next week I convinced myself that no matter who was picked to play FRANK, Jackie would disagree. That seemed to help keep my feelings in check.

The following Tuesday, my wife's drama club had another meeting. I had some things to do at home and Jackie went to the meeting with a friend. I couldn't get the thoughts of that play and our agreement out of my mind. I wondered how the casting was going, who would they pick for a leading man, and wondered if my wife was going to accept the role. When she finally arrived home I hurried to the door to meet her.

"Well ?" this was all I really needed to say.

"Your looking at the new JESSICA FRENCH" she exclaimed, her face flush. "And FRANK GUY?" I paused.

"It's going to be Paul, . Paul Kimball the gym teacher from school" Jackie said happily.

"Paul, the tall blond athletic type guy" I quizzed.

"Yes that's him." She answered quickly " And some of the other, teachers, men teachers from school will be in the play too. That's okay isn't it? This is what you wanted right?"

"Well yeah, kind of" I answered

All of a sudden I wasn't so sure. The reality was starting to hit home. Apparently this guy Paul is someone my wife thinks is okay to feel up her tits in front of everyone. This guy Paul is also someone she works with. Not to mention the other male teachers, this was not at all like Aruba. No these were people we knew, and people Jackie would see everyday come fall school season. Now they were going to see my wife get felt up, get nude and get into bed with another man. I was edgy, and wanted to back out.

"So you've decided then?" I asked sheepishly.

"Yes, we already had our first read-through of the script. Paul felt up my boobies and everything . except I had my bra on under my top this time ... Oh honey I'm so hot I need you to eat me right now. You were right,. this is so exciting."

We headed for the bedroom. Now the reality was hitting home. I was more than a little bit apprehensive over the whole situation. This was not exactly what I had imagined. My wife was getting into this a little too much. She was just a little too happy about playing this role with Paul and about Paul feeling her up.

Perhaps once I went to the playhouse and watched for myself, I would loosen up a bit. Or so I told myself. Yes, that was it, the fantasy thing. This was supposed to be fun and sexy for both of us. Once I reached this conclusion I got an immediate hard on.

When we got up to the bedroom Jackie was naked in an instant and lying on the bed. Before I could get undressed she pulled me down on her pussy and I started licking her off as we agreed. She was hot all right, real hot and wet. It wasn't long before she reached a giant orgasm, practically ripping off my head with her legs. I kept on licking and she held the back of my head pushing up against her totally soaked cunt. Her second orgasm came just as quickly as her first, and I was happy to be getting my turn.

By the time I had gotten undressed and donned my "required" condom Jackie was fast asleep. Once again I had to satisfy myself. I drifted off to sleep both still excited over the events to come while wondering what the heck I had gotten myself into.

Neither Jackie nor I mentioned the playhouse guild until the following Tuesday. All day at work my stomach was in a knot wondering what would happen that night at rehearsal. After work I picked up Jackie at home. She was dressed in very high heels, a tight fitting pair of black slacks and a tight fitting white top. Her bra was clearly visible through the thin material. I was thankful that she decided to wear her bra.

Jackie looked great. The slacks really fit her tight ass and her tits were stretching the fabric of the top to the limit. She got quite a few appreciative looks from the male members of the cast, especially from Paul, the leading man. I took a seat a few rows from the front of the stage and watched the company run through their lines, I already had an erection just waiting in keen anticipation for my wife's boobie scene.

About two-thirds through the run through, and just before Jackie and Paul's big scene, the director called for a 10-minute break. Jackie grabbed a soda and came over to chat.

"What do you think so far honey?" she asked

"You look great so far baby" I quickly answered

"Do you remember your promise ...About my bra?" Jackie said while twisting her bust from side to side right in front of my face.

"I. I.Yeah, I remember" I stammered.

"Well I'm going to the Ladies Room to take my bra off, will you hold it for me?" Jackie was still twisting at the waist, waiting for an answer.

My stomach flipped over, I was dizzy with both lust and jealousy. I didn't know what to answer her.

"O ..O .Yeah ... Okay" was all I could muster. I felt like an idiot.

With that remark she walked off toward the back of the theater. My wife emerged a few minutes later, walking down the aisle toward my seat with a definite change in her appearance. Her bra had been removed and her tits jiggled playfully under her white top. The fullness of my wife's braless breasts was evident as they danced beneath the fabric of the thin material. The outline of her large nipples was faintly visible.

As she walked down to meet me, a few of the actors looked up from their scripts and stared at Jackie. My wife's bra dangled from her left hand and practically dragged on the floor while her large tits bounced swayed and jiggled with every step. As she moved closer to me, and the stage lights, the outline of her nipples, now aroused, became even more clearly defined through the thin material. I looked back toward the other actors onstage. Apparently they noticed too. Paul had a huge grin on his face.

My wife stopped at my seat and extended her hand with the bra dangling in front of my face. Everyone watched her as she dropped the bra into my lap and headed up onstage to take her place next to Paul. He and the other male actors gawked openly at my wife's sexy tits that were now proudly on display. She had kind of a half-smile and half smirk on her face as she looked down at me. I lowered my eyes in embarrassment. My cock was making a small but noticeable tent in my pants. I covered it with my wife's bra.

The director called for the actors to take their places and continued going through the script. Soon they came to the big scene that I had been both hotly anticipating and dreading at the same time.

The actors took their places with Paul standing right behind Jackie. As my wife began reading her lines Paul began to kiss her neck and stroke her ass. Before long Paul slid his hand up and cupped one of my wife's breasts. He began to massage it, then moving up and down cupping and squeezing her barely covered tits. This was obviously having an effect on Jackie and she began to pant and stammer while trying to read the lines. The director, unhappy with Jackie's performance told her to stop and start again.

As she started from the beginning of the scene, so did Paul, kissing, stroking, and caressing my wife's sexy body. Once again this had an erotic effect on Jackie and she misspoke her lines. Once again the director asked her to start again. Paul was really getting into this now and sure getting his share of feeling up my wife's tits. The other actors too were getting a pretty good show. I looked down to see I had cum in my pants.

After four or five stops and starts the director finally stopped the scene and told Jackie that, because of all the distractions she should practice the lines from this scene at home. He was should that would help. The actors then moved on to the remainder of the play.

We rushed home from the playhouse, that night, in record time. Once at home, we bolted to the bedroom. Before long Jackie was pressing my face into her pussy while I serviced her with my tongue. I had never felt my wife this hot before. She had three orgasms before she let me up. I put on my rubber and knelt between her legs, I was really hot and dying for her hot sexy body. She told me that she was too tired to fuck right now and that I should jerk off instead. I had cum almost instantly anyway while I looked upon her beautiful sexy body and fantasized about the events of that evening.

The next morning over coffee Jackie brought the subject up first.

"Did you have fun last night, baby?" she asked in a teasing tone "Did I do all the things you wanted me to do?"

"You were very sexy Jackie" I told her honestly.

Jackie walked over and stood next to my chair. She was wearing her silk robe that hung open slightly making a big V shape between her breasts that ran down to her waist where the robe was tied together with a matching belt. She parted the robe to one side ******** a perfectly shaped left tit topped with a big pink nipple. She aimed it right at my face and continued talking in her little girl teasing voice.

"Well ..I did what you wanted right? You wanted me to be your sexy naughty wife getting my boobies felt up onstage . right? And you wanted everyone to see me get felt up didn't you? .. So did I do it like you wanted? Was I sexy enough"

Like a fool, I took the bait. I reached up and began to kiss and caress the breast my wife was offering me. I was aroused at once which caused me to ignore my shame of the night before. She felt so good. Her tits were so perfect and sexy.

"Yes honey, you were perfect, and I love you so much." I answered softly.

What could I say. It was the fantasy I had asked for. She did look exceptionally sexy and I did, after all, cum right there in my pants. It was just these mixed feelings.

Jackie' feelings on the other hand were becoming obvious, she quickly broke the news to me about her plans.

"That's great because Paul is coming by tonight to help me practice that one part that I had trouble with last night." She said excitedly as she pulled away from my grasp and covered her ******* bosom.

"Tonight? Paul? Here?" I fell back into my chair, stunned.

"Yes, you heard the director. He wants me to practice at home and you promised to help" Jackie insisted "You don't mind, honey, do you?"

Jackie pushed her tits back into my face in case I needed some extra convincing. I took the bait again, started to caress her tits, and couldn't resist her request.

"Okay, Baby, no problem, just as long as you save some for me later" I answered

Jackie broke away once she had the answer she was looking for "Great 7 O'clock then, and don't forget your promise help me out and do everything I say."

It was a long day at work. My stomach was doing flips wondering what events would unfold that evening. I got home and found a sandwich and a beer waiting for me on the kitchen table. I wolfed down the sandwich and found Jackie waiting in the Living Room. She jumped up from the couch and gave me a big kiss."

"All set for tonight?" She asked me. Like I needed to be set for something. Jackie was sure set. She had on a sheer blue top, a half top really with thin straps and a bare midriff. My wife was braless and her tits pushed the material out away from her flat tummy. She wore a pair of cutoff blue jeans that were tighter than her skin and ******* more of her ass than they covered. She paraded in front of me and twirled around in a circle.

"Like It?" She asked Jackie looked hot.

Before I could answer, the doorbell rang and Jackie bounded off to answer it.

I could hear several voices emanating from the foyer and my wife entered the living room with three men. Paul was there plus two of the other teachers from school, who were also in the drama club and in the play. The men were all smiles. My smile was more than a little ****** as I was introduced to Bill, the English teacher and Tom the Science instructor.

"Bill and Tom came to help us practice. That's okay with you isn't it honey" Jackie asked without really wanting an answer.

The two other teachers took seats in our living room. Meanwhile Jackie asked me to open up the couch, which turns into a bed, so they could practice their big scene.

While I was struggling with the sofa conversion, my wife started right into rehearsal.

"Let's start with that part I was having trouble with last night" she said to Paul, who immediately took his place behind my wife and went right into his role of caressing my wife's ass while kissing her neck.

While my wife spoke her lines the other teachers followed along with the script. Soon Paul had his hands on Jackie's tits as he felt them up through the thin material. By the time I had finished with converting the couch to a bed Bill had stopped Jackie twice and made her start from the beginning. Paul continued feeling my wife's ass and tits and once again, Bill pointed out that Jackie had screwed up her lines and asked her to restart.

After a while Paul became even more bold and moved his hands up underneath my wife's half top. Jackie just continued on with her lines, as if nothing was wrong. Before long Paul had pushed the fabric of the top higher giving us all a clear view of Jackie's nicely shaped tits. The sharp contrast of her tanned body with the white tanline created by her bikini top and large pink nipples was a sexy sight to behold. Paul continued to stroke my wife's naked tits right there in front of all of us. The other men sported huge grins.

All of us could see my wife's tits boldly on display. Jackie knew it but did nothing to cover up, and just left her sexy tits and nipples, completely bare and *******. Paul lifted the material higher, and continued feeling up my wife's fully bared breasts.

Meanwhile, Jackie was holding the script with both hands, but without missing a beat of her lines her left hand slipped down to her waist and she unbuttoned the top of her jeans and pulled the zipper down a little. This subtle message was not lost on Paul, who removed his hand from my wife's ass and slid it down into the front of her jeans giving her pussy the same treatment that her tits were getting. My wife kept on reading.

Bill and Tom had noticeable big bulges in their pants as they stared intently at the action in front of them. My wife continued on reading her lines, as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening but looking up occasionally to give them a smile and a wink.

At the end of the scene Jackie slid her cutoffs down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She was naked underneath so this gave everyone a clear view of her cunt and protruding pussy lips. Suddenly, in one quick motion, she pulled her top off over her head. Her tits bounced playfully as she leaned over the bed to pull back the covers while giving us all a nice look at her tight ass and cunt. Paul wasted no time in quickly stripping himself, revealing a lean tanned body, and a long thick cock.

True to the script, both Paul and my wife climbed into the bed. The covers only hid their bodies from the waist down and Jackie's tits remained ******* to our view. Paul took a position on top of Jackie and was rubbing his crotch into her pussy in a simulated lovemaking movement. As Paul rocked on top of my wife her breasts swayed and jiggled with the pumping movement. This lasted a quite a bit longer than necessary.

Before I could stop them, Jackie started laughing and pushed Paul off of her.

"Okay cut it out now, save it for the dress rehearsal Romeo" she told him

Both Paul and Jackie lay there quietly for a moment breathing heavily. Almost in unison they got up from the bed.

While Paul got dressed Jackie sat on the edge of the bed, facing the other two teachers. Her legs were parted slightly giving them a clear view of her pubic area and large pussy lips. Her cunt looked soaking wet.

My wife picked up her little top and held it in front of her tits in a mock attempt to cover up. She was actually ******** a lot more than she was covering.

"Honey will you go and get my robe from the bedroom please" she motioned me away.

When I obediently returned with her robe. My wife was still naked sitting with all her charms in full view of the trio of schoolteachers, who were grinning appreciatively. Jackie sat there facing her coworkers until I brought the robe to her waiting arms. Jackie stood up and slipped it on. She was such a beautiful woman with a well-proportioned body, full tits, nice ass, and wet pussy. I had a full erection myself.

"I think we've all had enough fun for tonight guys" Jackie told them while putting on her short silk robe. "Let's go ahead and practice the rest of the lines"

Jackie and the trio of schoolteachers went ahead and ran through a number of their parts in the play. I retired to the bathroom to relieve myself from all the excitement.

Before long, the practice session was breaking up. Jackie gave Paul a big kiss on his way out and I noticed that he took another opportunity to sneak a hand inside her robe. My wife did nothing to stop him, if fact she leaned in toward his hand as he felt her tits.

After they were gone home Jackie, once again, cornered me in the bedroom for her oral reward. Her pussy was wet, extremely wet and hotter than it had been on the previous occasions. She tasted differently too. She wasted no time in reaching a spectacular orgasm. This time I was prepared with my condom already in place and was able to take a few quick stabs at her cunt with my pecker before reaching my premature climax. We lay in bed breathing heavily.

"I must of made you happy tonight, Donald, you didn't last two minutes" Jackie observed, "That's what you wanted me to do right? You wanted me to be your sexy naughty wife didn't you? And you wanted them all to get a good look at me right?"

It was what I had wanted .. but now I wasn't sure if I liked it so much.

"You were very sexy, babe . and very hot. It just wasn't what I had expected . you know . those other teachers being there and all."

I must have come across a little whiney because Jackie was quick to reply

"Well, I thought I was doing what you wanted so I let them have a good long look at my bare boobies, they all saw my cooch too! So I let them look on purpose, and I made sure that they saw it all. I let Paul feel up my boobies and my butt as much as he wanted and I let him stick his hand down the front of my shorts and rub my crotch. I made sure that they all had their share of fun, just like you wanted."

Jackie began stroking my little pecker and started using her little girl pouting voice.

"Honey" she paused but kept stroking "I think Paul squirted some of his cum in me"

Jackie started stroking faster "Did you see how big his cock is? When we climbed into bed Paul stuck his big cock up inside my cooch. Oh Donald it felt so big up there inside me. He started pumping in and out and it felt so big and so good. I didn't want it to stop. Then all of a sudden I could feel him squirting inside me. He kept squirting his hot cum way up in my cooch. That's when we stopped, but I had already got his cum in me. You're not mad at me are you? It all happened so fast I couldn't help it."

Jackie stroked faster and faster, she knew that I was powerless as long as she kept this up.

"Its okay", I lied to her just as she caused me to reach a climax.

Jackie continued "This all must make you very happy because you are cumming so much and so fast too!"

"It's you that makes me happy Jackie" I answered

Goodnight baby" Jackie gave me a quick peck on the cheek and rolled over

I lay there in bed thinking about the events of that night. It was after all what I had asked for and wanted, except now it didn't seem like such a good idea. I had never been allowed to cum inside my wife, ever, and here was this guy Paul sticking his big cock up my wife's cunt and depositing his spunk in there and I have to lick her out later. It was sure what I had asked for but I wasn't sure if I liked it or not.

I fell asleep while trying to recount, in my mind, the events of that night.

The next morning Jackie was cheerfully humming away in the kitchen. She brought the subject up first.

"Did you have fun last night Donald? Did you like your sexy naughty wife fantasy?"

"I'm not sure" I told her honestly "Maybe you should quit this play"

"QUIT? But you promised that once we started there was no stopping. I did everything I thought you wanted. I let Paul feel me up and see me naked and everything. The other teachers from my school saw me naked too. All just like you wanted me to. You promised that no matter what happened it was going to be okay."

Suddenly Jackie's tone went from very firm to very soft.

"Besides, now that I'm enjoying all the attention, just like you said I would, I don't want to stop. Now it's partly my fantasy too . and Paul's thing is so big. You promised me, right, that this would be okay and I wouldn't have to stop, right?"

I wasn't sure what to say. Part of me wanted this to stop and part of me wanted it to keep going. It was a real turn on to see my sexy wife naked in front of these men.

"You're right honey, I promised and you were very sexy last night and I did cum twice in like two minutes. I am just having trouble getting used to you acting like this"

"Well you'll have another chance. Jackie informed me. "They are all coming over Saturday for another rehearsal. This time Paul wants to try a dress rehearsal."

I was in shock. A dress rehearsal meant both Jackie and Paul would be naked under short robes and they would be climbing into bed again. Maybe Paul would be sticking his big schlong back inside my wife and all the teachers would be seeing her naked again for sure. Besides, Saturday I had already planned a fishing trip with my buddies.

" I'm going fishing Saturday remember. Are you sure you want to do this honey" I asked

"Now Donald you promised, . and I already invited them" Jackie insisted "You will just have to hear all about it when you get home that's all."

It was obvious that her mind was made up and there would be no changing it. I was resigned to the fact that this would happen whether I liked it or not. I left the room without answering. Jackie had that half grin half smirk look on her face.

I left early Saturday morning for the fishing trip without waking Jackie. All day I was distant from my buddies. I was deep in thought wondering about the events that were taking place at my home with my wife and her teacher friends. My stomach was doing flip-flops and I couldn't wait to get home and hear the details of the day's events.

When I arrived home the other teachers had already gone. Jackie was sleeping naked on the conversion sofa in the living room. Her hair was all mussed up. The sheets had suspicious looking wet spots everywhere. I leaned over to give her a kiss and I could smell that musty smell of strange cock on her face. There were small drips that looked like cum in her hair. Jackie returned my kiss with an open mouth. I could taste that same taste in her mouth that was in her cunt the other night.

Jackie sat up slightly, propping herself up with her elbows. Her tits looked full and lovely in that position. She spread her legs and I could see the obvious wetness with cum slowly leaking out of her cunt adding more liquid to the wet spot on the bed under her ass. Her neatly trimmed bush was soaking wet and tangled with drips of white liquid. My wife's pussy lips gaped open, like she had been freshly gang banged.

I kissed my wife again and began to fondle her breasts. "How did your rehearsal go?" I asked stupidly. Without answering, she guided my head away from her mouth and directed me down between her legs.

"Eat me, Donald." She commanded "Eat me like you promised."

I obediently took a position between her legs and began licking. Jackie picked up her legs and placed her feet on my back holding me down. She put her hands behind my head and pulled my face tightly into her sopping wet crotch. My nose was in her pubic hair and I could hardly breathe, as it became full of the white milky liquid deposited there. I licked away at her gaping hole all the while tasting what I was sure was Paul's spunk that he had just recently deposited into my wife's cunt. Jackie kept pulling my head tighter into her crotch. She raised her butt up off the bed in order to rub more of her wet cunt and crotch onto my face.

It wasn't long before Jackie reached her first orgasm, she never released my head and I dutifully licked her sopping wet pussy until she reached her second climax. When she finally let me up I must have looked foolish, with cheeks and nose full of white milky liquid.

Jackie lay there on the bed, obviously spent.

"Oh Donald", she sighed, "What a time we had here today. You should have been here. You would have liked to see your naughty wife."

I insisted that Jackie give me the full details. I stripped down right there and donned my mandatory condom. "Tell me", I panted as I began rubbing my little pecker "Tell me how you were naughty today."

Jackie began her narrative of the events earlier this afternoon.

"Now before I tell you, promise me again that you won't be mad"

I promise, I promise" I answered quickly.

"Well", she started, "Bill and Tom arrived here early, like about 1:00. I was already dressed up in my short thin robe with nothing on underneath. While I was serving them some soft drinks I was bending over making sure they got a good look at my butt. I was also letting my robe stretch open a little on top so they could stare a little bit at my boobies. After a while, since Paul was late, Tom suggested that we might get started with the dress rehearsal anyway and he would be glad to take Paul's part and help me out with the section I was having trouble with."

"We decided to start practice and Tom got dressed into the robe I had picked out for Paul. We started the rehearsal and Tom began rubbing my butt and then rubbing my boobies while I read my lines. Bill was making us start over every time I screwed up the lines, which I was doing a lot, and so Tom was really getting into it. He pressed his crotch up against my butt and I could feel his hard cock poking down between my legs."

"I felt bad for Bill since Tommy was having all the fun, so I nonchalantly untied the belt to my robe and let it fall open so Billy could see me. Billy watched while Tommy was feeling my boobies all up and rubbing my cooch. I made sure they could both see everything and I was getting so turned on by it all."

"Next we reached the part in the play where we get naked and climb into bed. Tommy laid down next to me. He lifted my leg, and started rubbing his cock against my cooch. I was all hot and wet down there and so turned on that I grabbed hold of his cock and helped him slide it up inside me. His cock went way up inside me, oh Donald it was so long and it felt so good. He started fucking me with his long cock and I was letting him. I actually wanted him to squirt his hot cum in me."

"I was getting into it so much that I didn't notice Paul had arrived. But next thing I know Paul is standing there, naked, right in front of me while Tom is still fucking me from the side. Paul big thick cock was pointing straight out and right there in front of my face. He pushed it toward my mouth and told me to suck on it. When I opened my mouth Paul pushed his big thing deep into my mouth way back to my throat. I gagged on it a bunch of times but that didn't stop him he just kept fucking my mouth with his giant cock."

"All of a sudden Tommy started bucking faster and faster and then I could feel his long cock squirting hot cum way up inside of me. It felt like he squirted a gallon up there. I thought he would never stop. When he finally pulled out, Paul changed places and shoved his huge cock way up inside me and started fucking me like crazy."

"We stopped for a minute and Paul made me get on my hands and knees so he could take me doggie style. Bill had stripped down and knelt on the bed with his cock pointing in front of my face. While Paul screwed me from behind Bill held on to my head and fucked my mouth at the same time."

"Pretty soon Bill started cumming right there in my mouth, I couldn't believe it. I tried to pull away but he kept squirting cum in my mouth and down my throat while he held the back of my head tight. I thought it would never stop and I was choking on all the cum he was putting in there. The cum that didn't go down my throat was overflowing out of my mouth and dripping down my chin. Finally I was able to pull back but Bill's cock was still squirting cum and he got it all over the place on my face and in my hair."

"I collapsed on the bed. Paul pulled out and rolled me over. Then he climbed on top of me and started fucking me like crazy with his monster cock. The others stood around the bed and rubbed themselves while they watched Paul fuck me. Next thing I know Paul is squirting cum like crazy up in me and I'm having an orgasm too. The other guys started cumming at the same time. There was cum squirting everywhere and a lot of it got on me and on the bed."

"We all rested on the bed and then we started up again. I can remember exactly now what else happened, but Paul and Bill and Tom all got their cum in my mouth and up my cooch a bunch of times. I had about 6 orgasms and just collapsed on the bed."

"You should have been here to see it Donald, you would have loved to see your naughty wife getting all messed up with cum, by the other teachers . right?"

"Right, I love you Baby" I told her, but I was still torn between the excitement of the fantasy and the reality of my wife being fucked by her coworkers. Besides, I had never been allowed to cum anywhere but inside my little condoms. Jackie always told me she hated that "sticky stuff". And I had never once got close to putting my little cock into my wife's mouth she absolutely refused and now here she was blowing whole the damn faculty right here in my house.

"Eat me again, Donald and I'll let you fuck me" She chided.

I went down on my wife and licked her sopping wet cunt until she reached her orgasm. Now it was my turn I removed my condom and tried to mount wife. She immediately stopped me.

"Not without your little rubber Donald. You know the rules." She scolded.

"But you let the others do it to you all day" I whined

"That's different" she said firmly "they're company and what they did was special. And you promised me that whatever happened was okay. You asked me to do this play thing and you knew there would be other teachers involved. So I decided to let them have a good look at me naked and then I wanted to let them have some fun with me. So I let them do whatever they wanted. But that's different I'm not married to any of them."

At this point I wasn't about to argue. I was too horny. I put on another rubber and mounted Jackie missionary style. I could hardly create any friction she was so loose and well lubricated. After a few minutes of pumping I reached a small climax. We both fell asleep on the conversion sofa and didn't get up until morning.

Once again, Jackie was anxious to bring up the subject over coffee.

"Has your fantasy come true, Donald? Am I acting the part of your sexy slut wife good enough for you?" She asked without really wanting an answer.

"For the rest of the summer things are going to be a little different." Jackie informed me "I'll be riding to rehearsal with Bill and Tom and coming home with Paul. There will be more rehearsals too. But we are going to have them over at Bill's house. You can stay here and when I get home don't forget about your promise. I will make sure I have a special present for you."

Well that's how it started and for the rest of the summer almost every night Jackie would leave for rehearsal dressed in the skimpiest of outfits. She would arrive home very late from practice and always had a huge load of jism in her sopping wet pussy. Then she would immediately command me to lick her clean. Afterwards she would just doze off to sleep without any consideration of my needs. There wasn't anything I could do to stop her so I just went along and tried to fantasize about what was happening to my wife each night.

I finally resigned myself that this was the way it was going to be. I couldn't wait for this particular summer vacation to be over so things would get back to normal. This was truly a summer to remember.
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