My boss had ordered me to host him for dinner. He’s an imposing figure and seems to thrive on humiliating me in front of others - especially my wife at office parties. I always laugh it off and definitely know my place as the beta male in his presence and will do anything he says. My wife has seen how I act in his presence and thinks I’m a complete wimp. We were getting things ready before he came round for dinner,

“You’re so subservient to him.”

“Sarah I have to do what he says, he’s the boss!”

“God you’re such a wimp, honestly I don’t know what I see in you sometimes, I bet he’s got a bigger dick as well!”

“Sarah!” I said shocked but actually felt a bit turned on by her thinking about his cock.

The evening was going well, the drinks were flowing and we all got a bit *****. Sarah was sat in the middle of us on the couch. “Let’s play a game!” Sarah said with a glint in her eye.

“Let’s see who’s cock is biggest!”

“I’m game.” said my boss laughing.

“Sarah that’s so wrong.” I said a little *****.

“Come on Jim, scared you’ll lose?” My boss dared.

“No, no it’s just..”

“Ok then..” my boss interrupted. He then smirked “how about we make things interesting…if you win you get a promotion, if you lose I get to spend the night with Sarah!”

“But boss?” I stammered

“Come on Jim it’ll be fun!” giggled Sarah “besides you’ve got to do as the boss orders!”

“I…guess.” I said nervously

“At her boy.” my boss exclaimed in delight and stood up in front of Sarah in preparation for the big reveal. I tentatively stood up next to him - he towered over me, he was 6’4” and a burly guy, I was only 5’7” and very slim and weedy next to him.

I could see Sarah was excited as we both stood in front of her.

“Right I’ll do the honours, you first Jim.” Sarah unbuckled my belt and unzipped my trousers, they fell to the floor and she proceeded to pull my boxer shorts down. “Aah, there he is!” She giggled as she pinched my tiny cock with her thumb and index finger and cupped my balls - they were small and tight with the nervous anticipation of what might be next.

“You see what I have to put up with?” Sarah looked up at my boss,

“Oh dear Jim.” chuckled my boss, “we’ll have to put that right Sarah.”

Sarah unzipped his trousers, he was wearing tight briefs and there was a huge bulging package. Sarah’s eyes lit up with delight.

“Why don’t we let Jim do the honours?” my boss winked at Sarah.

“Come on Jim, boss’s orders!” he pushed me to the floor by my shoulder.

“Boss?” I said nervously.

“There’s a good lad.”

“Do as he says Jim!” Sarah said assertively. I was now knelt next to my boss, my cock had shrivelled even further in, my mouth was dry with nerves. I could see Sarah was excited. I placed my hands either side of his hips and slowly pulled down his briefs. Sarah gasped as it slowly revealed his cock, the first thing I noticed was its girth, it must have been 3 inches wide, mine was like a pencil thickness compared to his coke can, then as I pulled further his cock flopped out fully - it was twice the size of mine erect and it wasn’t even hard! Not only that but his balls were huge and low hanging - definitely the balls of an alpha male, they made mine look like a couple of shrivelled walnuts. I gulped at the sight of his vastly superior manhood “Atta boy.” he said patting me on the head condescendingly.

Sarah told me to stand next to him and she held both of our cocks in her hand placing them opposite eachother, his dwarfed mine completely and made it look embarrassingly small next to his big thick horsecock. He stood proudly, hands on hips chuckling. I felt so inferior and dropped to my knees again looking like a beaten man.

“Ok Sarah I think we’ve got a clear winner, I don’t think there was any doubt eh?”

“Oh Jim - look at your bosses cock, it’s incredible!” said Sarah as she held it in amazement. My face was close to his cock at this point. “You know what’s going to happen now don’t you?” she said as she stood up next to him.

“Jim why don’t you undress your wife for me?” my boss said assertively.

“Yes..boss.” I replied, head down, I was by this point completely at his mercy. He was my boss, he controlled me at work, and now, having shown my wife what a real man’s cock looks like, he was about to take her for his own and become, dare I say it, my Master!. At this point I actually felt strangely turned on by all of this, I almost liked the fact that my wife was finally about to get satisfied by a true alpha male, I was happy for her, and now understood my place in this dynamic, I felt totally subservient to my boss. Sarah turned around and I unzipped her dress, she was wearing a skimpy set of lingerie. I undid her bra clip and she turned around to face my boss. I was now knelt almost in between them. Sarah pulled her bra down to ****** her plump breasts, they barely moved, they were nice and pert and she made them jiggle slightly as she made bra fall from her body to the floor. I started to pull her underwear down and my boss moved closer. He put his huge hand on her breast squeezing her nipple in between his fingers. I was surprised as he moved further in to kiss her. As he did my head got caught between them and I was now squashed with my bosses cock pressing against my cheek and Sarah’s warm pussy, on the other. I tried to release myself but my boss pressed my head in. I struggled a little but then my subservient side took over and I just went with it.

“He seems to like it!” he laughed to Sarah.

“I’m not surprised..” she replied “he’ll do whatever you tell him!”.

“Shall we see if that’s true?” he turned towards me. His cock was now right in front of my face.

“Come on Jim, be a good boy, get me ready for Sarah.”

Sarah laughed “oh my god Jim, you I better do as your boss tells you!”

His cock was huge dangling in front of my face. Part of me actually wondered what it would feel like to suck on a huge cock. I was getting even more turned on by the fact that it was my bosses cock and he was about to take ownership of my wife’s pussy. I took hold of his cock in my hand, it was so heavy. My boss continued to kiss and fondle my wife, and, not wanting to disappoint him, I proceeded to suck his cock. As it grew in my mouth I could hardly fit it in. “Haha I can’t believe he’s doing it, he needs some practice!” Sarah laughed.

“I’ll have to add it to his performance review!” he laughed with his hand now pushing my head down onto his cock, my throat bulging as it went it further.

“Why don’t we retreat to the bedroom?” he ordered. “You can crawl there Jim, you’re getting good on your knees.” he laughed.

They walked up the stairs in front of me as I crawled on my hands and knees. My boss laid down on our marital bed, usurping me as the man of the house. He relaxed into position putting his hands behind his head, and legs apart, his balls hung freely down between his legs and his cock stood proud, at least 11 inches and thick with veins bulging. He grinned at me and gave me a wink. Sarah eagerly jumped onto the bed and positioned herself above his cock “this is so amazing I’ve never had a cock this big before, only his tiny thing!”

“Don’t worry we’re going to take this nice and slow”. He rubbed the head of his cock on her pussy lips and clit, by now she was dripping wet in anticipation, she let out a gasp, her nipples were erect. He looked over “Jim make yourself useful, come here and guide it in for me.” I did as he said and held his rock hard cock in my hand, i could barely fit my hand around it. I held it firm as Sarah lowered herself down. She struggled getting the head in at first, her pussy was very tight as it was used to my thin little needle dick, it slowly loosened though and the wetness helped it slide in slowly, stretching her pussy as it went. Sarah inhaled, gasping for air as it filled her pussy. “Oh my god….oh my god!” she exclaimed. I was still holding his cock at this point, watching in awe as he stretched my wife’s pussy in front of me. She leant forward pushing her pert breasts in his face and he gladly gorged on them sucking her nipples. She lowered herself further onto his cock gasping with every inch and he responded by thrusting upwards, this made her gasp even more. His huge balls bounced in front of me as he started thrusting away and continued for several minutes. Sarah orgasmed twice in quick succession as his cock stretched and filled her pussy with each thrust sending a rush of electricity through her body that she’d never felt before. As she came down from the second climax, panting and out of breath she gasped “Oh my god Jim your boss is soo much bigger than you, your cock is nothing compared to his, he fucks me so much better.”

“Looks like we might have to make this permanent!” He grunted as he gorged on her supple breasts again.

“Yes boss.” I agreed, now completely under his control.

I could see her cum dripping down his shaft and onto his huge balls. He gave Sarah a restbite from the thrusting and she slowly rode his cock now arching her back making her pert breasts rise and fall with each stroke as she slid up and down his cock getting herself used to its girth.

My boss was still laying there with his arms behind his head and legs spread. “Jim be a good lad and lick my balls - your wife’s cum is all over them.”

“Yes boss.” I said eagerly. With every command I seemed to enjoy serving my boss more and more, my tiny cock was throbbing and rock hard. I gladly starting licking his balls, lapping my tongue over them, cleaning with gusto making sure I did a good job for my new master.

“Looks like you’ve finally found something you’re good at!” he said as I buried my face in his ball sack and licked them clean.

As I finished he moved Sarah across the bed and positioned himself behind her as she lay on all fours. “Jim get underneath her, I want you to see what a real man’s cock looks like as it gives your wife the fucking she deserves”. I layed under Sarah and positioned my face right by her pussy. As his massive cock entered her again and she gasped with delight “oh my god Jim he’s so much better!” he started pumping her pussy and without thinking I started licking his shaft as it slid across my face into Sarah’s pussy. He picked up the pace and Sarah was screaming in ecstasy - she must have orgasmed 4 or 5 times, her tits bouncing uncontrollably as he pumped her aggressively.

“Listen to your wife Jim!” he bellowed thrusting harder. “Thank your boss Jim!” he ordered.

“Thank you boss.” I murmured from underneath. “Louder!!”

“Thank you boss, thank you for fucking my wife and giving her something I could never give her!”

“That’s better Jim.” he laughed still thrusting.

“Oh my god Jim his cock is so amazing I’m never fucking you again!” my wife gasped as she climaxed once more.

His thrusting grew faster and faster, Sarah’s pussy was frothing with cum and he exploded with once last thrust and they both came together, with Sarah screaming in delight and as his balls rose to empty their load into her throbbing pussy I had strange a feeling of gratitude not only that he’d satisfied my wife in a way I could never but that he’d filled her with his superior seed.

He pulled his cock out and it slapped me in the face, he slid it into my mouth and I slurped on it eagerly.

He rested his balls on my face and Sarah laid back on the bed.

“Look at your husband Sarah, is this the sort of man you want?”

“I’m yours now.” she replied “you own my pussy from now on and you can fuck me whenever you want.”

“Good girl!” he replied.

He sat back on the bed and they cuddled kissing eachother and I was made to clean them both as they laughed at me making fun of my tiny useless cock. From then on my boss became a regular part of our lives, Sarah denied me sex and only fucked my boss. On each occasion I had to undress them both and suck my bosses cock ready to fuck my wife. I was completely fine with it and called him Master, subservient to the alpha male who deserved to fuck my wife as he could give her what I couldn’t, and I was completely content knowing that Sarah got to be properly fucked by a real man on a regular basis.
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